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  1. I couldn’t stop laughing while looking at the pictures. Am I the only one? I’m probably the only one that would admit it. What is there to say?

  2. No Curtis we are awaiting the punch line from you, as we desperately try to figure out what makes your feeble mind thick. What exactly did you discover to be so hilarious about the pictures that you find difficult to say? Do you think that other folks that hold on with nostalgia to their own religious and cultural practices are somewhat superior? Do you for example feel that little boys should be encouraged to learn the Koran verbatim even while unable to spell their own names , encouraged to strap themselves with bombs to kill the innocent as they clamor for naked virgins in paradise? Should fathers accept bride burnings , or subject their families to life long poverty because of fulfillment of some opaque religious fantasy unknown to phony bourgeois elites ?
    How about the common practice of incest, as well as known local habits of fathers allowing their daughters to be sexually molested by their brothers ,with the mother’s connivance ,as it guarantees that the young man ‘go learn,’ what it means to be a man , and who better to experiment on that his sister.?
    We know you claimed to despise the Catholic faith , hopefully it’s not only because they pray to graven images and encourage confessions to men , but also to what the Church have tacitly encouraged to occur to innocent kids across the globe from 1492 to present , by failure to first end celibacy for entry into the priesthood. Hope I did not leave anyone out my progressive young friend.
    I’ll tell you what , if you keep exposing your self in such an overt manner via your childish insensitivities to others , you might just loose your position as spokes person for the government in waiting. That British lawyer needs to be paid soon son, and it’s time for a change in political fortunes as we might have another airport to build , or joint casino venture with soon liberated Cuba. What fantasies!

  3. Neal, I recognize that you want to work for a tabloid. It is my duty to inform you that I am not a celebrity or a public figure. You probably won’t get much of a story from an ordinary guy such as me.
    I was laughing at a picture on page 14 of the pictures showing a shallow trench with what looks like stagnant water and trash just feet from people watching the march. I wondered what would foreign dignitaries think about that if they saw it after meeting Manning? I guess if you’re used to that sort of thing that you wouldn’t see anything wrong with open shallow sewers in a tropical environment. I think that it’s funny that Manning wouldn’t think that the sewer system is something foreigners think about after he has wasted much needed revenue to travel to other countries wasting taxpayer money.
    As far as this religion or cultural practice, I don’t know anything about it except the fact that it is probably like all religions based in beliefs of a time when people were more primitive.

  4. It is difficult to keep up with this entire ego tripping being played out on this blog; some of the exchanges are just mean-spirited. But Curtis you really have no shame as you attempt to spin from your ignorant, snide remarks about the Obaluwaye Festival.

    On April 01, 2009, on the thread “The Catholic Church and the Underdevelopment of Africa” you wrote:
    “How can any group take another group seriously when they celebrate things so primitive such as Obaluwaye Festival? That may not be fair, but it’s true.”

    You obviously meant primitive in a derogatory way and were about denigrating the people and what is depicted in those pictures. Which organized group of people can legitimately claim to be superior to those who participated in the ‘Obaluwaye Festival’?

    On April 14, 2009, in another attempt to garner support for your effort to denigrate, you, Curtis again posted: “I couldn’t stop laughing while looking at the pictures. Am I the only one? I’m probably the only one that would admit it. What is there to say?”

    You got challenged so now you are claiming that you were “… laughing at a picture on page 14 of the pictures…”

    Does integrity not count for something with you?

    You obviously are not well informed, but being ignorant is not the worst thing. It does not mean one is bad, it just means one is not properly informed. An ignorant person can learn PROVIDED that the person has integrity.

    To me, your attempt to spin the meaning of your earlier remarks was outright dishonest. If you felt your statements about the African practices were well-founded you should have defended your position, but if you realized that your comments were in poor taste then you should just own up to that and improve.

  5. Heru I believe that your attempt or any one else’s attempt to label me as ignorant or mean spirited is terrible and demonstrative of ones own ignorance.
    I also stated that religion as a whole is primitive as my opinion. Is it not true that every religion that we know of today was developed in a more primitive time besides perhaps scientology?
    When I made my statement about Obaluwaye Festival, I was including it as a primitive belief system along side Catholicism. I could have substituted it for any other belief system.
    Derogatory perhaps, but no more derogatory than what I stated about the Catholic Church. The fact is, when it comes to religious traditions, they are all steeped in primitive ideology.
    The people that rule the world only believe in the religion of making money. They may pander for votes or support, but none of theme really apply themselves to these various beliefs because if they did, then they wouldn’t (speculating) have as much success.
    You may not agree with my perception or opinion, but to state that I am dishonest is wrong as well. When it came to religion, I was fair in dismissing all as primitive.
    I have posted numerous statements about the Summit and have read numerous statements in those posts that refer to a persons free right to protest as something that could embarrass the country. In other post people were stating that it was ok for the PM to spend wastefully on lavish trips and other things as long as it improved the country. I posted that as an example of where the PM should have spent the money. Anyone who has been following my post should have been able to pick up on that if they didn’t have an agenda of their own. I in general will continue to maintain my belief on organized religion. I don’t care if you believe in Ra or a Germanic Jesus. Believe what you want. However, don’t put words in my mouth or imply that my opinion reflect xenophobia or biased connotations of any particular group. If that’s how you feel, please don’t use me as your scapegoat.


  7. Alaafia to all on this blog. I must thank Eledumare(Almighty God) for life. I am the founder and headpriest of Ojubo Orisa Omolu an Orisa Temple in Chaguanas, Trinidad and has been celebrating the Orisa Obaluwaye annually for 13 years. Any questions about the picture you see i can tell you. The devotee you see with the food and ritualistic items on her head is a member of the temple during the festival in 2009. I also want to take this opportunity to invite all to our 14th Obaluwaye festival on the 27th March and 28th March from 9am – 5pm. Please call for further information 394-4575.

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