Panday to form his own party

By Kimberly Mackhan
February 17, 2010 –

Basdeo PandayAttorney Ricky Harnanan has been mandated to pinpoint the requirements that Basdeo Panday would need to form another political party, and maintain his position as Leader of the Opposition, according to a well-placed informant.

“Ricky has been asked to prepare a constitution (for Panday’s proposed party) for consideration, in consultation with Ramesh Maharaj, and the discussions with Ramesh have been spearheaded by Kelvin (Ramnath),” said the informant, who was close to Panday. “It includes Ramesh being made chief whip and deputy political leader and political leader-in-waiting (of Panday’s new party).”

The informant said that Panday was holding on to his strength of Opposition UNC Members of Parliament (MPs)—his daughter Mikela, brother Subhas, Kelvin Ramnath, Ramesh Maharaj, Vasant Bharath, Dr Hamza Rafeeq and Dr Tim Gopeesingh—to prevent his rival, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, from removing and replacing him as Opposition Leader. Persad-Bissessar, who defeated Panday to become political leader of the Opposition United National Congress (UNC), indicated last week that she needed the written support of one more Opposition MP for President George Maxwell Richards to appoint her to the post of Opposition Leader.
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  1. So this is the Democratic Party that Panday was building. Now that the democratic process has delivered a new leader, he decides to form a new party so as to undermine the strength of the newly elected leadership of the UNC. I hope Panday has a mirror and stands in front of it and take a very good look, because their he would see the reason why the PNM continues to squander our resources, whilst people are murdered on a daily basis like dogs on the streets. I hope Panday looks into the mirror and understands that he is looking at a failed leader, one who only cares about power. For the other MPs who would give Panday the support to do this would be demonstrating the very same thing, that they too are only concerned about power, they are not concerned that the PNM is corruptly expending our resources. Ramesh Maharaj should be the last person to assist Panday in this adventure, this too demonstrates that Maharaj is all about power.

  2. Who cares about desperate , straw grabbing , political has beens and their quest for formation of new parties. There are a few moments that I wish we were perhaps China , Venezuela, Cuba , Zimbabwe, or one of those similar numerous ‘democratic enclaves.’ If such was the case we’ll take these three fools , gut them , and finally hang them on a pole ,by their big toes ,upside down ,in the middle of the University of Woodford Square , so that crows ,and vultures can pick on their dirty bones, and kids can throw stones at their decaying carcasses.

    What is so ironic, is that all these jokers are not fully aware of the irreparable harm they have caused both to their alleged noble profession , and most importantly ,to their country as a whole , due to such disgusting stupidity.
    I could care less if the allegations are true or not, but once done, to then put your tail between your legs , and run like a chimpanzee with our treasured Chief Brand ‘Cuchilla’ up your rear end ,is not only shameful, but morally repugnant.
    Such distasteful behavior and follow up ,leaves one to wonder , how much pieces of silver , he was paid, and by whom.
    Can I instead borrow much hated ,pro medical suicide advocate Dr. Kevocian for a day ,to work in that convenient Canadian Cancer hospital? Such would save our country any further embarassment.

  3. You know what is even worst than Panday wanting to from a party to hold on to the post of opposition leader? worst are those dotish MPs who would give him the support to do this, in effect they would devide the opposition and allow a corrupt PNM regime to stay in power

  4. Kamla—Rani of Jhansi -Sat Maharaj
    Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s victory in the United National Congress’ (UNC) internal election was historic in that for the first time in T&T, a female was in charge of a major political party. In another regard, the triumph was significant in that it marked the end of the Panday era in T&T politics and by extension the end of the charismatic era of Carib-bean leaders. Kamla, to many, faced an insurmountable challenge in the form of the “Panday factor.” The ground, however, moved seemingly unknown to Panday. This movement began as a trickle with Hulsie Bhaggan, building with Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, gaining momentum with Winston Dookeran and finally succeeding with Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

  5. I would support Panday if he wants to have a party- a farewell party for himself, not a political party. Panday, yuh days don! The raising sun is half dead but you dead, dead, dead.Rest in Peace!

