This Week in Crime 02/01/2018

Mom found strangled
A CHASE Village mother of two is the first woman killed this year. The body of Arisa David, 25, was found dead in her home at Limehead Road. Police believe she was strangled.

5 murders usher in new year*
Trinidad and Tobago recorded its first killing at 12.15 a.m. The murder toll for 2018 now stands at five compared to one murder committed on New Year’s Day 2017

Four shot to death
Ex-cop chopped, killed after argument

Four killed in 9 hours: Nothing new this year

Woman critical, man dead after domestic dispute
A woman from Caroni remains warded in hospital in a critical condition after her two hands were severed in a cutlass attack by her husband during a domestic dispute.

Man bent on killing family
One year ago Shanti Roopchand, 45, was stabbed by a close male relative at her Barrackpore home. The mother of three who is also a stroke victim survived. A Protection Order was taken out against a 52-year-old man who was charged and warned by a magistrate to stay away Roopchand.

Property owner defends $37m NIB real estate deal

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  1. Murder No. 9 – Security guard gunned down
    A COUVA man was shot dead, and two others wounded in Couva on Tuesday night.

    ‘I begged my daughter to walk away from abuse’
    The woman, identified as Arisa Vana David, 25, was the mother of two girls—ages seven and two—was in an abusive relationship for the past seven years, relatives said.

    Children tell granny after murder: WE CAN’T WAKE MUMMY!
    Accustomed to seeing her being physically abused, two sisters – aged three and eight – did not react when a close male relative began to beat and choke their mother Arisa David

    Spike in murders worries police
    WITHIN the first 48 hours of 2018, there have been eight murders recorded, at least four incidents of shootings, and two incidents where women were assaulted by men in their lives.

    State ready to start case against Vicky

    Gardener in court wounding wife and son
    A Barrackpore man who allegedly breached a protection order and stabbed his estranged wife and son was denied bail yesterday when he appeared before a Siparia magistrate yesterday.

    Victim was not gang member
    Shortly after midnight on Monday, Brandon Khan, 25, was liming with friends at Goodwill Street two gunmen opened fire on the group.

    CAL flight attendant nabbed
    …gun and ammo in car

  2. Woman shot dead in Barrackpore, man killed in Claxton Bay
    A 23-year-old man was shot dead at his home in Claxton Bay on Thursday. Jeremiah Stephen, also known as G5, was found dead on a mattress at a house located at Lodge Road.

    Trini murdered in St Lucia
    A Freeport man who went on vacation in St Lucia, was shot dead on Old Year’s day.

    Trini killed in St Lucia linked to drug-deal

    Port worker charged with 14 fraud offences
    A 32-year-old employee at the Port Authority of T&T was yesterday charged with 14 offences of fraud amounting to over $200,000.

    Three more dead…murder toll now 11
    Central Division police are investigating three more murders in the Division. The latest is that of Anton Anslem who was shot dead at Lisas Gardens in Couva on Tuesday night.

  3. Prisoner recaptured after escaping from PoS jail
    A prisoner who wanted a fresh start to 2018 was arrested wobbling his way to freedom after damaging his feet during an early morning escape from the Port of Spain State Prison yesterday.

    Murdered mom had rough childhood
    Six years before she was found executed in Barrackpore, the woman who called herself Vanessa Ali, ran away from home and spent days roaming the streets, hoping for a better life.

    Friend: Arisa was fed up of abuse
    Emotions ran high yesterday during the funeral of murder victim, Arisa Vana David, 25, who was found strangled on Tuesday.

    Murder victim’s family begged her to leave relationship

    Cops use drone to capture gunmen
    A drone was used by police officers to capture two men who attempted to flee the scene of a shooting in Tunapuna on Thursday evening.

    18 murders, economy in tatters but Rowley says…

    PM: We will overcome the violent few

    ‘Kidnapping’ caught on tape
    The incident occurred metres away from the Belmont Police Station and was recorded on a cellphone and circulated on social media.

    Kidnap victim escapes, SRP among 4 detained

    ACP Hackshaw: Kidnapping rate not alarming

    Woman’s mutilated body found in Trincity
    Investigations are continuing into the discovery, on the weekend, of the badly decomposed body of an unidentified woman found over the weekend near the Orange Grove Industrial Estate in Trincity.

    Shot teen in critical condition
    Shooting victim Keyshawn Isaiah Joseph, 18, is listed in a critical condition with doctors at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope telling his relatives that his chance at recovery is slim.

  5. Whiteland man charged with murder
    A release from the police said Rishi Gopie was charged with murder on Sunday by PC Kevon Nelson after receiving advice from Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul. Ramsingh was found lying in a pool of blood outside his Penal home with chop marks after he reportedly got into a heated argument with another man. He was taken to the hospital, where he died.

    Mechanic charged with retired cop’s murder
    According to a release from the police, Nankool Ramcharan, 29 of Gopaul Trace, Palmiste, Longdenville appeared before a Chaguanas magistrate yesterday charged with the murder of retired police Cpl John Ramkissoon on January 1, after he and Ramcharam were liming at his home.

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