Real Origin of the Ten Commandments

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
December 18, 2009

EmancipationAs the religious tradition of Christmas approaches, this article seeks to unlock the mystery behind the origin of the Euro-Christian Ten Commandments that Moses was supposed to have received from God on Mount Sinai.

The fact of the matter is that Moses was a Black-Afrikan man who was born in ancient Kemet (Egypt) during the reign of Pharoah Harembab (1340-1320 B.C.); he spent most of his life in Egypt and married an Ethiopian woman named Zipporah. They had two sons Gershon and Elieyer.

According to Dr. ben-Jochannan, Moses, who was born of the tribe of Levi, was miraculously saved by his sister Miriam while floating down the Nile River in a bulrush basket. He was put down the Nile by his mother because the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses I was killing all of the Hebrew males born throughout the kingdom.

The fact is that as a Highpriest during the reign of Pharaoh Akhneton (XXVth Dynasty, 1370-1352 B.C.), Moses was not only familiar and knowledgeable with the “42 Negative Confessions” but also with the 10 categories of sins that existed in ancient Kemet (Egypt). He was also familiar with the spiritual concept of Monotheism that Pharaoh Akhneton had introduced to the people. Basically then, when he reached eastern Egypt (Mount Sinai). Moses prayed to Amun-Ra, the Sun God of Ancient Egypt. It was very easy for Moses to establish a new religion for his people as a result of his spiritual education and training in Western Kemet (Egypt). Moses then collapsed the “42 Negative Confessions” into the “Ten Commandments” and he continued to embrace the concept of Monotheism. Moses used the concept of fire to receive the “Ten Commandments” because in ancient Kemet (Egypt) the spiritual God-force was represented by fire. In other words, the religion of the followers of Moses today is Afrikan in origin, including Christianity.

The reality is that there is NO such event as the “EXODUS”. That’s a mythical lie. The historical truism is provided by Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan in his magnum opus titled African Origins of the Major Western Religions (1970) as follows:

It was only when Moses had to flee Pharaoh Ramses II’s anger because he had murdered Ramses’ representative-soldier-did Moses begin to plan the “EXODUS” of his fellow indigenous Egyptians of the Hebrew faith from Western to Eastern Egypt (from the Aswan end of the Nile River Delta to Mount Sinai) (p.153).

In Black Christian Nationalism : New Directions for the Black Church (1972), Dr. ben-Jochannan suggests that Ramses II supposedly “chased Moses all over the Egyptian desert to avenge his soldier (or guard) whom Moses killed.” “Moses was charged with murder.” (pp. 301-303). Moses was fleeing from the scene of his crime in Kemet (Egypt).

Moses was NOT freeing his people from the bondage of the tyrant Pharaoh Ramses II. He was attempting to free his people from the ensuing punishment that his crime would have precipitated. Moses committed a SIN.

In ancient Kemet (Egypt) at this time, the Jews, formerly called Hebrews (Haribus), had migrated from Asia as “a starving lot…(of) unfortunate nomads from Asia.” “There is no evidence that those lowly Asian Jews had any formalized education of a standard in any way comparable with that which the indigenous Afrikans of Egypt had developed.” “Nether is there any evidence that they had a set code of ethics and morals that were contrary, or in support, of those they met in the Afrikan land- Egypt.” These Jews were only shepherds when they entered Egypt.

The Jews entered Egypt circa 1632 B.C. until their ‘exodus’ in 1232 B.C., during the reign of Ramses II, 1279- 1212 B.C. The Kemites (Egyptians) not only accepted their Asian brothers and sisters, the Haribus, as equals but also integrated them into every aspect of Egyptian society.

Prior to this accepted integration, these Jews “had not established a government anywhere, other than tribal groupings.” In addition, the major pyramids had already been built by the Pharaoh Khufu, Khafra and Menkara at the Giza plateau – a period which expanded 2680-2258 B.C.

