Fired HDC head on Kamla’s slate

By Stacy Moore
November 16, 2017 –

Jearlean JohnFired Housing Development Corporation (HDC) Managing Director Jearlean John yesterday filed nomination papers to contest the post of UNC political leader in the party’s November 26 internal election.

At first it was thought John, who was Transport Minister during the Basdeo Panday administration, was merely supporting UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar by walking with her as she (Persad-Bissessar) entered the party’s Couva headquarters to file nomination papers shortly after 3pm. However, John presented her own nomination papers to the party’s election officer Dr Rampersad Parasram.

Both women, dressed in the party’s bright yellow colours were greeted by an entourage of supporters waving flags and dancing to the beat of tassa drums.
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  1. Uplifting time for your young lady as KPB lead the way. Congratulations to Jearlean, tried and tested.

  2. I have no thoughts on this matter, but I do have an issue with the Trinidad media, which I wish to elucidate and criticize as “false news”. The issue is the reporting on the appointment of Makeda Antoine as the Trinidad and Tobago Representative in Geneva.

    While I find all three dailies’ coverage of the matter in poor taste, I will give Newsday a relatively fair edge in understanding the issue. Let me state at the on set, that I share no favor for or against the young lady’s appointment. I was simply trying to understand the appointment and issues resonating from it. The Guardian, the Express and Newsday were short on the question of who is Ms. Makeda Antoine and what are her qualifications for the job to which she was appointed?. And long on the criticisms from her pears and opposition alike.Only Newsday provided the reader some insights of Ms. Makeda’s educational qualifications. It stated that Ms. Makeda obtained a BSc and MBA from Andrew’s University. The Guardian did not give this information at all and neither did the Express. However all three were extenuating in providing us with the unhappiness her appointment caused in the Foreign Ministry, the criticism by UNC former representative to the UN, Mr. Ronald Charles, Ms Mahabir-Wyatt’s criticisms and the concerns expressed by Mr. Reginald Dumas.

    The Guardian’s reporting by Rosemarie Sant, was so poor that without knowledge of the issue, one might rightfully contend that Ms. Antoine was not even academically qualified and everyone else was damn mad about it – a classic “Reshmi Ramnarine” story. The Express, wanted us to know that Ms Antoine was just a PNM supporter who got the job based on her party affiliation. While Newsday followed some of the pattern of reporting like the Guardian and Express, they at least led us to believe that Ms. Antoine did have some educational qualifications.

    These dailies could at least have given us the pros and cons of both sides of the story. Then let us decide for ourselves, whether the appointment was a valid one or not. But instead, the reporters blind sided us on what could have been credited as qualifications of Ms. Antoine, with the negative criticisms by the competing forces at the Foreign Ministry, the Opposition forces and the professional comments of Mr. Dumas, who of course is most qualified to give an objective commentary.

    This is why I consider our daily newspapers as no better than the Enquirer and Globe. Choko would have given us a better take on the matter than those who go about calling themselves journalists. What are the Editors doing about such lousy reporting? Please Mr. & Mrs Editors, can we have better coverage of the stories you want to relate to us? Give us balance so we can make educated judgements on the stories you write for us to consume.

    1. Here’s one for you…> T&T Express.

      *Nunez-Tesheira one step closer to $18m*

      Court dismisses appeals filed by Gulf View Medical Centre, Dr Crisen Roopchand…
      Published on Nov 17, 2017, 8:44 pm AST
      By Rickie Ramdass

      FORMER government minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira is now one step closer to receiving more than $18 million in compensation from Gulf View Medical Centre and one of its doctors for the death of her husband.*

      Seems like Ms Nunez-Tesheira is just a money grabbing ^7%^#8 to these ‘reporters’. No consideration that the woman husband was butchered by these, these, Doctors (Roll Eyes)… No wonder Dr. Rowley fraid dem… And they got Mr. Manning.
      But yet, these lawmakers (and She was one too) REFUSE to put measures in place to stop this GENOCIDE… They so nice….

      1. Good One RamK!

        Our problem in this country is that we are content on being treated as ignoramuses. News is a product just as any other. If we go to the bakery and our bread is half baked or has foreign contents in it, we would complain. So, why not complain about the poor quality of journalism we get from our media? They want us to pay for it, don’t they?
        So, why don’t they treat intelligent people with intelligent news reporting? Why do we have to succumb to inferior reporting? Headlines is an indicator of both content and context, so when the Express gives us a headline such as this, we deserve to challenge them on why they see the victim (Mrs Tesheira) as winner of $18M and NOT as a widow grieving for the loss of her husband?:

        “Nunez-Tesheira one step closer to $18m*
        Court dismisses appeals filed by Gulf View Medical Centre, Dr Crisen Roopchand…
        Published on Nov 17, 2017, 8:44 pm AST
        By Rickie Ramdass

        Both the Express and Rickie Ramdass owe this woman an apology. Given the choice of $18M and her husband I am sure she would have chosen to have her mate to love and comfort than this money the Express is promoting. Media needs to be understanding of its audience and we see too much of subjective reporting and not enough objective consideration given to the product they pass on to us and ask us to buy.

