Celebrating the Life of Kenneth Valley

Kenneth Valley's Send-Off
Kenneth Valley’s Send-Off in pictures

Kenneth Cyril Valley – February 08, 1948 to May 06, 2011. Funeral Service at St. Finbar’s R.C. Church, Morne Coco Road Diego Martin on May 12, 2011


Ken Valley is Dead

May 06, 2011

Kenneth Valley
Kenneth Valley

Former government minister and People’s National Movement (PNM) stalwart, Kenneth Valley died this morning at 3:20 AM.

Mr. Valley was the former Minister of Trade and Industry), Minister in the Ministry of Finance and Leader of Government Business in the House of Representatives (2001 – November, 2007).

Speaking on the radio this morning, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar offered her condolences to the family of Mr Ken Valley. The PM reminisced about how she met and worked with Valley in parliament.

“Mr. Kenneth Valley first entered Parliament as an Opposition Senator in the 3rd Republican Parliament. Following the untimely death of Mr. Leo Des Vignes as a result of injuries sustained during the attempted coup of 1990, Mr. Valley contested and won the Diego Martin Central constituency in a bye-election. He would retain this seat throughout elections in 1991, 1995, 2000, 2001, and 2002. Mr. Valley served in a number of Ministerial capacities during that time including Minister of Local Government, Minister of Trade and Industry and Minister in the Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Valley chaired several Parliamentary Committees during his tenure in Parliament including the Public Accounts Committee (5th and 6th Parliaments) and the Joint Select Committee on legislation pertaining to bankruptcy and insolvency (8th Parliament).” ttparliament.org




I am sincerely saddened at the news of the passing of Kenneth Valley, which I received today as I was in the midst of my own early morning meditation in preparation for the day.

Mr. Valley passed away in the early hours of this morning; I am advised, after a long battle with cancer.

My sympathies go immediately to his family-his widow, children, grandchildren and all other relatives who, I am advised, had been in close, loving support of Ken during his long medical struggles before the end today.

That kind of care and attention can come only from a part of the heart which teaches us all so much about love for each other, and so clearly about the givers as well as the receiver.

Ken Valley was a notably worthy man.

In my own sense of ‘family’, I will always think of him as having been a Provider.

I remember him through our years, in and out of Parliament and politics, as being frank and fearless, mindful of his personal and professional integrity but in the long run always overwhelmingly concerned with the well-being of his fellow-citizens.

I recall how proud he was of being ‘a man of Central Trinidad who lived then and thereafter with his communal brothers and sisters of all races’; how dedicatedly he had studied in Canada to acquire his credentials; how open-mindedly he had worked as an insurance company executive back in Port of Spain; and how energetically he had entered into politics and served loyally, in Cabinet and in Opposition, grappling with the challenges of Finance, Trade, Industry or any other responsibilities to which his assignments took him.

His colleagues describe him appropriately as being a man of ‘good ken and commitment’.

His political party, the PNM, which he actively served in Opposition and Government from 1986-2007 as a Senator, Member of Parliament for Diego Martin Central and

Cabinet Minister, no doubt has lost a committed foot-soldier, but all of our indigenous politics is now deprived of an outspoken member who seemed always to be humbly and honestly led by both his conscience and his conscientiousness.

Again, my deepest regrets to Ken Valley’s family, friends and associates, and I pray that his soul will rest in the peace he worked so much to give to others, which he now so richly deserves.


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  1. He was a good man and compassionate man who helped a lot of people especially the needy. May he rest in peace.

  2. Gone but will not be forgotten, Mr. Valley was a peoples person, he did his best in helping people. R.I.P.

  3. Mr. Valley’s contribution to agencies such as Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company was instrumental. He will not be forgotten, and certainly will be missed.

