Where are they now?

Karen Nunez-Tesheira and PM Patrick Manning
Karen Nunez-Tesheira and PM Patrick Manning
By Dana Seetahal
August 27, 2010 – trinidadexpress.com

It is now three months since the People’s Partnership won the general election and, understandably, the focus has been on how it is performing and whether it is capable of keeping its election promises. My take is still that it is too early to make any real assessment as the Government is still settling in; six months might be a more reasonable time. Meanwhile, I believe this is a good time to look back and assess why the last Government lost power. There might be lessons there that could prove useful to not only the current Government but anyone in politics.

In 2007, the then Prime Minister exulted in what he obviously saw as a new bright slate of Ministers. There was his Minister of Finance, Karen Nunez-Tesheira; his Minister of several ministries, including Housing, Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde; his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paula Gopie-Scoon; his Minister of Social Development, Dr Amery Browne; his Minister of Information, Neil Parsanlal, and others.

Among the established Ministers were Martin Joseph, Conrad Enill, Hazel Manning and Mustapha Abdul-Hamid. In late 2008, when it became clear the Government was still slow on the uptake, Mr Manning, the then Prime Minister, promised that in 2009—his new Ministers having wet their feet—the country would be seeing productivity like we had never seen before. We never did.
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9 thoughts on “Where are they now?”

  1. Hey Auntie Danna, our ‘legal Carpetbagger in Chief,’good to see you are about to solidify your status with this new regime , by continuing to look over your shoulder and attacking defenseless folks that are no longer in power, but who ensured that your foreign bank accounts remained quite hefty ,via useless legal appeals to your much adored , Mama Britannia , anachronistic ,Privy Council.
    For the record my good lady, no one cares about Karen, Patrick or any of the other clowns that comprised the PNM for the past 47 years or more.
    I would have demanded that you do also an up date on Panday the crook , his daughter,and other cronies , but guess what,likewise , no one cares about the characters that constituted the UNC/ ULF/COP/Club 88, or any such convenient concoctions. The only thing we are interested in as far as our wonderful country , is the stewardship of the present government. Can they deliver on promises. Let me reiterate/ paraphrase incase you were vacationing during the campaign .
    They are:- 1. upholding the fine ideals of our motto , where by ‘every creed and race find and equal place.’ 2.Changes via equitable distribution of wealth. 3. Good ,transparent, governance where accountability is the main watch word.
    4. Ensuring sound justice for all, and remaining transfix on the only goal- sustainable development , through making T&T an enviable regional leader.
    Lord I find it most revolting that some idiot magazine such as Newsweek ,can put forth such an erroneous claim that borderline ‘Failed State Jamaica,’ with is 5000 murders per year,dependence on Dancehall music , and DASHEEN ENGINEERED super athletes ,and foreign expat remittance to bolster an already fledging economy , is the professed Caribbean leader, while underachieving Trinis, are running around like chicken without it’s heads celebrating PM Jack Warner -sorry Kamla – 100 days in office, and planning for the next carnival.
    Talk about a sleeping ,comatose people. Yeah Trinis , de Indian is you enemy.Sorry it’s the hard headed African we are stuck with since slavery. Perhaps we got it wrong , and it’s dem non patriotic ,European foreigners,along with our Middle Eastern, and or uncaring Far East Asian cousins who are the culprits.
    In the mean time ,as we waddle on such baseless distractions, the barbarians are overrunning the gate , and Danna is heading the cheerleading squad, long after she and former Guardian editorial writing pal Rammy L, our adorable AG ,achieved their political power objective. Long live the Republic of Sweet, Sweet, T&T , aka Rainbow Country.
    I luv it bad, bad, bad, and so should you!

  2. where r we now? the same place we were before….stuck with an incompetent government and a complacent populace!

  3. The universe is governed by the law of karma,it is one of many spiritual laws that affect mankind.This law would explain the demise of the PNM and Patrick Manning.One cannot escape this powerful law in either of the dimensions on the earth plane or the other side.This is just the beginning of Patrick Manning’s downward journey into the abyss, he may soon be arrested and brought to justice.He may then be prosecuted and spend his last days in prison.He will die and leave the earth plane only to enter the lowest astral plane which is a dark and gloomy place.This is the true journey of a dark soul,a passive psychopath,an individual without a conscience,no empathy and no capacity for guilt or remorse,no moral compass.

