Friends, Fans Mourn the Death of Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson is dead

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The Game’s New Song “Better On The Other Side” featuring. Chris Brown, P.Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, Usher & Boyz II Men. A Song Tributing Michael Jackson who died of Cardiac Arrest On 6/25/09.
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» World mourns King of Pop
» Friends, Fans Mourn the Death of ‘King of Pop’
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We’ve just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50. Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We’re told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

Michael Jackson is dead

Paying tribute to the King of Pop

Trinis: Michael was truly the King
Local fans yesterday paid tribute to Michael Jackson recalling his visit to Trinidad in 1973 when he performed at an early age with his brothers in the Jackson 5 which was deemed the all-time group in the world.

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22 thoughts on “Friends, Fans Mourn the Death of Michael Jackson”

  1. How did Michael die?
    That question won’t be answered for several more weeks, as a Los Angeles coroner yesterday said more tests would be needed to determine the cause of death, even after a three-hour autopsy.

    Michael mania
    The immediate reaction of most people across the world, on hearing of Michael Jackson’s passing, was shock and disbelief.

    Sadness engulfs world as Michael Jackson’s death sinks in

    Mourning Michael Jackson
    TRINIDAD and Tobago, along with the world was shocked by news of the passing of Michael Jackson.

    Hurting fans buy out MJ’s CDs, videos
    He left a musical legacy that touched the lives of many. Even in death, the talent of the moon walker, icon Michael Jackson would not be forgotten.

    Locals empty stores
    “IT’S nothing like I have ever seen.” This was the expression of many music store owners and music pirates alike in downtown Port of Spain yesterday. They were speaking about the mad rush by fans of legendary pop icon, Michael Jackson, in the effort to acquire their favourite CDs and DVDs by the artiste.

    International: June 27, 2009

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  2. “Why you wanna trip on me?”

    Words recorded by Michael Jackson, circa 1991; Today, June 27, 2009, I ask this question of his fans: Has the world changed since MJ made this recording, almost two decades ago?

    President Obama campaigned and won on the same old promises of his predecessors to correct these huge societal problems highlighted by MJ then, and continue to plague the world to this day.

    One thing has changed however is the established media’s control of the message. I’ve been watching CNN and other major news channels try in vain to refocus the country’s attention on Iran. While I don’t doubt Iran has problems; I see those problems as something Iranians should solve. Are Iranians not responsible for their present political leadership? If they really don’t approve of Ahmedinejad they’ll find a way to remove him.

    I heard one reporter exclaim that he had no idea Michael Jackson was this big; and why would he ever since Michael Jackson sought to control his own image all media corporations have done is to attempt to destroy the source of MJ’s livelihood. All they have done so far since his death is continue to try to defame his character; CNN reports he’s half a billion dollars in debt; coincidentally that is what his ownership stake in the Beatles’ catologue is worth; He was a longtime abuser of prescription drugs; one newsweek/CNN correspondent, states there was no way MJ could have performed a rigorous 50 concert schedule, the producers are sure to lose a lot of money they have already expended on the preparations for next month. Meanwhile, the few ticket holders who were interviewed expressed no desire to seek a refund, they’d like the money to go to one of MJ’s charities while they hold on to their tickets for posterity. They, the media, keep re-running old inaccurately reported scandals they have used in the past to defame him, without success, and seem almost awestruck at the response from his fans.

    I remain ambivalent about Cochran’s decision to settle with MJ’s initial accuser, I believe he was advised incorrectly, which set the stage for the barrage of suits that came after until he finally exposed that misguided greedy mother in 2003. If anyone is interested in the so-called evidence they supposedly had against MJ check out for her vanity fair article. The entire case was circumstantial, and the child’s claims and behavior do not fit the pattern of a victim of abuse; this is a claim from one who has intimate knowledge of childhood sexual abuse.

    No one however is volunteering to reopen the investigation and clear MJ’s name.

    My sympathy is with Katherine Jackson, I hope she has sound legal and financial advice; the vultures have already begun to circle.

  3. It is such a great loss that a man with great talent like Michael Jackson dies. RIP King of POP.

  4. When the King of Pop met the Queen of the Universe

    Michael Jackson remembered
    On Thursday night, in the city that never sleeps, many people were still awake. After all, the news had spread faster than swine flu. It was the screen above Virgin Records that gave the hint. It showed snippets of music videos, concert acts and screaming fans, over and over and over again.