  4. Rest in peace my brother, your contribution to Trinidad and tobago would always be remembered.

  5. Rest in peace. KCV. You were always an inspiration to me and many others.

  6. Rest in peace Ken. Balisier house will be “haunted” with your memory for a long time to come…

  7. One of the few PNM ministers whom I admired. A man of class who stood strong under pressure. May God bless his good deeds, and forgive his faults.May Allah forgive him of his sins and grant him jannah without any restriction…

  8. Rest in peace. Mr K C Valley. I will always remember you in my prays, may God”s blessing be with you always R I P.

  9. I hope Ken Valley’s family acknowledges ALL his children as he did and allow him to truly RIP …

    FORMER government minister and Member of Parliament (MP) for Diego Martin Central, Kenneth Cyril Valley has died. Valley, 63, died at his home in Glencoe at 3.20 am yesterday following a battle with colon cancer.

    Valley dies at 63
    Three months after he reached 63, Kenneth Valley, the man who called his leader Patrick Manning a dictator, has died.

    Kamla: He was frank, fearless

    Tributes pour in from political friends, opponents
    The death of Ken Valley is a great loss to the People’s National Movement (PNM), party leader Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday.

    Bas: He always did his thing well
    Whatever late PNM MP Ken Valley did, he always did well, according to former UNC leader Basdeo Panday.

    Manning: A modern stalwart of the PNM
    Former prime minister Patrick Manning says Ken Valley was one of the modern stalwarts of the People’s National Movement.

    ‘He played a pivotal role in the PNM’
    Former prime minister Patrick Manning said yesterday that Ken Valley played a pivotal role in the renewal of the People’s National Movement (PNM).

    Fuad Khan: He was a man of his word

    Moonilal remembers him fondly

    Saith: Valley a true patriot

    ‘He valued people more than money’

    An example to aspiring politicians—Browne

    ‘T&T has lost a powerful voice’
    Not just the People’s National Movement but the people of Trinidad and Tobago have lost a powerful voice in that of Ken Valley, Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary, Orville London, said yesterday.

    Salute to Valley

    Colon cancer rates high among men’s diseases
    According to the National Cancer Institute colon cancer is the third most common cancer in men.

  11. RIP Ken, your life was template of service to your country. Hope the younger generation use that as a model to emulate


  13. I have not one quadrillionth of a bit of an iota of condolence for Ken Valley. He, along with Patrick Manning, the PNM, Morris Marshall, et al, castrato-squealed to the T&T population, during the NAR administration, that they were, ‘selling out we nashanall patrimanny,’ and when they (PNM) got back in government after 1991, they proceeded to leave those ‘patrimanny’ policies in place!!!

    Lying like that, and then telling me about ‘condolences’ now fo he???

    Forket that!!!


  14. Tell em like it is Bacon172000, as the time for Trini revisionism is long gone.Was this fool not the one who claimed that “all ah we thief,” which is right up there with the stupid remarks of ego maniac, vindictive Dr Deffy Eric Williams, of “Money ain’t no problem,” and “if I put a crapuad in Lavantille , or Tobago, he will vote for me,” fame, yes? What to me is most despicable is having the likes of fake Afrikan , neo imperial leaders in my country,such as John D, Overand Padmore, Mayers, Cutty Joseph, Wendell Mottley ,Chambers,Hugh Francis,and similar others, who rode the backs of Black folks from 1956 to 2009, as they maintained a stranglehold on power. Via deliberate policies of neglect, and connivance, with cross racial cronies , they have all , astutely pushed the interest of maniacally competitive others , who today upon achieving power- under the guise of progressive inclusiveness-decides once more ,with the help of similar, nuvo rich ,self haters , willing and ready to help turn said loyal Africkans ,all into 5th class citizens , while blaming them ,for every failure , or atrocity ,our country has ever experienced since 1962. Let’s keep them honest. Ironies of ironies, and to your point Beacon. Today ,these same Manning led , PNM stooges ,are attempting to paint an obviously distorted picture of African victimizations, at the hands of their historically clannish / politically insular, Indo Trini counterparts,for doing what said leaders form and indentured ancestors ,have always done, which is look out for the ‘personal interest,’ of their own. Go figure! Yet some say that nation build is an easy exercise. May every creed and race , someday ideally find an equal place , at the hands of real leaders, devoid of tribal bones, or in contrast ,defeatist self hating idiot glands, hmmmmmmm?

