Announce election date now!

Prime Minister Patrick Manning
Prime Minister Patrick Manning
Announce election date
PRESIDENT of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TTCIC) Angella Persad yesterday urged Prime Minister Patrick Manning to announce the date of the general election “as soon as possible” as she warned that uncertainty over the date is affecting private sector investment.

…Chamber calls on Manning: Announce election date now
Prime Minister Patrick Manning has evaded any questions posed to him about the election, saying “no comment at this time. I spoke to you every day of the week so far.”

A ‘You Must Vote’ campaign
One young PNMite told me that Mr Manning had to go but there was no way to remove him. I suggested voting the Opposition in for a term, which would allow the PNM to remove its present leader if they so wished, and then voting PNM into power in 2015. She, like so many, does not appreciate that voting is about principles, but it is also about tactics. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

PM: I fear a PNM leak
Prime Minister and PNM political leader Patrick Manning yesterday said he alone knew the date for the general election as he feared it would have been leaked to the UNC, as had happened when called a snap election in 1995.

Government by deception
“What we have to guard against,” the Prime Minister told reporters last Thursday evening, “is people on the eve of a general election, using parliamentary privilege to slander those of us in government.” His comments came as part of a purported rationale for why he caused Parliament to be dissolved earlier that day, to prepare the way for a general election.

No election houses?

Leave Penny alone
“I want to ask Manning, did he not stand up in Parliament and congratulate me when I won the UNC leadership? So why is he terrorising Penny Beckles? Is it because Manning no longer has a heart? I mean, we all know Mr Hart (Calder Hart) flew out today,” Persad-Bissessar said.

Pennelope Beckles out: PNM picks Lezama for Arima
LAUREL Lezama has been chosen as the prospective standard-bearer for the People’s National Movement (PNM) in Arima for the upcoming general election, according to Prime Minister Patrick Manning. Lezama, 26, a relative newcomer to the political arena, was competing against veteran Pennelope Beckles for the right to represent the PNM in Arima for the still dateless impending general election. Dozens of Arima constituents gathered at Balisier House in Port of Spain to lend support to Beckles.

Rowley relieved as PM picks him for Diego Martin West
Dr Keith Rowley, who, after much uncertainty and speculation, was officially confirmed yesterday as the candidate for Diego Martin West, says he is relieved. Meanwhile Prime Minister Patrick Manning said last night told reporters that the PNM planned to use Rowley, one of the more effective platform speakers, on the election platform.

Now Anthony Roberts turns down PM offer
Former St Ann’s East MP Anthony Roberts is the latest PNM nominee to turn down an offer from Prime Minister Patrick Manning to withdraw from the race to be a candidate in the general election.

Jack: Manning ‘most wicked’ PM
UNC Chairman Austin Jack Warner said last night that Prime Minister Patrick Manning, in his desperation, has embarked on a dangerous path of inciting an environment of religious polarisation.

UNC screening continues today

Ramesh: Why should I be screened?
With two members of the once powerful Ramjack-G faction of the United National Congress (UNC) selected unopposed as candidates for the general election, Tabaquite Member of Parliament Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj is the only one with an uncertain political future.

…I turned down foreign jobs for Tabaquite seat

COP screens 12 potential candidates
The Congress of the People (COP) yesterday screened 12 persons as possible candidates to contest seats in the upcoming general election.

UNC/COP unity accord today?

Bas: People want me to fight Jack

Panday: My job is to get rid of Warner

The choice facing Basdeo Panday
So Mr Panday’s concern seems not even to be what is good for the UNC, despite his posturing declarations otherwise. Rather, it’s a personal grouse against Mr Warner. Moreover, if he does indeed decide to fight Mr Warner as an independent, it will appear as though he is banking on a race-first chauvinism to achieve victory. Such a strategy is likely to fail, however, given the huge number of votes Mr Warner got as a candidate in 2007, and for the UNC chairmanship in January.

Manning’s ‘vilification’
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning and his wife, Local Government Minister Hazel Manning, last Monday clearly took a gamble when both accused certain unnamed detractors of vilifying the Manning Government.

Why Manning ‘most vilified’ PM

Labour’s resurgence in local politics
WITH trade unions officials indicating they will be developing a workers’ agenda to present to political parties and using their clout to swing votes to the party best representing interests of the working class, political experts saw this as a resurgence of the active involvement of labour in politics.

My craft not about money
Ras Kommanda on Crazy’s UNC calypso

Anti-PNM song puts Preacher in hot water

Jai: Leave me out politics
“I WOULD rather stay out of politics…so I have no comment to make on the issue,” Chutney Soca Rikki Jai said as he yesterday steered clear of Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s use of a segment of his 2010 hit song ‘Barman’.

Baptist women ‘bun’ PNM detractors

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  1. Anxiety grows over election date
    One week after the dissolution of Parliament, uncertainty still lingered yesterday over the date of the general elections, even amidst anxiety over the issue and calls from the business community for Prime Minister Patrick Manning to announce the date.

