Sat’s nasty attack on Tobagonians slammed

By Peter Christopher
April 16, 2019 –

Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, Satnarayan MaharajSanatan Dharma Maha Sabha secretary general Sat Maharaj remained defiant yesterday in the face of a furore over his contentious comments about the people of Tobago and a call from Minority Leader Watson Duke to apologise or face a hate campaign.

“I have intentions to respond to Watson Duke and the critics, I will reply at a time of my own choosing and the medium of my own choosing,” Maharaj said when contacted for comment hours after Duke called for an apology.

Maharaj, however, stood by his statement, saying it was the truth but said his response would come “after the season of goodwill is over.”

Maharaj drew the ire of many after he attacked Tobagonians during on his TV Jagriiti programme on Monday.

“Nothing going correct in Tobago; they’re lazy. Six out of ten of them working for the Tobago House of Assembly, getting money from Port-of-Spain. They don’t want to work, and when they get a job, they go half past nine and 10 o’clock they go for breakfast,” Maharaj said during the programme.

He also suggested that other able-bodied Tobagonians who were lazy preferred to only run crab and goat races and target white women on beaches whom they robbed and raped.

A clip of Maharaj’s comments was soon shared on social media, prompting angered responses on those platforms.
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12 thoughts on “Sat’s nasty attack on Tobagonians slammed”

  1. People who express such hate and vile language, should be jailed for a minimum 5 years hard labor, anything less would not do..and this should be the sentence for ALL racial utterances done in public…to hide behind the statement freedom of speech is weak..

  2. Sat could have made his point without resorting to racist, hate speech.
    It is a fact that over 60% of the eligible working population of Tobago are employed by the THA, which is exclusively funded by the government of T&T.This is problematic in any economy.
    It is a fact that service, efficiency and productivity are deficient in Tobago.Business owners will confirm.
    It is a fact that the illegal,and destructive incidents against tourists, White tourists in particular,are detrimental to tourism in Tobago.
    It is a fact that so-called local gigolos ply the popular tourist beaches of Tobago, hunting for White meat which is often easily available.
    Sat’s reputation for being a racist who very often shoots his mouth off without any tact or finesse destroys his message and confirms his status as a divider.In addition, to cruelly generalize and name-call all Tobagonians in this manner is insensitive and politically incorrect.

  3. Tobagonians should also re-evaluate their attitudes and treatment of their fellow visiting Trinidadians, especially those of East Indian descent. Too often we have to remind a few Tobagonians that Trinidad and Tobago is one country and Tobago is part of that country.

  4. Sat was saying the same thing relating to laziness and reduced productivity as Dr Rita Pemberton in her Scarborough Lecture , THA Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles and Tobago East MP, Alana-Webster Roy but he is vilified because he is interfering in the internal productivity and crime affairs of Tobago and how dare he in his own direct, call a- spade- a spade manner for which he is well -known and often denigrated. He issued a wake up call for Tobagonians as did the above-mentioned officials, to stop morning wuk mentality that Webster Roy spoke about referring to ”young, hard-back and able-=bodies coming to her office looking for morning wuk’ so that they can go to shop or lime on the beach in search of the white meat that Sparrow immortalised in HIS famous calypso The message that he sent was ro reduce attacks on foreign tourists but they brought down a ton of bricks on him, Police raided his TV Station when Sandy’s Calcutta Ship obscenity went without a criticism from Rowley and all Tobago rallied around this most racist appeal giving the PNM all the twelve seats in the THA Elections.

    Dr Rita Pemberton said stories about lack of performance in Tobago abound.

    “Turn up to work at 8 to 4, many turn up at 9 or 9.30 (am). When they come in, they still have to go for breakfast, then they go for lunch. They take an hour, go in the mall and do all kinds of things, then leave early to pick up their children and they get paid for the entire day.”
    Pemberton further related an incident, some years ago, where, she was told, a department in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) had organised a birthday party..
    “The workers closed the office, went off to the birthday celebration during working hours and, I am told, at the expense of the THA.
    Let us examine the message and do not shoot down the messenger because T&T is one and we are free to call for reform in the sister isle in order to reinforce the case for the granting of increasing autonomy so that Charles can get more BMW’s in his fleet of luxury cars and perhaps a private jet to fly to Trinidad because CAL is not up to mark.

  5. “……able-=bodies coming to her office looking for morning wuk’ so that they can go to shop or lime on the beach in search of the white meat that Sparrow immortalised in HIS famous calypso …”

    There is a theme here, in the way Indians comment on the sexual prowess of the black male, that leaves little or no subtlety in their desire to make black male sexuality a matter that should be put to public scorn. There are many ills that have befallen the young black male in Tobago. The short hour day work in Tobago is no different from the short day work of the CEPEP worker in Caroni or any other part of Trinidad. There is nothing to celebrate about productivity in the country as a whole.
    Tobago is more pronounced because it has a small economy and is less diversified that that of Trinidad.