    MJ’S Doc is a Trini
    Dr Conrad Robert Murray, the doctor who was reportedly with Michael Jackson when he collapsed at his home last Thursday, is a Trinidadian. Murray has emerged as a potentially crucial figure in the investigation, with him reportedly being the last person to see Jackson alive.

  5. Let’s not fall into the media trap; let’s not scapegoat someone who might have done nothing more than be in the right place at the wrong time. How about asking why MJ needed a full time cardiologist? Dr. Murray is not a general practioner, he is a Cardiac specialist, hired only recently by the promoters of MJ’s scheduled concerts in London, at MJ’s request: What did MJ know about himself that warranted such a request? Let’s not allow ourselves to fall under the spell of main stream media by following their tired old habit of creating the news. Who in present society outside the top 5% of Americans doesn’t have monetary judgements against them? $400k is what, a deliquent student loan?

    Michael had problems in the last two decades of his life. Many caused by his naivete and stubborness; but most by the avarice of the company he kept. After that Martin Bashir Special who couldn’t predict more accusations and allegations; thankfully this time his accusers were exposed for the greedy blood-suckers they were, but not after putting him through the stress filled rigours of a criminal trial. The truth might be as simple as MJ died of a broken heart; he wont be the first, humans have a history of biting the hand that feeds them.

    Didn’t the farmer kill the golden goose, didn’t Midas kill his daughter with his golden touch, etc, etc. He was too good for this world, even after he had paid dearly for his kindness in the past, he opened his heart to his accuser when no one else would; including Jay Leno and Paul Rodriguez. It is no mystery why super celebrities like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Oprah etc, guard their privacy and maintain an unchangeable, trusted and exclusive group of friends in their circle. Their exposure to Charities is filtered by degrees of separation; and its a crying shame, because the result is that a lot of contributions are lost to administrative costs.

    We could force the media’s hand and prompt the reopening of the 1993 investigation into allegations against MJ for sexual misconduct. His accuser is no longer a minor, lets put a face to those faceless allegations; lets see how well they’ve feared with the benefit of MJ’s money. Is he living with his mother or his father. Did the Beverly Hills, Dentist father achieve success as screen writer. It is easy to launch accusations from the dark, lets expose those acusations to some sunlight. Come on people Michael deserves a defense of his name and character now that he is no longer here to defend himself. For better or worst lets put these accusations and allegations to rest once and for all.

  6. Nothing becomes a man like the manner of his dying. He went quietly, silently, without the ghoulish death watch and constant bulletins. The police treated him with dignity by airlifting his body from the hospital to the coroner’s office- unprecented.

    People could speculate on why or how for all they are worth. One scene from one of his interviews, with Martin Bashir, now of Nightline fame. Michael was talking about creating a piece of music with a deep bass beat, and he began to tap it out as he spoke. Bashir asked how do you do that? Where does it come from?

    Michael quietly pointed upwards.

    He remained centered on his talent, but knew it was God-given, to use to help the world come together as one.

    The Paparazzi have to find someone else to pick on. The ghoulish media who were always seeking a scandal, in envy of his success, have to find something else to focus on.

    All people on the planet, have benefitted from the music of the
    Michael Jackson, just as they did from the music of Bob Marley.

    Now, they are both making music with in the heavenly choir.Wonderful.
    He lived his allotted time, and quietly went about his business.He consumed his three-score and ten in fifty years. Could you imagine his doing “Thriller” twice?
    I think of that poem “To An Athlete, Dying Young”, and of the work of John Keats, completed by twenty one, and of Byron, completed at thirty six. What was left for them to do?

    I cannot imagine Michael as an old man on crutches.

  7. michael was truly the worlds greatess entertener, i don’t think anyone could be like him. Iam soo sad rigth now i begin to cry when i listen to his songs, i cried for princes dianna, and i would most certinly cry when am watching his funeral. my heart goes out to his children and family, God be with them always.

  8. I swear , if I hear another Trini blogger use the expression ” my heart goes out to his family ,” upon the untimely demise of someone again , I am going to climb up the top floor of the Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country’s Financial Complex , or the Yankeee Empire State building or better yet Canada’s CN Tower and jump of head first- which ever is closer to me, or who I wish to antagonize more.
    Please folks, enough already! Time for some sincerity , and originality.
    Local female boxing champ Geselle , young Trecia Henry, Tethron Soldier wife Camille Danie, now Mickey J – same karki pants?