        Given the choice, I am sure Rickie Ramdass would shop in the st supermarket to purchase his groceries and avoid the ones with inferior ones. But when it comes to media here, they are all inferior, so we have little or no choice. Maybe just maybe! If we continue to let the editors of the Guardian, Express and Newsday know that we demand objective reporting and not the “paid for reporting” news they provide us, they will make a better effort to be better journalists.

        In the meantime, we must let them know that we are not fooled by their stories and they deserve to be held to a higher standard.

        1. kian. “Headlines is an indicator of both content and context”.Will that statement not apply to The Nutty Professor also.?? Or is it that you pick and choose when to apply your vast knowledge. The Piper is your friend ,so i reckon it don” apply to him….So transparent that Ah tink ya White…So white dat yuh “White White” LOL..LOL LOL.

  3. How relevant is a BSc and an MBA to this post in Foreign Affairs?
    Especially when it seems that these degrees were churned out by correspondence schools in T&T under the banner of St Andrews university.The acquisition of many “correspondence” degrees from foreign universities should be investigated. Some of these schools are reputable and some are not, but can they guarantee honest examination and academic practices in T&T in correspondence schools?
    In any case, regardless of the inadequacies of newspaper reporting, this appointment is highly questionable but expected from some backward Third world nation, especially when this young lady is compared to other highly qualified, prominent established state persons representing other countries across the globe.

    1. One of the things I constantly remind those who write and take positions on issues, is first to understand the issues.
      It is obvious Than has totally evaded the issue that I was talking about. I was NOT, NOT, NOT making a case about the qualification of the individual. I was talking totally about the poor quality of the reporting of the matter. In citing her qualifications, I was making the point that the journalist or journalists were not letting us know anything about the person whom they were reporting on. I don’t know who this person is period. The reporter is telling us who she is and that is what I am concerned about. TMan you are making a political statement. I am NOT!. All I am saying is that the presentation of the issue was very poor journalism. I cannot argue for or against the person because I don’t know who or what they are reporting about.

      I know where you stand politically and that is OK with me. But I was NOT NOT NOT MAKING A POLITICAL STATEMENRT OR A POLITICAL POINT. As a consumer of the news, I want to be informed. But the way the story was written, it was purely yellow journalism. Telling us that there were unnamed individuals who wanted the appointment but did n to get it.
      THAT WASD THE STORY, as written by the journalists!

      I am NOT NOT NOT NOT privy to the qualifications of the contested individuals to make a judgement. THAT IS ALLL I AM SAYING TMAN AND I HOPE YOU READF AND UNDERSTAND IT.


      1. “I was talking totally about the poor quality of the reporting of the matter. The presentation of the issue was very poor journalism. As a consumer of the news, I want to be informed”.

        All very true, Gyan, and it demonstrates my point that Idealism has its place, even yours, as I also wish that we had a more professional media in Trinidad and Tobago, but like your idealistic crime fighting suggestions, it ent likely to happen anytime soon.

        Sadly, in this country what we have is ah set ah Sh*t Hounds masdquerading as reporters and journalists, feeding us rum-shop talk and grape vine gossip about what Boysie tell Mamoo dong by de stand pipe outside Chin parlour as “News”.

        And even more sadly we have news room editors who ent no better, who defend the piss poor standards of reporting that come across their desks every day.

        Even the Newsday report “JEARLEAN FOR DEPUTY” that forms the subject of this discussion contradicts its own headline by stating that Ms. John had applied for the position of Political Leader and not that of Deputy. Its probably just a typographical error or omission but it obviously escaped the attention of both proof reader and editor and hit the streets with error in tact.

        As far as journalistic integrity is concerned, I am of the view that the Trinidad Guardian ent have none; she remains the “St. Vincent Street Jammette that she was labelled in 1956 by none other than Our Father of Our PNM blighted Nation, Dr. Eric Williams. I guess once an “old hoe” always an “old hoe” but just like in the real prostitution industry “Old Hoes” eventually take back set to the newer “Hoes” on the block and in that regard the Trinidad Express has within the last decade assumed the mantle of leadership and can now be justly labelled “the new Mother Harlot of Journalism” in Trinidad and Tobago.

        Poor Trinidad and Tobago, we really have nothing positive going for us. We really are a backward Third World Sh*t Hole with Third World thinking Sh*t Hounds polluting our important democratic institutions.

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