    The Rowley factor
    The coming General Election promises to be the most interesting in our country’s history. And with all the titillating factors present — from the calling of the election, through the responses of the opposition parties and the country generally, and the several personality issues overriding any political issues — the most intriguing factor is Dr Keith Rowley.

    UNC, COP seeking lasting pact
    Prominent figures in opposition politics went into a unity meeting last night with a firm commitment to build a lasting pact.

    COP-UNC deal must be transparent
    By now, the unification committee appointed by the United National Congress (UNC) and the Congress of the People (COP) should have handed in its report to the parties’ leaders. By next week, if not sooner, the people of the country should know what arrangement the main opposition groups will have entered into.

    I’ll abide by unity pact
    FORMER St Augustine MP Vasant Bharath said he would like the chance to contest the general election and seek to be reelected to serve that constituency but at the same time, would respect the terms of the Accord being worked on between the UNC and COP.

    UNC Govt will develop Mayaro

    Fire station among ‘goodies’ Gypsy promises Mayaro

    Two good women, one safe PNM seat

    Supporters: No Roberts, no PNM vote

    St Ann’s says no to Enill
    In a dramatic day for the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) in three constituencies, chairman Conrad Enill yesterday received a stunning jolt in a hardcore balisier area. Also, loyalists of Arima incumbent Pennelope Beckles carried out a vibrant three-hour demonstration outside Balisier House, insisting that she again faces the polls.

    Leader’s way or no way—usually

    PM confirms Dumas out in Tobago

    Who’s minding the store?
    One week later, T&T still does not know why it is heading to a snap general election.

    Parsanlal on PNM Govt: We made mistakes

    Utilise NAPA, urges Minister
    Culture Minister Marlene McDonald yesterday advised stakeholders to stop making bacchanal and start finding ways to use the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) to their advantage.

    Kamla impressed at quality of nominees

    Kamla in Obamastyle
    Much is still unclear in this election fog caused by Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s dissolution of the Parliament.

    Kamla: Leave Penny alone
    OPPOSITION Leader and Political Leader of the United National Congress (UNC) Kamla Persad-Bissessar has spoken out in defence of beleaguered former People’s National Movement (PNM) Arima member of parliament Pennelope Beckles.

    Kamla’s school promises
    In an effort to allay fears that a UNC Administration would remove the government-funded tertiary level GATE programme, UNC political leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, has reiterated her intention not only to retain the programme, but also expand it to include vocational studies.

    Anand’s office fire-bombed
    THE SAN FERNANDO office of prominent civil attorney Anand Ramlogan was fire bombed during the early morning hours yesterday.

    UNC screens Navas for La Horquetta/Talparo
    A politician for eight months, Chaguanas Mayor Natasha Navas was among three people screened yesterday to become the next United National Congress (UNC) candidate for La Horquetta/Talparo.

    PM more vilified than Chambers
    Tapia pioneer: Manning just facing resentment

    Panday targets Jack
    HE VOWED that he will die with his boots on, and now former political leader of the United National Congress(UNC) Basdeo Panday is vowing to remove Chairman Jack Warner from the politics of Trinidad and Tobago by contesting the Chaguanas West seat as an independent.

  2. Some would say -but not me, for it ain’t my none voting business one bit- that democratic Uncle Manning is at it again , displaying his usual arrogance ,and disregard for the will of the people.
    The evidence? His unqualified ,non elected wife is good for top governmental ministerial post left, right , and center, but Aremians and St. Anns folks are being told to go to hell. Did this man not learn anything from his decades in political power? Panday just did !It is ,never estimate the real power of a motivated , organized , frustrated ,constituency or prospective voting public. Back in the days Murual Donnawa Mc Davidson had a similar grass root appeal , as she understood what it meant to nurse one constituency ,unlike many of her other greedy , selfish fellow Parliamentarians through the past four decades.
    Sorry Uncle M, ‘me think,’ you might have just miscalculated on this one , and would not really want to call the usually comatose , fete loving Trinis bluff . Guess what , I was just walking down Federick Street , via party Boy Brian Lara’s Promenard , and saw the Personal Assistant to Madame Kamekla, aka our new ‘PM in Waiting,’ , and she was busy purchasing new drapes from your Syrian ,and Lebanese cloth merchants pals, at exorbitant discount prices, for the refurbished Prime Minister’s residence , and revamp Whitehall,come snap election victory.
    Good luck in your endevors, dear kind,loving Uncle. Isn’t it funny, or rather ironic , the man hangs around a bunch of greedy , nut case Chinese construction engineers, construction workers and pro democracy , anti resource snatching anti regulation advisors, and he suddenly believes that he too can treat his people like a bunce of dootish boobolees or idiots , just like how a billion or more Chinese , who would settle for a dollar per year in wages , all in the name of being a democratice industrialize First World country.
    Mr Manning , we knew Dr. Williams ,and the elitiest ,educated , sleeping brute, and benevolent dictator ,was a friend of ours,and could do no wrong in the eyes of his neglected subjects , but Mr PM a word of caution , you are no ERIC aka Father of the Nation.Get your act together , and do not send me a check this month for my political advice , as this one is my gift to you, in the interest of country , and party of course. Once more, I wish you well.

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