  15. I wanted to note the passing of this man, whom I had once blasted for saying, in respect of Emancipation Day “I ent no African”. I have not regretted writing “In the Valley of the Mooks…” published on this page about seven years ago, but I have moved on. I am no longer angry about Afro-Caribbean denial. It was a suvival technique.necessary during colonial times,
    I want to note his passing by urging people to “eat right”. Cancer is a dis-ease of the well off. Very poor people rarely get cancer.
    So, what do poor peopl e do that their well off bretheren do not?
    They walk long distances.
    Vegetables are the main ingriedients in their diet.
    They eat rice, instead of Irish potatoes, and macaroni and cheese.
    They cannot afford pizza.
    They do not buy commercial fried chicken.
    They eat freshly made up instead of refrigerated foods.
    They eat very little fat in their diet.
    They eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juices laced with sugar.
    They grow a lot of what they eat.
    Fish is their main animal protien source.

    They carry very little body fat.
    Their medicines are herbs and plants.
    They completely burn up a meal, before eating another.

    The diets of Africans, in Africa; Italians in Italy, Greeks, Indians , Chinese and Thai people, in their home countries, follow these patterns.

    SiXty-three is not old, but a abused body Ages faster than a young one. Honor his memory by eating right AND SHARING THIS INFO WITH AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE.

    May his African ancestors and bretheren welcome him with open arms. “Son, you come already? Here is your place”.

  16. Bacon and Neal,

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME…..Not of us are perfect…..he was a mere man…..what have either of you done to improve the quality of life in TnT or reduce crime or promote participatory democracy and development in any way. Sitting on the sideline and levelling callous accusations doesn’t help TnT either. Furthermore, the man has died…if you have no respect for him at least respect his family in mourning. GOD BLESS YOU.

  17. Neal, the “All ah we tief” coment was made by Desmond Cartey, about 1984. Do not blame the man for thing he did not do or say. Mr. VAlley was at last six years away from being a minister of government.

  18. I add my voice to those who have expressed their condolences to the family of the late Kenneth Valley. Politically, it was a huge loss to the resurging PNM and I’m sure his loss will be a big blow to the party hierchy. His life was one in which very few of us have the opportunity to be of service to our countrymen and while it would be nice and courteous to speak graciously of his departure, it would be equally dishonest to say that he could have had a more profund impact on our lives if as most ‘Afro Saxons’ he did not suffer from self denial. Most of the ills being experienced by the youths of today can be traced to the lack of innovation and policies that Mr. Valley and members his leadership core failed to give proper credence to. His statement about emancipation is probably his most famous goof but it spoke volumes what happens to African leaders in Trinidad. Once they have reached the top, it becomes all about self, therein lies the problem with black leadership.

  19. The tendency of some members of your community Neal to throw a wide net of blame over everything PNM, meaning also everything of African-Trinidadian origins, disturbs one who knows that we emerged from being a colony to freedom under the PNM. When you call the founder of our nation “deffy Eric” you are no better than the Guardian Newspapers of his day, which, under white ownership, repeatedly referred to him as Monkey Eric. Ask any person whose mind is not yet gone, who is over seventy. We did not know then how racist this was, but it was.Just as the difficulty he encountered in getting his seminal study on the economics of slavery published in England, was racist. Britain had a long tradition of trying to keep the African scholar in a lowly position.(ANOTHER EXAMPLE:Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda left Nyasaland to study at age 13, and was never allowed to return while Malawi remained a colony.Mirian Makeba was banned from South Africa because her return could inflame the Africans. Educated Africans are dangerous.. The same Eric Williams banned Stokely Carmichael from coming home, as he was a dangerous American Revolutionary. He also banned his friend and mentor C.L.R. James) None of the archives of previous times called Sir Ralph James Woodford a crimminal, but he was recalled and tried for torture, the torture of a 13 year old girl of mixed descent.Decent Brits insisted on it.

    Your broad brush strokes of blame are inconsistent with truth.

    To call a person”deffy” is as much of a putdown as calling a person who lost a leg in an accident “Crip”. It is a level of mind-numbing ignorance that only psuedo-educated people in Trinidad and Tobago seem capable of.I have about four friends who now wear hearing aids. I would never dream of seeing something derogatory in that.

