Manning Resigns as Leader of PNM

Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning and PNM Party Chairman Conrad Enill
Ex-PM Patrick Manning & PNM Party Chairman Conrad Enill
7: 20 PM – May 27, 2010

It has been confirmed that Patrick Manning has resigned as the political leader of the PNM.

PNM’s Party Chairman Conrad Enill said that Mr. Manning has stepped down. He said that Patrick Manning offered to stay on until a new political leader was found. However, insiders said that the General Council asked Mr. Manning to resign with immediate effect. Mr. Manning then resigned and promptly left Balisier House.

Interim Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley
Interim Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley
Dr. Keith Rowley has agreed to take up the position of Opposition Leader until the party holds a Special Convention on June 27th when a new party leader would be elected and the position of Opposition Leader confirmed.


News Update: May 28, 2010

Manning’s letter of resignation

The General Election of May 2010 did not result in victory for the People’s National Movement. As Political Leader I accept full responsibility for this result. I am of the view that the party should in these circumstances now proceed to elect a new political leader in the shortest possible time and in accordance with the party’s constitution.

To facilitate this process, I hereby resign from the office of Political Leader. May I also indicate that if it is the party’s wish I am prepared to stay on as political leader until a new political leader is elected at which time it would be my pleasure to gracefully demit office.

I was first elected Political Leader on February 8, 1987 and it has really been a pleasure to serve the party these past 23 years. I wish to thank the party’s membership for the opportunity to serve at this level and for such a long time. I wish also to assure you and through you our party’s membership that I will give full support to the new political leader and would at no time operate in any manner the effect of which would be to bring the party into disrepute.

Yours in PNM, Patrick Manning


PNMites, general council tell Manning: GO NAH!
The stone that the builder rejected has become the cornerstone. Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley, on whom the leadership trained its guns for the last two years, was yesterday embraced by the General Council when they asked the PNM parliamentarians to indicate to President George Maxwell Richards that they were supporting him for the position of Opposition Leader.

Manning quits, Rowley in
THERE was high drama at Balisier House last night as Patrick Manning resigned as political leader of the People’s National Movement (PNM) and the party’s General Council advised the party’s 12 MPs in the House of Representatives to support Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley as Opposition Leader.

Manning resigns

Cops protect former PM
Officers from the Guard and Emergency (GEB) branch sprang into action yesterday to protect former prime minister Patrick Manning when his vehicle was mobbed by scores of angry party supporters who booed and held up placards at him as he left Balisier House, Port of Spain.

Imbert mum on support for Rowley
PNM Diego Martin East MP Colm Imbert has remained mum on whether he will support fellow MP Keith Rowley for the post of Opposition Leader.

Post-election pain for PNM
In his concession speech on Monday, former prime minister Patrick Manning followed the best tradition of democratic politics and accepted full responsibility for his party’s defeat. The country was, however, taken aback that such acceptance was not followed by the action immediately, or the morning after, of resigning his position as PNM political leader. Instead, he waited until yesterday.

The emperors’ new close
After the results of last Monday’s election, I am confused, dejected, and even considering using curl activator. And, no, this is not because I am a PNM-till-ah-dead. While it is true that PNMites’ faith in a world where Great-is-the-PNM-and-it-shall-prevail has been shaken worse than Haiti last January, at least they can go and pray at the church in Guanapo. My faith, however, has been even more badly rattled by the 29-12 outcome: and, in this weather, I can’t even go hiking to El Tucuche.

Manning’s sad fall
A mere 13 months ago the world was at his feet. Patrick Manning, bearing the exalted title of Prime Minister, had just hosted the Fifth Summit of the Americas, a conference that huddles leaders of the hemisphere. Manning rubbed shoulders with US President Barack Obama, within months of the latter’s presidency.