The fact of the matter is that the original “42 Declarations of Innocence” can be found in the sacred spiritual texts inscribed on the walls of the Temple of Unas in ancient Kemet. According to the Euro-Christian Holy Bible, Acts 7:22: “Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and deeds.”

When the Egyptian Moses took these ancient Kemetic laws to the Barbarians, he had to change them because he was speaking to a people who were living in the caves and hills of Europe and who had not lived a spiritual way of life. As such, Moses had to transfer the original Kemetic text “I have not…” to “Thou shall not…” that is, into Commandments.

These are the original Afrikan-Kemetic spiritual:

“42 Declarations of Innocence”

“42 Admonitions of Ma’at”

“42 Negative Confessions”

  1. I have not done iniquity.
  2. I have not robbed with violence.
  3. I have not stolen.
  4. I have done no murder, I have done no harm.
  5. I have not defrauded offerings.
  6. I have not diminished obligations.
  7. I have not plundered the Netcher.
  8. I have not spoken lies.
  9. I have not snatched away food.
  10. I have not caused pain.
  11. I have not committed fornication.
  12. I have not caused shedding of tears.
  13. I have not dealt deceitfully.
  14. I have not transgressed.
  15. I have not acted guilefully.
  16. I have not laid wasted the ploughed land.
  17. I have not been an eavesdropper.
  18. I have not set my lips in motion (against any man).
  19. I have not been angry and wrathful except for a just cause.
  20. I have not defiled the wife of any man.
  21. I have not defiled the wife of any man. (repeated twice)
  22. I have not polluted myself.
  23. I have not caused terror.
  24. I have not transgressed. (repeated twice)
  25. I have not burned with rage.
  26. I have not stopped my ears against the words of Right and Truth (Ma’at)
  27. I have not worked grief.
  28. I have not acted with insolence.
  29. I have not stirred up strife.
  30. I have not judged hastily.
  31. I have not been an eavesdropper. (repeated twice)
  32. I have not multiplied words exceedingly.
  33. I have not done neither harm nor ill.
  34. I have never cursed the King.
  35. I have never fouled the water.
  36. I have not spoken scornfully.
  37. I have never cursed the Netcher.
  38. I have not stolen.
  39. I have not defrauded the offerings of the Netcher.
  40. I have not plundered the offerings of the blessed dead.
  41. I have not filched the food of the infant, neither have I sinned against the Netcher of my native town.
  42. I have not slaughtered with evil intent the cattle of the Netcher.

These “Negative Confessions” represent the FIRST moral code of ethics invented with which to live by 24-7-365. Afrikans invented these moral codes in the B.C. era. These were developed before there was the Christian Holy Bible or an Islamic Qur’an.

It took the ancient Afrikans fifty (50) generations or 1,200 years to develop these moral, spiritual codes.

The reason why there were “42 Negative Confessions” is because there were 42 “Nomes” or Districts in ancient Kemet at that time.

At that time also, there were ten (10) categories of sins. Thus, the categories of sins that Moses, the Afrikan, used as the basis to formulate the so-called “Ten Commandments” already existed. The ten categories of sins in ancient Kemet (Egypt) are as follows:

  1. “General sins against people”
  2. “Crimes against a person”
  3. “Crimes against the Gods”
  4. “Crimes against the King”
  5. “Crimes against the Dead”
  6. “Crimes against animals”
  7. “Crimes against Property”
  8. “Fraud”
  9. “Faults of morals and character” (I)
  10. “Faults of morals and character” (II)

As such, it did not take a genius in rocket science or advanced calculus to collapse 42 into 10 and that’s precisely what the former Egyptian High priest Moses did. Nothing more; nothing less.

