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  1. President appoints five
    Integrity Commission named

    St Cyr heads Integrity Commission

    The five ‘worthy citizens’

    Gaffoor avoids clean sweep
    It took ten full months, but President George Maxwell Richards was finally able, yesterday, to swear in a new Integrity Commission, in which only former Industrial Court member, Gladys Gaffoor, survived the debacle of 2009.

    Kamla: Max did not consult me
    LEADER of the Opposition, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, cast doubt on the validity of the appointment of the fifth member of the Integrity Commission, Seunarine Jookhoo, saying she was not properly consulted on him.

    Probe Udecott directors over projects

    Probe $20m Road
    As new Integrity Commission sworn in, Kamla queries two UDeCOTT directors
    Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has wasted no time in bringing two matters requiring their urgent attention. Hours after their swearing-in at the President’s House yesterday, Persad-Bissessar drafted two letters on conflict of interest issues involving UDeCOTT board members, Deputy Chairman Krishna Bahadoorsingh and Michael Annisette.

    ‘I have nothing to hide’
    Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s new claims of a conflict of interest against another Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) director over the construction of an access road to a private housing development, are groundless, UDeCOTT deputy chairman, Dr Krishna Bahadoorsingh, says.

  2. Wake me up when a bipatizan Commission of Enquiry is finally instituted ,to seek answers for unresolved questions involving the disgusting 1990 attempted Coup in our country , invloving former Muslimeen Police thug Abu Bakr , his several pseudo religious henchmen , along with closet financial, political ,and religious supporters, who stood to benefit from his barbaric actions.

  3. Wish God help us to understand the word “Integrity” How do we apply this from verbal mental meaning to actual active experimental living processes ?
    How would we use it between Two classes- THE RICH and THE POOR-
    Would it continue to mandate one law for THE RICH and one law for THE POOR ?

  4. If in fact Max did not consult Kamla with regards to the appointment of Seunarine Jookhoo to the Integrity Commission, should she have made a public declaration in an effort to scold the President? Definitely not! This is the sort of thinking out loud which was characteristic of Panday.Kamla should have used some tact and finesse and quietly convey her feelings to the President.
    Ironically when loud protestations are required, the Opposition is often unprepared or silent. You do not begin your tenure as Opposition Leader by entering into adversarial relationships, but rather, by building bridges and demonstrating that you are competent and cooperative.

  5. Well what do you know?Twice in 24hours cousin T-Man shot out from left field and surprise even yours truly,with repeated astute observations.
    Listen my friend,asking Kamela,Panday,or most short sighted tribalist ,Trini political figures to change,is like asking a cannibal to change the menus.
    Good luck on such adventures.
    Now watch as headquarters decides to withold your political advisor consultancy check for having the temerity to publicly denounce their new aged leader.
    Wait a cotton picking second,I need me a social progressive on

    board.Any takers?

  6. It is important for the media (blogs included) to be a vibrant source of information in keeping the so called “integrity” commission on it’s heels. Our habits still have’nt changed and we always believe that in order for things to work we must always look for solutions from academia. Whilst academia play a very important role in molding the values that we hold dear to our survival, it is by no means the only area we should go to when we need to put integrated thinking into our systems. This is not a criticism of the men and women who make up the commission. It is a criticism of the colonial mind set that continue to believe that good ideas only come from academis. It is just like saying that all rich people are good people. Why cant we find and prosecute rich crooks in Trinidad? Because we continue to believe that people are good only when they have money. We are of the similar belief that outstanding men and women come from only one area of our lives.

  7. Here is a start for you Klan. Let’s begin the push for Equal Rights and Justice. It means therefore that alleged white color crooks and bandits like the PM , as well as recent Opposition leader , and known miscreants like executives from Clico , or HCU , feels the same pain like the folks that our new Senator is lamenting about.


    Oh, Oh, I know this is last post I’ll see from the outraged Klan on this subject. Am I right , or am I right?

  8. No! No! I am really serious about this. I have heard so much about the new idealism using words such as “paradigm”, “thinking outside the box” etc etc, yet the only mode of operation in our country is to continue doing things the way our colonial masters showed us how. They taught us that only the privileged are authorised to have a say in important matters governing the country and we continue to do so. Our style has NEVER deviated, even though we are “independent”. We have encouraged a new brand of funding our politics by expecting “donors” to finance our campaigns. Could you expect good governance from a corrupt government funded by corrupt people? When we land in Piarco we continue to see signs that reminds us that there are big wigs in the country who are better than us with words like “VIP parking” “members only” etc. Why not use the word “restricted” and achieve the same purpose without offending the general public for not having the clout to be a “vip”? The same applies here, we appoint a Board that is full of people who have the same experience as Manning, dont you think that when they start to look at a problem they will approach it with the same twisted logic? Do you know why the jury system is a democratic institution that works? because it uses common simple folks to render a verdict on sometimes complicated theories. We need people who would have no “feelings” for what it is like to be a CEO, PM, PS, MD or anything like that to be part of the Integrity Commision because they will apply fairer principles to arrive at justifiable conclusions.

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