73 thoughts on “Manning Resigns as Leader of PNM”

  1. Thank God!!!! He should ah done it before and saved the elections. Great is the PNM…..

  2. What can we rightfully leave behind? When we dead and gone, can we say I left that building, I left that Highway, I left those Infrastructures. What about People and their basic needs, Economic, Social, and Spiritual Framework, these are the basic needs of Society.
    “Government by the People for the People Shall not be removed from the earth” (A.Lincoln) Government has always existed in the Westernize part of this world-majorly by the will of the People.
    If you are Elected into Public Office- you are only an elected Member, A servant of the People. A servant can never be a KING, a servant can never RULE by himself. A servant is one who serves.This is the Problem with some of these Public servants, they think that they are above the People.
    Democratic Processes,Elected Processes, Constitutional Processes- these are the true Laws of Governing. Especially with nations and the art of nation building.
    Hope the People’s Partnership understand this process, and abide by it. Be the servants of the People, look out for their needs, listen to the people, because most of the Time they are the one’s who’s basic needs are trampled upon-all in the name of Governance.
    Learn from the mistakes of others, learn from the past, you must have a VISION- Let it be People Centered. All the best to the new Regime, serve the People and you will be LOVED by the same People.
    “Take out the “S” from superman chest”
    ” Take out the “B” from batman belly”
    ” Take out the “P” from PNM and what do you have? NM = NO MORE!!!
    PNM supposed to mean -People’s National Movement.
    COP supposed to mean – Congress of the People.
    Now we have the -People’s Partnership- Put the People where they belong, remember your party were named after the People.People always come first. Peace!!!!

    1. Your comment was well said….Manning should have had you as an advisor, he probably would have still been in power. These politians always at some point forget that they are there to serve us.
      Trinidad has clearly proved that demoracy is alive and well, Manning’s concession remarks in which he stated that he didn’t expect the defeat, is the reason why he should be defeated and why he should no longer lead his party. Congrat to the party on the decision asking him to resign…as you stated I hope the people’s partnership learnt from Mannings down fall….

  3. Dr. Williams can rest again after being totally disturbed by a once great man who brought his party to near destruction. Mr. Manning you have our greatest appreciation for your many years of public service, but you have also left us with much damage to repair and for that you do not have our appreciation.

  4. This should be an example to any leader that tries to be RACIAL. Nature has a strange way of coming back to bite you harder than you think. Manning was trying to push back the Indians and promote his own kind and it resulted in him being disgraced. The reason the country was in a dark period of crimes and corruption is because of SINS committed by the PM. The sins was the way he hated the Indians. The Indians are hard working people that pray and contribute to the economy, they do not receive hand out from the government and when they are treated unfairly, nature see it and it fire back and the Indians haters.

    1. I really like how Indians are victims of Manning all of a sudden but if a black person say that they jut whining….It’s also interesting that in one breathe Indians are the only success story in Trinidad and own everything and all the wealth, yet in the next breathe they are opposed by the government….make up you mind because that logic ain’t make no sense

      1. I absolutely agree. Evidently Glenn Rajaram is projecting. Perhaps he and many others like him are really the racists and they place blame on others to clear their consciences. Mr. Manning was and is many things but I don’t think racist was one of them. I am so fed up of the Indians saying they are victimised. What else do they want? GOSH!!!!

        1. You have not been on the recieving end of the stick. Don’t judge Glenn, just understand him. His experience is different from yours. And yes I thought the PNM would have won 22 seats to 19 for the Coalition. All of that change when Manning made his diatribe speech on Saturday. The next day I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it would be a landslide for Kamla….

    2. Really? Wow so i guess ïndians (because apparently they are not trinidadians) didn’t benefit through pnm’s decision to broaden gate. Hmm well tough luck for them cause it’s quite a useful program.

      Oh yes and scholarships under eric williams. I’m sure they were given out based on merit and not based on the texture of your hair, but that’s how i see it. Amongst other things.

