HDC projects hit by approval woes, defects Mistakes cost $2.4 billion

By Renuka Singh
November 05, 2018 – guardian.co.tt

Greenvale ParkConstruction variations or changes to the agreed scope of works at Housing Development Corporation (HDC) projects cost taxpayers some $2.4 billion between 2005 and 2017. These include two projects that had to be abandoned because of structural and engineering obstacles that were not determined before construction began.

The news comes even as the ruling People’s National Movement and Opposition United National Congress continue to spar over which party made the errors while in government which led to the recent flooding disaster at the Greenvale Park, La Horquetta development.

On Friday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley confirmed that pressure to provide state housing to a growing market meant that the HDC was sometimes forced to bypass approvals and procedures to complete projects on time. Rowley served as minister of housing from November 2003 to November 2007 and during that time, two other projects were started and had to be stopped because of the lack of proper approvals.
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One thought on “HDC projects hit by approval woes, defects Mistakes cost $2.4 billion”

  1. All past governments both UNC and PNM have used the HDC (NHA) as a political instrument to gain votes. They have also used the HDC as a giant “money machine” to give inflated contracts to their friends and family in addition to contractors to gain kickbacks.

    It was reported a few weeks ago that many of the state enterprises have not submitted financial statements as required by law. This would include the HDC. However, no Chairman, Director, CEO and senior manager has been called to account for failing on their fiduciary duty to the tax payers of this country. It was reported/alleged that a Housing Minister of a past government is now a billionaire after they lost the election.

    Where is the outrage in the country? Where is the civil organizations, law and other organizations on this massive fraud on the people of TT?

    Bottom line is that government should not be in the business of building houses. They should be a facilitator of housing, incentives, low interest rates, grants etc. let the private sector build homes. They are competent to build homes a affordable prices and good quality.

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