Sea Lots missing girls incident demands answers

Sea Lots incident demands answers

Express Editorial
December 14, 2017 –

ViolenceThe discovery in an abandoned house in Sea Lots of three missing persons, two teenaged girls and a young woman of 20, raises worrying questions about how the police handle reports of missing persons and about the responsibility of communities to look out for the vulnerable in their midst.

As he contemplated the awful likelihood that some residents knew about the girls’ plight and had said nothing, Allan Samuel, councillor for St Ann’s River South, came to the stark conclusion that, “There are demons living among us”.
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4 thoughts on “Sea Lots missing girls incident demands answers”

  1. This case shows the state of the mind of the citizens in certain areas of this country. This is why crime so rampant in the nation. People do not feel for their fellow human beings. Is the police going to do a thorough investigation of this crime. It is amazing that three young women were kept in a house and no one saw anything? The people and the representative of this area should meet urgently with and discuss this sad crime and how it was committed in their back yard without anyone saying a word.

  2. We are dealing with the new revenue, Human and Human ORGAN trafficking, Trinidad, at this point, is into the international trade, is there anything in Trinidad to subvert this new day human bondage? man inhumanity to man/woman, have along with Globalization taken a turn of historical callousness, matters are even much worst now, where people not wanting to get involved, practically show no interest. Just recently, a man was beaten to death in Curepe junction in broad daylight, no one stepped in to stop the mayhem, is this what we presently call humanity? Women being held as sex slaves, while continuously threatened with harm if they try to escape, Check certain Police officers, and see what they know.

  3. Any politician missing?
    Any political financier missing?
    Any senior police missing?
    So how the hell missing persons cases could be a priority.
    There are demons among us in high positions.

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