      1. so true…I don’t know where their logic does be yes. Year after year merit scholarships are given out to numerous Indians, would an oppressive government do that? (The ungrateful and known racist (read his autobiography) Naipaul was a beneficiary of one of these schols). I eh understand why they din tell the racist Manning and PNM to keep them….Steupssss, these people really have no idea what oppression is nah, they just like to follow the mantra of Sat Maharaj and he cronies…

    3. Such an idiotic statement. Funny how we can both look at the same problem and see different things. I see a man who has lost because of his arrogance and dictatorship, u see a man who is racial, as if it wasn’t present in other parties or individuals from other parties. I guess it was Mr. Manning who upon hearing news of Mrs. Bissessar’s victory said “is we time now, allyuh N*!*as dead now”

    4. when did manning push indian and promote ‘his own kind’???? was it free education for all… does he hate indians???

  5. Much love to Manning. Wish him all the best. I will surely miss him. I think he was the greatest leader the PNM had…. Now onto the bull, wajang and rothweiler. Those descriptions could scare anyone including the electorate.

  6. Desiderata…Trinbago unfolding as it should.
    FORTY YEARS of tardiness though,but still, it is good.We have risen
    from a long depressing slumber.

  7. keeping it realer,,,you are a true loser ,in all sense of the word.
    People like you should be dragged true the streets like a dog.
    Only RACIST like you are the real problems of beautiful TnT.

    1. Oh really? The reality is many Indians are making extremely derogatory and racist statements in Trinidad now, as expected, and could somebody explain exactly what is meant by comments about now feeling like Trinidadians? They can keep it up if they like, but there is a price to pay for such behaviour.

      How quickly some people forget when their political backs were against the wall, Jack Warner came through like a night in shining armor. I guess many have no use for Jack now.

      1. Come on Heru, not so fast.
        I did not expect a foot soldier (well, media soldier) for this coalition to be groaning so soon.. And the Pundits eh even start to preach Sanatana Dharma yet.

      2. How come all of a sudden there’s an ethnic mudslinging going on? The election is over man! Can we jes get along now? We don’t know what the future holds, lets jus see how things go and hold the Leaders to their promises. Like Jack Warner say: we all must work together for the greater good of the PEOPLE.
        Not a chosen race.Its time to move on and get back to the business of the day….we have work to do! and fete to go to.

    2. Ron dear, can you please enlighten me as where in what I have written or posted on these boards have proved me to be racist….I know for one thing there is the impression that anyone who does not fancy the PP has to be an “illiterate, CEPEP, stupid N*GGER from Laventeee…” That has been made quite clear on this boards. And just for the record I support neither the PNM or the PP, I support the TRUTH! Gun so with yuh nonsense…

      BTW, what ever happen to all those sensitive documents that Kamla lose in the “hikjacking?” Hmmmm, people think about that….hahahaha, but we talking CHANGE

  8. Thank you Mr Manning for all that you did for the people of TNT. A new chapter has been opened in the political history of the Nation. I hope that everything that the PNM could not do will now be done namely curbing the rise in crime. I hope that the blacks of the nation will fare as well as the Indians will . Only time will tell.

  9. Oh, how the mighty is fallen!
    When to do is as equally important as what to do.
    Had Mr Manning done the right thing and stepped down, a month ago, he not only would have saved face but would have saved his party from the mauling that it received ad the hands of the mighty Jack (the real queen maker)
    He had to step down anyhow, by force and in disgrace.
    Gone are the ‘mighty men of war(Panday & Manning); decapitated by the sword of a woman.
    All hail the queen.

    1. at least manning stepped down after losing his first election….panday lost about 4 or 5……

  10. Ok I have lived in the US for years and experience racist policies being implemented to keep one group above others. All this talk from Indians about being oppressed is nothing but nonsense. I is clear nonsense when you see the wealth and progress Indians have made. I really wish they would stop with it now. What a black man should not be successful too? Does that somehow harm you as an Indian? Give me a break!

    1. No David, that is what oppression does, it causes a people to progress…hahahahahaha, these people need to take a look in the mirror yes

  11. Great. He has embarrassed us and should never have called this election. However, great is the PNM and it shall prevail.

  12. Hopefully Kamla does not interpret this victory in the way that many Indians in T&T are interpreting it. This victory is not about the restoration of power to Indians. Those who see it this way still belong to some remote, backward tribe.This is a victory of the people of T&T. I am sure that the new PM will select a balanced cabinet and demonstrate objectivity in all her appointments. She also has to lead by example and openly put dowm those who choose to divide rather than unite the nation.