  9. Neal don’t be a hater. If you believe your best contribution to the violence plaguing T&T is to climb to the top of a building and scream then do it; the man in the mirror is always you. I’ve been commenting for years that the issues of T&T are easily solved by the people of T&T. Raffique Shah, being a military man is calling for drastic measures, we can only imagine what those might be, but the fact remains that if you don’t like the way you’re living, you alone have the power to change it. Here’s to hoping these fans revisit the “words” of Michael Jackson’s songs and find the courage to take the actions he so often took at tremendous cost to his image and for which he probably paid the ultimate price. “Dom S. Sheldon is a cold man.”

  10. It is often said that ‘politics is all about compromise.’ To prove that we have learned that lesson, let’s agree to work together on one goal in true friendship as perhaps only “ The King of Pop ,’ could do if still alive.
    Support me in my tall buildings ,outlandish display of outrage as mentioned previously, and I would return the favor to you as I join our hardworking police in carrying out one of many edicts of our PM in hiding and now Minister Of Education Ms Hazel Manning.
    It should be to thoroughly check and secure the names of every teacher that ever taught you from ABC to Standard two , when you were unfortunately forced to cut short your extensive education to take up athe princly task of selling pirated CD on Henry Street.
    When we find them ,we’ll follow another of her commands and confiscate every pension check or other state’s entitlement they or estates were due for the next 50 years ,or until they die – which ever one comes first.
    No one should be allow idly boast that they were able to waste hardworking tax payers dollars , while claiming to have taught karibkween at any of our Government Primary school , back in the days , even when according to the doc money was no problem.

    When this MTV adoring character was running after the garbage truck on the Beetham for a morsel as a hungry runny nose 7 year old, and his parents were stoning Besson Street Police Station and stealing impounded car tires on a daily basis , I was one of the few in the course of my duties that was putting my life on the line by trying to protect Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country from those that are often described as animals , human scum, and similar unmentionable societal cancers. My reward after karibkween read one of my blogs? He claimed that I am a hater, and is soft on crimes unlike the straight talking / shooting Mr. Shah.

    I am ecstatic that Mr. Raffique Shah- a military man- is calling for drastic measures today . It is the same cries that reverberated across this nation some 39 years ago when the young energetic 25 year old Sand Hurst trained Lieutenant was on the grand stage. Fortunately more savvy historians , com political leaders were so tolerant, or perhaps had foresight.
    Which ever , it is no longer important , as the seeds of disrespect for law and order was planted back then , perhaps germinated in 1990 under Abu Backer catastrophic actions , and is now flourishing in full bloom for all to see in every bit of ugliness.
    Yes ,follow Mickey J and start looking in the mirror you white color thugs that used acts of frauds , embezzlements, blatant corruptions ,and similar forms of cons to dupe our innocent. You and your fancy lawyers have caused as much harm to our collective and individual psyche , and for that deserves the same harsh militaristic punishments that karibkween supports , and Mr. Shah advocates in thoughts.
    Justice on a level playing field is more than a catch slogan.
    Real blue color criminals that violently prey on our people can understand that old ‘good for the goose and gander’type of language- I am certain .
    Solja Boy , hater huh?

  11. MJ —a great soul who love to care for chlidren- GOD will bless his soul.

    mj used the media to promote his music. He knew how to get media attention and he used it to his whims and fancy. When his music was popular he sold news spots be it print OR electronic. The media knew how to use him also to make money. there was a symbiotic relationship at that time. However when him music stop selling or when he wasnt big news anymore the media Was looking for anything to report & they found negative things to say such as the trial. The trial was reported in a negative light. they didnot do justiCe to MJ.
    He pleded with them but this didnt help.They eventually got to him & this placed him in deep depression which led to instability , sleepless nights etc.To this he turned to drugs perhaps prescribed by a doctor.
    krishna tOOLSIE—i GREW UP IN mj’S TIME—- GOD LOVES MJ and will glas to see him.

  12. I believe you have the wrong year of their visit. It was not 1973. I was held as an infant by the Michael at the Hilton Hotel on their visit.

