Workers Union Betters Our US Ambassador

By Stephen Kangal
April 04, 2018

Stephen KangalThe woeful conduct or lack thereof of T&T’s foreign relations/policies has degenerated to such a paltry and embarrassing state of affairs under lame-duck and struggling Minister Dennis Moses that even a grass-roots National Workers Union (NWU) is more in tune with our high profile foreign policy towards beleaguered Dominica than our current accredited Head of Mission to the USA/OAS, Ambassador Anthony Phillip-Spencer.

It is to be noted that nobody misrepresented Ambassador Spencer’s well stated and oft-repeated position against the waiver of OAS contributions by struggling Dominica for 2018 and 2019. Even the Dominican delegate to the OAS Meeting was visibly stunned beyond belief by this T&T position and with visible sadness reluctantly asked for clarification.

Ambassador Spencer is neither a “public official” nor an ordinary ‘public servant” according to the assertion in Ministry’s pathetic release. He never was being a former Defence Force Brigadier General who was appointed Ambassador to the USA and then accredited to the OAS by Dr Rowley.

T&T-appointed Ambassadors are invested with the rank and diplomatic and political status of a Minister of Government and he/she always wields full powers to commit the GORTT by their statements automatically. It said so quite clearly in his Presidential-issued letter of appointment given to him as Ambassador to the USA to present as his credentials to President Trump.

His statement was never a suggestion as observed by Minister Moses. He repeated that pathetic position on behalf of the GORTT several times albeit with diplomatic suaveness saying that that position was also adopted at other multilateral fora by his Government. It was well established T&T foreign policy he affirmed from which no derogation is permitted. It was cast in concrete according to him.

The taped-proceedings are on social media for all to see and listen to this debacle as it unfolds to the total disgrace of T&T and foreign policy articulation in shambles in Washington D.C.

What appeared then as unilateral, disastrous and quite distasteful conduct of Ambassador Spencer on this very simple, pedestrian Caricom/OAS matter has brought T&T’s regional image into odium, disrepute and poor-standing. Trinidad and Tobago was once known for plenty dollars but little diplomatic sense.

He should have telephoned the Minister during the meeting and indicated that the position stated to him on the Dominica waiver resolution must be changed from opposition to support in view of the unanimous support it was receiving. That is what cell phones are for – emergencies.

Unfortunately but quite expectedly it is a sad reflection and consequence of the collapse of Minister Moses’ failed tenure at the helm of the Foreign Ministry as well as the serial incompetence and ineptitude of the Rowley Administration that selected all these known failures to oversee these delicate and sensitive postings overseas.

The net result is international disaster from the red and ready.

6 thoughts on “Workers Union Betters Our US Ambassador”

  1. The PM will keep the ambassador as there is no measuring standard for performance by the PNM. This PNM Pride itself in doing nothing whilst Rome burns. Like Nero pointing all the nation problems to the UNC.

    We see this pattern of behaviour in the firing, rehiring, firing and rehiring of Marlene McDonald, Calabar money and the Community Center not to be found, whilst taxpayers millions disappear. Then there is the minister of Sport his philanderings with female workers has achieved notoriety with a $150,000 settlement. Tax payers money that Camille Regis say “pooh haha” on the tax payers none of your dam business. His three days romp with some women costing $92,000. Again tax payers foot the bill.

    The Minister of National security is in a US court explaining a “forged” signature and millions of TT dollars funneled into his account. Yes his good friend has said he lied. What about doing the right thing. But there is more to what this government is doing and they are operating as a law unto themselves well protected by the illiterate masses. The list of failures grow each day, Seabridge, fake oil, 30 year economic decline, thousands laid off etc.

    Where does it end?

  2. Things disintegrate and fall apart when the centre is not holding and lacking staying power. We are daily going from one crisis to another and the very integrity of T&T is at stake. Too much arrogance and know-it all from the OJT’s.

  3. the PM should take note that his style of management is doing great harm to the country and PNM. Keeping on these non performing and incompetent ministers is making Trinidad and Tobago a laughing stock of the world. If I was the PM I would have a zero tolarance policy. Fire them.

  4. The evidence presented to the PM is compelling for him to fire Moses but he interprets it as a basis to absolve him. How weak and wobbly both appear to be. Now comes Christopher Thomas as the cart before the horse to validate what the PM said having already convicted the Ambassador and the two PS just to save his childhood friend Nises.

  5. As suspected Rowley cleared the Ambassador of any wrong doing. Anyone who believes the prime minister have the “hu spa” to fire anyone need to have their head examine. He is not a prime minister but a party manager whose job is to protect, preserve and foster the PNM brand, much to the detriment of the nation’s image abroad.

  6. Compelling Grounds For Dismissal But which The Prime Minister Used to Retain Moses in His Cabinet
    1. He admitted ignorance of the OAS Meeting of 23 March and the Agenda of Waiver of Dominica’s Contributions for 2018 and 2019 even though as I know 22 years at that Ministry that such correspondence will have reached his desk in the reading file of all mail, then to the PS and then to Heads of Department.
    2. Admission of losing political control of his Ministry’s operations amounting to incapacity and weakness for the job and loss of respect by his staff
    3. Public Servant marginalizing him is tantamount to loss of confidence of his Staff and losing of control of his Ministry
    4. Abdication of the sacrosanct principle of ministerial responsibility in public so essential to the smooth and effective functioning a parliamentary Westminster democracy such as T&T
    5. Complained to the PM previously about isolation of the political directorate admitting of his inability and lack of managerial capacity to manage his Ministry to achieve its Mission for a second time
    5. He did not read the mail correspondence normally forwarded to him on a daily basis and which would have included memos on the OAS Meeting of 23 March 2018.
    6. Although Moses came from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, would be seen to be one of them and is au fait with procedures for foreign policy determination yet he complains as a little boy of marginalization and isolation by his staff in a very small ministry. Is this evidence of lack of respect and confidence in his post of Minister or of congenital weakness in assuming, managing and executing expected political responsibility?

    7. He referred to the Ambassador of Washington as a public servant and public official who misrepresented the position of the GORTT although that position originated in and received the stamp of approval of The Ministry.

    8. Several press releases ex post facto undermining the image and integrity of his own Ministry including the one he personally composed and issued that had to be withdrawn in embarrassment.

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