    1. if the UNC does what is promises it is a victory for TnT, if the UNC does what it did in 95-01 it is a move from equality to power to indians

    2. The PP won, not the UNC. Yes they may have a majority but they need TOP and COP to make any can of real change and I for one trust that Dooks is a man of integrity and the TOP would not sit back and see any injustice done. I can only hope…we have Devant and the new AG in power position and we all know who they playing for.

  13. T&T have several choices, most of them destructive. Among these is to become another Fiji, or another Guyana, or worse, another Sri Lanka. Or it could become to the rest of the world, a model of good governance and better race relations between all of its peoples. This is not Mother India, as good as that is. This is not Mother Africa, as good as that is. It is Mother T&T, as good as it will ever get!

    1. That is a great point. Someone said the other day that when both groups arrive in the U.S., they are Trinidadian.

  14. Based on the dificulty with which both Manning and Panday left office, it seems that power is really addictive and therefore one has to treat it as a controlled substance. The international evidence of this is also overwhelming. The only safeguard for this is term limit as suggested by Kamla.

  15. Just as Ramesh saved the country from Panday, the airport and possibly more scandal and theft, so too has Rowley saved us from Manning, UDECOT and Calder Hart. These two men were very selfless in these acts and I do not think they have been ever complemented enough, in particular Ramesh. I call on the transparency Hart to publicly highlight these men.

  16. It is sad to see Manning bow out of politics the way it has unfolded but so is life I suppose. Manning has done A LOT for this country and gave the handouts where it was needed and wanted. I think his greatest legacy was ‘free’ education for all, trying to make TnT the face of the Caribbean and providing top class infrastructure.

    To the above comments on race, I am not surprised that some Indians are saying those things. They said all kinds of derogatory remarks about African people during the time UNC was in power. I just hope the rest of the population’s eyes are now opened to the fact that these people are NEVER satisfied and will continue to divide the country.

    Patos I salute you and to Ms Kamla I look forward to your promises.

  17. Good going Vic you couldn,t have said it better, simplier.
    I wish “those” Trinis would live and let live, life is too short to have so much negative emotions. There’s a lot at stake right now. Trinis please concentrate on cleaning up Trinidad & Tobago from CRIME and GARBAGE.

  18. why every only on a race thing you all talk like manning was doing us a favour those things like health care, public transport,good road,water to name a few are our right even education but what i don’t understand is how the people of sweet t&t could turn on manning so fast and boo him out like he is a dog. if he had won the election he wwould of still been the best thing since slice bread….shame on you people you have sin yhe soul of our nation and i have to wonder if mr manning is having suicidal toughts and that make me scared for him how we the lovely people of t&t could turn on him so faet. mr manning you take care and god bless you and don’t worry too much things have a way of working them self out.

  19. There are a lot of ungrateful people in Trinidad and Tobago. yes! Mr. manning did non-sense but what about all the good he did or…………… no body could remember that …come on people Trinidad is far better of that couple of years back…where in the world you can go and get everything free anywhere you go u have to pay for education from abc-phd. mr. manning all the best don’t worry Mr. Rowley is the righteous man for them ….great is the PNM and they would prevail .

  20. lets go back the night of the election Mr. manning said as i quote – “that he would consider his future in politics” at that point in time he didn’t say he was stepping down but every man jack jump on their high horses and started saying he should resign, lets say even though it was a consideration…he was eventually pushed to make a decision. through thick and thin, despite what mr. Panday never stepped down until Kamla tricked him out. Whats the big rush with Mr. manning? think about anyone who was in politics, aint it had corruption…..please people think about the good things

  21. Someone please tell me one good thing that the PNM government has done for the past number of years. For one moment, forget the colour of your skin or the texture of your hair. Close your eyes and reflect on the Escalated Crime situation, The corruption, The Kidnapping, The squandering of the people’s money. The escalating prices in the stores, the unfulfilled promises. The million dollar flag, the Empty skyscraper. Did I say, traffic jams, gee, I left the country 41 years ago, and the same highways exist today, Why arent more lanes added to accommodate the increased vehicles on the roads. Yes people of Trinidad and Tobago, please tell me ONE think this Government has done for YOU the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Mr Manning showed so much class in his speech on the night of the election, he never had the decency to contratulate the Newly elected Prime Minister. Nothing but a sore loser who thought he was God sent, and thought of himself as the greatest thing since slice bread. Well the people has spoken.