These are the Derived Euro-Christian religious

“Ten Commandments”

  1. I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. (41)
  2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…
  3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord they God in vain… (7, 37, 41)
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy…
  5. Honor thy father and mother. (1, 12, 28)
  6. Thou shalt not kill. (4)
  7. Thou shalt not commit adultery. (11, 20, 21)
  8. Thou shalt not steal. (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 39, 40)
  9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. (8, 13, 18, 29)
  10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house or wife… (13, 20, 21, 29, 33)

Their derivative from the original ancient Kemetic “42 Negative Confessions” are shown at the end of each.

In other words, the modern-day Euro-Christian Ten Commandments did not come or were not received from God above; they are Afrikan-Kemetic in origin.

In this regard, it must be clearly understood that there is a vast difference between the original Afrikan spirituality and the derived Euro-Christian religion.

Spirituality is defined as the direct connection, relationship and interaction with the universe, cosmos, nature and that spiritual God-force, Amun-Ra–“the giver/creator of life.” He is the spiritual God-force whose birthday was celebrated on 25 December in ancient times about 4,100 years before the birthday of Jesus “the Christ.”

Religion is defined as the deification of a people’s cultural experiences, politics and political power control intent.

And this is precisely why Moses had to change the “42 Negative Confessions” which represented a daily way of life and being into “Commandments” as a medium for power, force and control of his people’s daily lives.

It must be stated quite categorically that in the B.C. era, Afrika was known as “the Land of the spiritual people”. However, as a result of European supremacy, Afrika and Afrikans have been transformed globally into a “religious people” in the A.D. era to their powerless detriment. Afrikans have lost their original spirituality.

In the B.C. era, ALL the Gods were Black; now in the A.D. era, ALL the Gods are White. This represents European religious power-control supremacy at its zenith.

As such, in this new 21st century millennium, Afrikans on the Continent and the Diaspora including TnT must retrieve, recapture, relocate, reclaim, reconnect, reorient and re-enact their original spirituality 24-7-365 as the most potent weapon in their armory to survive and empower themselves.

Shem Hotep (“I go in peace”).

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies and University of the West Indies.

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  1. You will piss a lot of people off by presenting these truths Doctor. The white superiority paradigm that incudes the whitening of African Spirituality is the foundation for the vast majority of non black people in this world. This is demonstrated by the fact that the one thing the non black world share in absolute commonality, is the sense of being superior to black people. In this context, they all zealously protect the myth of a European or white origin to Christianity, and the even more ridiculous concept of a blue eyed blonde haired Jesus.

  2. Off to the northeast of Egypt, in ancient Babylon, the Code of Hammurabi(1750BC) was also developed as a moral code, and is considered the first citizens rights document. Off in the middle of South America, the Inca people of Peru and other parts of the Altiplano have a similar set of rules that are very ancient, and predate any known contact with Europe. It consists of three affirmations
    I shall not steal.
    I shall not lie.
    I shall not be lazy.
    These formed the bases of the lives of the Aymara and other Incan people.They also created pyramids, and the famous Nasca lines.

    So it seems that left to their own devices, all people would create some rules to live by, so as to form a settled society.Even among hunter-gatherers, there was a rule to live by.

    When Europe appropriated Christianity from the Jews who formed a separate sect after the man called Christ, they did not want a raggedy Jew, dark-svartz, with curly black hair as their Son of God, so they painted images after their own people. If you look at an Ethiopian depiction of Christ, he has the dark curly hair, and triangular face of Ethiopians and Somalis.
    It is our continuous shortage of books in our Caribbean existence that causes children to still think that Christ was light skinned wih blue eyes. He is the Christ of all the people. Every people, regardless of their origins, see Christ as themselves.
    God looks like all of us. He made us, we are His, in His own image and likeness. The Romans thought their emperror was God, so when Constantine adopted Christianity, they were not going to have their God look like a rab from the desert.The people needed to believe.

  3. I dont know where “Dr N ” got his information from. Moses was a Jew born of the Levite tribe. Pharoah was killing all the Jewish males because the Jews were populating Egypt as slaves. Moses’ life was saved by his mother putting him in a basket down the Nile River. He was seen by Pharoah’s daughter and so saved and raised in the palace. Saying there was no “Exodus” is like saying there was no Aftrican Slavery, and saying Africans sold their brothers and sisters for beads, trinkets and clothes to white men in ships.