  13. I watched the memorial service, fist half in English, then the second half on a Spanish TV station in a Mexican restaurant.
    This has been a tremendous outpouring of affection for the greatest entertainer in the world. My final comment is, Lord, Jesus, you sent us a saint, but many of us did not understand him, hounded him, just as we did you, please forgive us a second time. We think we are beginning now, to grasp the enormity of this man’s capacity to bring the young people of the world together as one.July 7, 2009,9.35 CDT

  14. He brought the young together because he saw and spoke with and from his heart. The young and young at heart are never deceived nor are they deceivers without adult manipulation and I guess that’s why he felt drawn to them. The hounds are still in attack mode; whether its trying to make his estate responsible for city expenses they did not create, or their unsubstantiated reports of drug abuse, or the paternity of his children. They’ve flushed out his death certificate in their attempts to discover where his dead body lies and seem determined to milk his passing in order to harvest the ratings boost that validates their lives. Who’s Wacko now?

  15. Come on folks ,and this goes to you in particular karibkween . In the interest of fair play and ‘spade calling efforts’ , let’s as they say on the streets , ‘keep it real,’when it comes to the facts . Cousin Mickey J was a twisted , confused soul, not much unlike millions of his fellow nationals and even the few privileged middle class , Nuevo rich Afro American successful elites that enjoys pimping the desperate masses ,from whence they emerge , while remaining convenient media whores and buffoons until they have faded into obscurity -via old age, diminishing skills, wasted and depleted resources – then they are discarded, and are forced to beg to reclaim their ghetto cards that they had conveniently discarded as the moved up the socio- economic ladder where a 15 million bungalow is viewed with contempt .
    In short , “bojangle for dollars,” all their lives , and feel that a million tossed here ,or there, to some obscure charity, or irrelevant civil rights body, is all that’s needed to ease their moral obligations to those that’s left behind. We need more Danny Glovers, Harry Belafonte , Stokley Charmichael, and Jim Brown, but less Michael Jordans, Tiger Woods, Tyra Banks , Oprahs, Woppie , Clarence Thomas, Condi , OJ and similar complicit cowards, and apologist for a system that’s detrimental to global Africans, as there is only one way to make an Omelet. It‘s by first breaking eggs.

    The media could not have done to Michael what he did not encourage ,or make feasible due to his numerous missteps and similar peculiar ways of his entire family.
    Perhaps these and similar maladies are the final out come of the dehumanizing system of European orchestrated African slavery , and it attendant racial discriminatory post emancipation practices that concerned Social Scientists needs to fully address , if the psyche of our much globally hated, authentic Jewish people of the world , were to finally be elevated. The accumulated monies that could evolve from this man’s lifeand death , should be used to ensure that his entire family get the therapy they deserve for the next two decades ,and the rest used to do the same as well as help educate and protect the disturbed minds of millions of his abused , misused and neglected African fans unable to perform the physical internal and external mutilations like he did to mask his numerous deamons and obvious insecurities.

  16. It is only the feebleminded that might conclude that critique of certain aspects of a public individual’s life , and the quest for fuller understanding of his unfortunate , untimely tragedy, is tantamount to hatred of him. Michael Jackson is worthy of our global admiration as he certainly was a kind hearted human being , that cared about others , and used his huge talent and accumulated resources towards good ends.
    Although fan crushes as displayed kerrann are fine , we the conscious however, should not be lulled into a trap of elevating another human being into any such star status that it can thus make them immune from any unfavorable assessments. I had a bigger concern ,and it was for the psyche of millions of beautiful young people that looks like Micky J- before his mutilations – that might in the future conclude ,there is a problem with themselves ,that would warrant similar radical destructive changes to mind, body ,and soul- In essence, self hatred taken to another level .

  17. I keep up with what we know, and hear about Michael Jackson.New Information: The burns he suffered during the making of that commercial, now being shown for the first time, may have been the trigger to hs skin change processes. In such a case, if his death was the result of the abuse of prescription drugs, which began after treatment for his head catching fire, his death should be laid at Pepsi’s door. The young people who adored him will keep on drinking sodas, nonetheless

  18. Thank Ms. L . In this case my deepest sympathies goes out to him. Let’s see what one member of my ‘Black Socrates Movement’ have to say about another common though destructive that is responsible perhaps for as much lost lives as WW1, 2, Vietnam, the Korean war, Grenada massacre, and the George H Bush Panamanian shakedown of former pal Manuel Noriega , all put together.

    Don’t you like it when we can end a discussion on a win/ win note. Everyone is happy here now- knuckle heads fans, Pepsi , as well as Joe and Kathrine his ‘adorable parent.’ They are both vindicated in that Jackson was as normal as the next bloke across the road, and the three surrogate kids have nothing to be worried about.

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