    Let Freedom Reign once and for all.

    1. One can criticize Manning for any number of things that he has done. I too have many criticisms of him (not necessarily the PNM) but to say blatantly that athe PNM have done nothing is pushing facts too far. You have aa highly educated class of Indians today, I wonder which government made that possible if according to your calculation the government did nothing for the past forty years?

        1. The people of Indian origins living in any country they have migrated to have fared better than the people of African origins. So to say it’s because of the PNM the Indian in Trinidad did well is total rubbish. The Africans in the country were given preferential treatment by the PNM but still struggle to prosper. I think the Indian people hold themselves up to a higher self esteem than the African brothers and sisters. The prosperity of the Indian was no way due to the PNM, they prosper wherever in the world they live.


  23. oh please according to Jenny ungrateful people…… you all mentioned all these negative things and u still can’t think of one good thing let me remind you free education, free health care, ptsc, water taxi, food, non-taxable items., garbage collection, highways and don’t forget open heart surgery – it seems that you didnt pay a visit to Trinidad recently arrogantly speaking. Where in the world doesn’t have crime, kidnapping, corruption,unabbiding citizens oh please share your stay in your country with me…escalating food prices and…. all these things free and not a price to pay, yes poverty, yes unjust but as Mr. Rowley said there are some lazy, dependable people who rely on our public assistance grants. SO PLEASE give thanks for what you have so that as the days go by more would be added unto us peace, love and properity (god helps those who helps themselves, how you think ms, kamla got there through hard work and perseverance)

  24. Canadian Trini was born yesterday morning. Please forgive him for no knowing that everything except the new airport that was built,was done in Trinidad over the last fifty years by the PNM.
    This includes new schools, hospitals, infracstructure, port facilities, stadia, library,police stations and reduced and free passages for senior citizens.It includes free education from age three to PhD, and not a “dollar for dollar”program that only rewards those who have a dollar to begin with, meaning business people and other elite.
    He must have been raised on the mother’s milk of ungrateful opposition politics not to know that when war broke out in Checnya about four years ago, the PNM government spent thousands to import its five medical students caught in the war zone. Since he obviously has a computer, I would suggest he check the government statistical offices,look up the National Library and view the water-taxi service, as well as the improved highwys, and the skyline of the city,before he makes another idiotic statement. If that person is a she, she is equally ill-informed.
    To appreciate one’s country, one has to know its history.

  25. Cnadian Trini MUST be an idiot to ask what has the PNM done for all these years.
    In 1956, when I started teaching, my salary was $50.00 a month.Teachers today start at nearly 100 times that.
    In 1965 when my son was born with a heart condition, he was in and out of the hospital under the care of Dr.McDowell- for the one shiling registration fee.
    Go home and take a look at your country. There are no ajoupas left, except in farms, for sheler from the heat and wet.The PNM government invested in infracstructure that will stand for the next two hundred years. Do you KNOW your country?

    1. It is clear that canadian trini is one of those who run to canado claiming political asylum. Any person who would lie about their country lie that opinion has no merit or value.

    2. The fear mongering and smear campaign that the PP ran was quite effective. But I hope ppl looking back and wondering about the car jacking and the “secret documents” and the “death threats” etc…
      The so called “Emperor/Dictator” accepted defeat really easily man…apparently he was no Napoleon.
      He leave he palace easy too….that emperor rell soft oui.
      Now the Emperor resigns….give the people what they wanted, that’s what emperor’s do, right?
      Think people, think!!!!

      Anyway, I hope ppl ready for more of the same. I feel bad that the fall from their high horses would be so far…but say what, so is the way of the world.

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