    Read the Book of Exodus in the Bible. It is the second book in the Old Testament. It is like Iran’s Ahmadinejad saying there was no holocaust, when modern world history records it. Our not believing the truth does not make it a lie. Let GOD be true and EVERY MAN a liar “Dr N”. History is HIS STORY.

    1. If you know the Bible, and are of any intelligence, then you would recognize what Dr N is saying. It is true that there were slaves but Moses was not one, and it is stated in the bible( since that’s your reference) that he committed murder. So since these 42 laws were ways of life, they definitely had consequences when broken, suffice to say Moses ran…He did what most people do when in trouble with one group, he joined another for protection…Safety in numbers… So to dispute this truth of history is really not intelligent on your part; you’re ill informed, bias, and not quite versed on the subject. And in addition to all that, you can research all these truths for yourself…

  4. Don’t be an ass. The Egyptian scripts preceded the bible. The Bible was constructed to conform with King Constantine’s epiphany. It is more than idiotic to believe that the Garden of Eden was in a desert and and not in a geography more in keeping with its description. It is more then idiotic, it is a corroboration of the views of many psychologist that racial prejudice is evidence of abortive cognitive development.

    In the Book “Africa Mother of Western Civilization” Doctor “Ben” as we fondly refer to him, juxtapositioned the teachings of AMEN-EN-OPE with some the PROVERBS PF SOLOMON on order to show the derivative link. Example:


    Incline thine ear, and hear my words,
    And apply thine heart to apprehend;
    For it is pleasant if you keep them in thine belly,
    That they may be fixed like a peg upon thy lips


    Give thine ear, and hear what I say
    And apply thine heart to apprehend;
    It is good for thee to place them in thine heart,
    Let them rest in the casket of thy belly.
    That they may act as a peg upon thy tongue.

    Like I referred, whites will probably be less inflamed by these revelations than the less white frantically edging their way towards that position on the continuum. The vapid acceptance of a blonde haired blue eyed Christ and Christianity by the non white world, is an indication of acrobatical adeptness in terms of belief. Since the one thing they share in common with the white world is hatred for the black world, historical truths become an unwelcome inconvenience they are prepared to take every measure to refute.

  5. I sense the arrogance in you reply. For someone who claims to be so educated, you can’t seem to be able to reply to someone without trying to degrade them.

    Civilized peoples can disgaree and be amicable, but I guess you cannot. When are you heading back to mother Africa?

  6. No one needs to “Head back to Mother Africa”. It was proved in 1988,(It was a featured cover article in Newsweek that year) and since retested in many ways, that All Human Life originated in Africa, and that one woman, dubbed Eve by antropologists, who lived in the Congo Basin about a quarter of a million years ago, is the “mother” of all modern humans. We all carry her DNA. Wherever humans are on the planet, Mother Africa is there.
    Non-readers can make the most idiotic statements when challenged. They also resort to personal offensive name calling.I try to imagine intelligent Trinis at a forun discussig the origins of man. I see a break-up of the session, in riots and name-calling within the first five minutes.

  7. What does it matter whether civilization began in Africa, India, Egypt or in Trinidad? It is not where we came from that matters, but where we are going that is important. I have no problem accepting Africa as the place where human life originated. I have been to Africa and support missions to Africa and have seen Africans converting to Christianity by the tens of thousands. I have seen what the modern Christian Church is doing to help Africans. Schools, universities, churches and hospitals are being built by money sent mainly by American Christians.

    I am proud of my ancestry from India. I did not choose who my parents or grand parents were and from whence they came. I did not choose to be born in Trinidad but I accept the fact. If I was from Africa or Mesopotamia I will be just as proud. We don’t choose where we were born, but we can choose where we die. My name is what it is, although I am a Christian. I don’t have to adopt any other name to identify with any any particular culture or nationality and no one can make me feel inferior without my permission. Since we are all from the same origin, then we should start loving each other like brothers and sisters and making this world a better place.