    The black male sexuality talk coming from Indians leave many in the African community still peeved by the way Kamla Persad Bissessar used her authority as Prime Minister to castigate the then Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley, his father and son as rapists. There is nothing about this parliamentary act to celebrate as decent, civil, humanist or acceptable in the modern era of democracy. The constant beating of the “black male looking for white meat” should be considered innocuous. Why? It is no secret that white women from Europe and USA go on specialized vacation with the expressed purpose of finding young black studs to mate with. When I was working in the USA, I had white women co-workers asking me of such places to visit. As a matter of fact I got to know of the term “Sunday School” from one such co-worker who visited Tobago to do just that.

    So when people like those commenting on this subject want us to believe that it is the Tobago boys that want these white women and not the other way around they are misleading us (and themselves). In the adult film industry, the black male veracity to excite and satisfy is not fake news to white women.
    So please guys try to make your points without using the black male libido as a matter to be denigrated.

    1. Kian, you took the words right out of my mouth.. The sooner we figure out is all about ‘women’ that this whole racism thing is about.. ‘we’ can deal with it more effectively..

      Aye TM, Dem Gyul dem does travel thousands of mile to ‘feel’ a Brother..


    2. It is not about the libido of the black male. There are employment opportunities for young men which differ considerably from denigrating yourself and sacrificing your self-respect by submitting to the desires and fulfilling the expectations and stereotyping of young black men by white female sex tourists,in order to prove the “black male veracity to excite and satisfy”.This is a future to nowhere.Should we not expect more from young men if we are attempting to build a nation.
      I think Kian is taking considerable satisfaction in the perpetuation of this stereotype.
      And I should mention that in all civilized societies, sex with a minor, even consensual sex, is considered statutory rape and is against the law.Research the adventures of our PM when he was a teacher.You brought it up.

      1. “I think Kian is taking considerable satisfaction in the perpetuation of this stereotype” ……TMan

        TMan, I think it is a bit disingenuous to suggest that I am taking pleasure in talking about black genitalia, when in fact the subject is the crude and hate-filled outburst of an old Indian octogenarian, whose racist remarks (that you support) is stirring unsettling anger. Let me remind you of his contention on black male sexuality, he said (in part) they “were lazy preferred to only run crab and goat races and target white women on beaches whom they robbed and raped.” Given this as the matter to debate, who is talking about sex? You compounded his statement with your support when you said “Research the adventures of our PM when he was a teacher”. That too is racist and stereotypical.

        But I do understand why people like yourself, Sat Maharaj, Stephen Kangal, Kamla Persad Bissessar and others insist on calling young black males “rapists”. They are the antithesis of sexual prowess that threatens your manhood.
        If you were to accept the fact that white women seek their pleasures, same would be inviting to the Indian women, wherein your true fears converge. The lure of the Indian women toward these “rapists” corrodes your best intentions of objectivity because you feel threatened by them. RamKs’ demonstration of fact is what you must see as negative because to do otherwise is to affirm such fears, and your feeling of superiority will never allow objectivity. You suffocate your fears by insisting that men like Dr. Rowley must be defined as “rapist” so that you get a sense of wholeness.

        Since you have expanded expanded this conversation, I must admit that a good portion of my family is either Indian or mixed. Most modern Indian women premise their lifestyle on the pattern of living of the white women. They no longer feel the need to traditionalize their behavior based on male command and authority. Sat, TMan, Kangal and others can no longer speak for them, but the male fear of the adaption of the white women lifestyle is real to them. Guys for those Indian women who have crossed over to these black men, they are lost to you, so no amount of negative trading of the black male sexuality can prevent what they see and want to enjoy. So, your fears that the Indian women have become susceptible to the lifestyles of white women is already past the stable.

        1. Your comments not only perpetuates “the myth” but implicitly and explicitly in parts once again display and reveal your pleasure and satisfaction in your vision of Black male sexuality. Congratulations!
          Whatever makes you happy.
          Why is the international definition of statutory rape so difficult to accept in T&T?
          I have no problem with inter-racial relationships or marriage. You might be surprised if you met my other half!
          But please do not associate me with Sat who I agree is a racist.Sat does not realize that he has used up his usefulness and relevance in T&T. On this occasion he did express racist views and as a result the basic factual content of his message was lost.Many other prominent Tobagonians have express similar ideas without name-calling and stereotyping.
          Finally, do not confuse strong advocacy with racism.

  6. Remember about 8-10 years ago a German woman was on a special mission in Tobago to spread AIDS amidst young black males. What became of that episode?

    Talk about Tobago, try Martinique and Guadeloupe where the beach attire is topless and visit the night clubs to hear the sounds of delight emanating from the hotel rooms upstairs after the fete done down stairs.

    It is a fact that in Europe and North America there are specialized holiday packages sold mainly to females who form groups leaving their family behind for the expressed purpose of self fulfillment and oodles of self-gratification i.e., ‘ah never taste a black meat yet’.

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