Hinds chased out of Beetham by residents

Member of Parliament for Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds and councillor Akil Audain were chased out of the Beetham, by residents this afternoon.

Beetham flood bath for Hinds, councillor

By Otto Carrington
August 15, 2018 – guardian.co.tt

Acting Attorney General and Member of Parliament for Laventille West Fitzgerald Hinds was given an unceremonious bath with flood water yesterday by constituents in Beetham Gardens and chased from the area.

But in an almost immediate response, at least one MP and other social media users who viewed footage on a CNC3 news report and other photos on social media condemned the attack and expressed outrage by the disrespect shown to the government minister.
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Hinds chased out of Beetham

By Jensen La Vende and Carla Bridglal
August 15, 2018 – newsday.co.tt

IT was just bad behaviour, acting Attorney General Fitzgerald Hinds said yesterday about being drenched with flood water as he and councillor for the area Akil Audain visited flood victims at Beetham Gardens.

Hinds, speaking with Newsday following the assault said: “Just bad behaviour. The kind of thing you see too often in TT. Emptiness, stupidity and bad behaviour. Right now I am simply very disappointed at their stupidity and emptiness and feel very sad for them.
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6 thoughts on “Hinds chased out of Beetham by residents”

  1. Babylon System … BM and the Wailers..

    We refuse to be
    What you wanted us to be
    We are what we are
    That’s the way it’s going to be, if you don’t know
    You can’t educate I
    For no equal opportunity (talkin’ ’bout my freedom)
    Talkin’ ’bout my freedom
    People freedom and liberty!
    Yeah, we’ve been trodding on the winepress much too long
    Rebel, rebel!


  2. Hinds reports Beetham incident to police
    Police yesterday confirmed that acting Attorney General Fitzgerald Hinds made a police report against the men who kicked floodwater at him and chased him out of Beetham Gardens on Tuesday.

    Residents cry neglect, frustration
    Mixed views in Beetham on floodwater attack against Hinds…

    Beetham says sorry to Hinds
    The Beetham Gardens Community Council has sent an official apology to acting Attorney General and MPfor Laventille West, Fitzgerald Hinds, after residents doused him with floodwater when he toured affected areas on Tuesday.

  3. While I am not encouraging the method used against Hinds, residents should protest the government’s neglect in that community. The government appears clueless about how to address their longstanding concerns and simply depend on them for votes.

  4. This is new. When you feel your power is to say and do as you like it comes back to haunt you. Hopefully he would recognise that his arse holeness has come to light and he will now thread carefully from now onwards.

  5. Govt not afraid of bullies
    “I did not feel as though an MP or a minister was being assaulted, I felt a man, me, a proud black man was being assaulted and offended. To throw cold water on me that is clean is offensive much less for contaminated water! Personally, I felt it was very offensive but as a sensible and educated man, understanding that was not the wish of of the large majority but a handful of miscreants, I jogged off to avoid being further wet and I continued my business and left the Beetham. I am here today again working for the people.”

  6. Hinds said: “I did not feel as though an MP or a minister was being assaulted, I felt a man, me, a proud black man was being assaulted and offended.”

    What does Hinds have to feel proud of? He has used his dreadlocks to symbolise empathy with poor Blacks whom he simply exploits for votes and to enrich himself. How does he explain the state of the Beetham and other Black communities that he represents? Where were his ideas and plans to help develop those communities and to remove the dump? Hinds like many Black politicians have exploited the justifiable racial fears Africans have of Indians in power to entrench themselves. A wetting and a bruised ego are the least he has suffered for this so far.

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