  8. The Ten commandments.
    Study your Bible and you would see that the Ten Commandments were not given by man , but by the Lord according to the Hebrew scriptures.
    Seems as though the Ten Commandments are up for the Kill by the None -believing world.
    The popes are not up for kill , but the word of the scriptures are up for kill. Check out all the doctrinal thesis about the false pope and their roles and you would see that this is not according to scriptures.
    When Christ died, his role as high priest was presented in the heavenly sanctuary. The Minister of the true sanctuary, the priest role of high priest by these false priest is not according to the Bible.
    Study your bible and You would knopw what i am talking about.
    Over 700 hundred Priests were removed from office in the United States, 400 of these were removed by The Court Proceeding. This Priesthood is not according to to Holy Scriptures.
    Study the Book of Hebrews, and you would see that the role of Christ took over the role of High Priest from the period of his death.
    The Reformation brought the Role of Christ as our High Priest. No Foolish Mortal can do away with this concept.We Don’t need to go to any priest , but to Christ Himself to make our confession, we must not confess our sins to mortal man, but to Christ himself as our only savior from sin and death.
    The Problem with this generation is” that they do not read, and they do not study the Bible For What it is. People often say that Theology has no Money, This is not about money, but about our standing in the sight of God. And Our Eternal life.
    All the Money you are making, is this really helping You?, Are you really happy and contented with your life?.

    The LOVE of Money is the Root of All EVIL. Do you love Money more than the word of God?

  9. Just so I understand something. The Netcher has the meaning of the Lord correct? I’m just trying to understand how the 41st negative confession translates into the 1st commandment.

  10. Doc, I have always question the bible and all of its unfinished stories hoping that one day MY SPIRITUALITY will lead me to the TRUTH.
    Words cannot even explain the relief I felt after I read “The Real Origin Of The Ten commandments.” I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the good works!

  11. You are correct to question the authenticity of the Christian Bible , as it is simply a collection of carefully crafted , yet dubious fairy tales, that elite power brokers across the centuries were able to use to the keep chiefly gullible masses at the lower social echelons of society ,in their respective places.
    As such it is no different to much publicized Mohammedan Islamic Quaran , Hindu Bhagwad Gita, and Jewish Torah. Unfortunately more lives were senselessly destroyed , as well as pointless destruction , and dehumanizing mayhem caused by naive , confused proponents of these varying beliefs, simply due to the fact that the followers were led to skewed and narrow beliefs that they are justified in their actions, and decisions to follow the dictates of some ancient , anachronistic scrolls , due in great measure to some unsubstantiated divine authority.
    The world could be a much better place if dogma is thrown through the window , and converts simply look for the common thread that also exist within tenets of all religions, and scriptures – where such is applicable. Love of fellow human beings as one self , tolerance for the other, and respect and understanding for all living creatures, is the commonality they share.
    Think on these things , if there be any virtue Yvette , and quit wasting time, and energy on speculations about so called spirituality, as the unwarranted headaches and earthly sacrifices , might all be to no avail.
    Good luck.

  12. What amazes me is that to any intelligent human on this earth, the equalities of ALL facets of religion are evident universally. Throughout all of them you see similarities and parallels so who cares? Take from any of them the root, and it is this…Do unto those as you would have them do unto you. If you never read a bible or even a book, you would still not want to be killed, robbed, brokenhearted, disrespected,…etc. If we in the human race quit arguing our “points”, we could see that life is precious and we are all connected. Some say six degrees of separation from one to another, but being from the ‘ghetto’ of Chicago has lead me to the realization there are only two degrees. Ignorance and pride. Ignorance is what we don’t know of each other, and pride is why we won;t accept the knowledge when it is presented to us. Peace

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