  6. Ah shucks , enough already with these political handlers / PR agents. What next do we bring out the feminist carpetbagger, Hilary Clintoniconian ‘s sappy , ‘million broken pieces of glass ceiling,’speech ? When would female leaders recognize that feminism as a force is dead ,and or limited to upper crust privileged, drunken with the high life- especially in baby America? Here , the majority of women vote according to class, and directives of their more influential spouses.
    Madame Kamela , just put on the table a coherent , post old schooled UNC, and pro people policy – if you dare -then take your case outside the narrow fan base, safe seats enclaves, to the entire nation where it matters, and “where it hang , just let it swing,”as the wise ones used to say.
    This snoozer is getting more boring than a Cro Cro / Chalkdusk or Iwer George repetitive yearly Carnival jamdown rendition.
    Therefore, there is as good a chance again of these three guys ever winning the hearts , and minds of the judges, and patrons, as you have of ever getting the majority of the voters in your corner to be the next PM , come snap elections, just before our politically shallow cousin Mikila ,is prepared to eventually make her move after she inherit the political mantle, and or accept her coronation from pappy.
    As we say in cliché land , ‘time is of essence.’ Go for it Madame K,or put your hand up to be counted.
    Beyonce is a hard act to follow, but so is the Jawaharlal Nehru’s cousin , the Bengal tiger.

  7. Time for UNC to support leader
    No one who has followed the career of Basdeo Panday should be surprised about his actions following his humiliating defeat at the internal elections of the United National Congress (UNC), elections which decided on the leadership and future direction of the party. On three previous occasions when the vote in internal polls did not go in favour of Mr Panday’s slate of candidates, he smashed the elected executive to regain total control of the party. In the instance when he conceded leadership to Winston Dookeran, on his tack back he not only retrieved the political leadership of the party but grabbed hold of the chairmanship too, taking complete control of the party. Also, when Mr Panday aligned his political forces with the National Alliance for Reconstruction, he found it necessary to break up the party as the overwhelming majority won by the NAR left him without the power to control the organisation and therefore the government.

  8. I would like the major papers to give statistics on how many women in TnT follow the dictates of their husbands in the privacy of the voting booth. They can’t, right? Therefore Neal’s assertion is nonsense. Women know their own minds, and have been demonstrating that for quite a while. Where has Neal been hiding? Thirty-five years ago, Kamla, whose name you choose to spell differently, would not even have run for office.All the Hindu men were advocatig women’s devotion to home.
    Feminism is not dead. You see it, even in TnT, in female truck drivers, engineers and women who consciously decide that they could do better on their own than with a hopeless husband, and strike out on their own to create businesses.Women pilots consult the FAA and air traffic control before take-off, not their husbands. I have flown internationally with women pilots. No big thing.When the US battleship took on the Somali pirates last year, that ship was COMMANDED by an African American Female captain, who gave the order to shoot. Curently, both Argentina and Chile have female presidents. They consult their cabinet, not their husbands, as does,no doubt, the German Chancellor.

    If you are not willing to get the facts Neal, stay in your bottle, but please do not talk nonsense.

  9. I was fortunate to see Ria Ramnarine win her boxing match, hear Karen Nunez-Teshiera handle herself competently in the House,witness the victory of Kamla and was on a Liat flight to Barbados with an all female crew, pilot included.
    I rest my case.

  10. “To be young, black, and unschooled today is to risk a felony conviction, prison time, and a life of second-class citizenship. In this sense, the prison boom has produced mass incarceration—a level of imprisonment so vast and concentrated that it forges the collective experience of an entire social group.”
    Bruce western
    Seeing this man uncle Panday ,behind bars , is a more important project for me , than glorification of a few instances of tokenism as played out in most societies today.
    Give me a level playing field , where every creed and race , irrespective of class, can find an equal place. If his successor can support that , I am in her corner as well.
    Say no to tribalism in all it’s manifestations.

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