  4. And guess what Pitbull ,every decent Trini of African decent that have experienced, or observed , the blatant neglect, misuse of power ,and abuse of his people, under the respective neo colonial PNM regimes since 1956, would welcome this development specifically for Manning, and if you wish ,the ghost of Chambers, and Eric Williams if need be.
    In the spirit however of equal rights and justice however, your boy Basdeo Pandy the lifetime crook , must also experience his Karma , and get a chance to put on his jail clothes ,not only for his corruption misdeeds while in power, but for what he has done to keep his own people – with the exception of a few close friends, and family- at the bottom of the socio economic barrel, as well as obvious failure to contribute meaningfully to the development of this blessed country , as he collaborated in a well orchestrated scheme , with his so called nemesis Manning. Remember , whats good for the Goose , must be good for the Gander my friend.
    It is about time you phonies and comedians, quit hiding behind your fake names on this board , and move beyond this selective outraged behavior when it comes to Sweet, Sweet, T&T aka Rainbow Country, agreed?

  5. Here I am in London, reading all the bitter comments of you people. You all are demanding perfection from imperfect people and that is not fair! It is like asking someone to give you $100 per week, when he only owns $50. Therefore, “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”. Okay, so corruption is the wrongdoing of all those you name, but what is yours? No one can give perfection, not even Bissessar, because we are all imperfect, but I would like to see her have a darn good stab at it – and I hope she reads it. She would not always get it right, because the Bible says at Jeremiah 10:23 “To earthling man, his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking to direct his step”. It also says,at Psalm 37:10, “and just a little while longe, and the wicked one will be no more”. So all we have to do is pay attention to ourselves, clean up our acts, and ensure that we do not reap what the likes of Manning, etc. will reap in due course. No country in this world could ever boast of having a perfect Government. The only perfect Government will be the one which will be ruled by Jesus Christ as promised in the Bible. This Government will “bring to nothing allgovernment and all authority and power”, as stated in 1 Corinthians 15:24, and the nicest thing of all, the Bible says that that Goverment “will stand to time indefinite”. Until that time comes, we can only pray that those in power do their best on the understanding that they could never get it right! I would like to return to my homeland, which I love dearly, so I, too shall be praying for some little change, especially with regards to the crime rate, without being too critical. I am not ashamed to leave my real name, so there!.

  6. What are you waitin on Faith?Now is the time to pack your bag,and leave England,and return to your Trini paradise,as den crazy Africans are no longer in charge.
    England my have the richest woman in the world in Queen Liz,along with her
    dysfunctional family,but we now have according to the Times magazine,a top 10 female PM,inKamla.
    When it comes to crime,that will soon disappear in your country as well, for we inaddition to still paying a few of your useless Scotland Yard blokes to solve kidnappings,now acquire another useless Canadian from the crooked Hart neighborhood.
    Talk about ‘the blind leading the blond.What chapter and verse is that again?

  7. The landscape always seem to remain the same with T&T. A happy go lucky people of T&T could be honest and simple like I knew from my youth. Like most, I got tired and left T&T for better. I hope not to go backwards. Where I am have systems; corruption yes as man will always have corruption. My fear is T&T will continue to go downward as there are no leaders left there. Great people will not want to reside there anymore. The rich still trives off the sweat of the poor and the poor still struggle for freedom and to make their dreams become a reality. The young ones no longer live under the direction of good attitude and by good example. T&T will suffer as God looks away…another Sodom and Gommora. It is still my country and will remain so to the end of my time. I pray for you everyday T&T. Power will continue to become corrupted – we passed the point of no return in T&T. So long………..

  8. It’s contrite to even suggest that God has looked away from T&T. God has not looked away but rather he’s paying more attention at the people as they “Fall away” from the grace of God! The almost silent racial war within our little country is alarming. We had a government that held on to power for many janum’s with racial antics and making deals with the devil!

    Most of the electorate are walking the plank blindly and on what others say and not on their own volition! They listen to what their co-workers, bosses and loccal politician have to say as opposed to educating themselves. The media is failing our nation! Instead of educating the public they report a story regardless of it’s assumptions and innuendo and allow the public to feed their appetite for scandal.

    The media’s job is to inform the nation with facts, not their opinion. The media is the eyes and ears of the nation but in T&T they are lax on this responsibility! They need to delve into journalism as our US counterparts do, tell the story with comparison and contrast not just throw a stone in the bush and see what runs out!

    When the nation can be informed without bias and assumptions as opposed to facts and substance, only then will corruption be weeded out.

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