    1. It was the great Abe Lincoln who once famously said, “I do not care what my grandfather was , I am more concern about what his Grandson is going to be.” I like that folks. Let me translate it as far as Trinidad and Tobago, for the edification of the mentally challenged.
      I don’t care if you got us Independence form the conniving Brits in 1962 Dr Eric. Due to your ego , and arrogance ,you have used , neglected , and failed your people immensely by any assessment.
      I could care less if you help Caroni workers, and Indo Trins across the nation, get respectability , via repeated pay raises , and feelings of nostalgia about their South Asian roots , Uncle Basdeo. You too have done a shoddy job , when it came to the plight of the poor no only in your community , but the people of the nation as a whole , who you had an obligation to serve as a national political leader.
      Don’t care if you were able to move from a bare feet kid from poverty enclaves of Charlottville, to become PM , and President of your country Mr Robinson. The pathetic plight of the people of Tobago lies squarely on your conscience, as you’ve repeatedly used them with fake threats of secessions , to advance your career , and vast fortunes in Trinidad.
      Spare me the details of your sterling 40 year service, starting as a 24 year old UWI geologist, to become the longest serving Commonwealth Parliamentarian , and PM of your country, Mr Manning.Our country can be viewed as the worst in the Caribbean , based on our vast resources, as you wasted too much time in appeasing cronies, practices of nepotism , and over ambitious attempts to wear the shoes of your life time mentor Dr Eric. If you had any decency, you would now put your tail between your legs like a Grande Zandolee, and slitter away back to San Fernando, then pray that Queen K ,let sleeping dogs lie , and not push for some long over due ,persecution for your despicable political stewardship, while blatantly cuddling criminals .
      So now I am being chastised for being insensitive to the hearing challenged folks, because I refer to your Father of the Nation Dr Eric as Deffy Eric, huh Madame L? I know why you can do that because you were never a 16 year old kid living on the island ward of Tobago, who happen to see your only Guardian, and loving Grandmom die of cancer at home, because there was no hospital of worth on the island. Worst yet , I cannot like you and other immoral creatures , choose to become outraged only today, because two English folks were almost chopped to death in Tobago, but could not get the service they deserve , because a working hospital is still lacking in the smaller , insignificant island, of the richest English speaking country in the Caribbean.
      In the future , you might want me perhaps to be likewise magnanimous ,to Manning and Basdeo, if the former should die from a doctors scalpel, in a Cuban hospital , or the latter , from a clogged artery,caused perhaps from sclerosis of the liver , in a similar facility in Scotland or Miami, since none wish to be found dead in a T&T hospital.
      This is not the way yours truly operates my friends. I have no concern for yours , or any other fake heroes , whether they live in Lagos, Harare, San Fernando, Siparia, Mason Hall , Diego Martin ,or Caroni.
      Just talk to be about the beautiful people of Trinidad and Tobago, that have all suffered irreparably, at the hands of self serving, cross racial elites . Unlike some ,I did not have to learn about my country by reading Hansard records ,during the glory Eric Williams , Kamal Mohammed, Errol Mahabir , John O’Halloran era,but lived through it all.
      Hopefully, very soon, I will be able to convince similarly outraged, Ria, that I am committed enough, to do something that can help make my underachieving country better. Where are the wonderful patriots we ask? Yes , they are busy like Madame L , trying to build the USA , and other Industrial North countries greater, while preaching revisionism , and making apologies along with her pal Ria for country haters , who pretends to be servants of the people. Yet some still think that nation building is an easy exercise , hmmmmmm? Tell dem , that’s a fallacy.

    2. “The tendency of some members of your community Neal to throw a wide net of blame over everything PNM, meaning also everything of African-Trinidadian origins, disturbs one who knows that we emerged from being a colony to freedom under the PNM.”

      SO..we are free now …are we?
      AND finally a confession! Everything PNM =Everything African. And that my friend,is one of the major problems in T&T.
      The truth is unfolding as it should from the poisonous keyboard of one so wise.

  20. ‘Ria’:

    You take that god-bless-you sith and shove it up the PNM and Basdeo Panday’s friends’ and allies’ -the criminals and murderers, Abu Bakr and The Muslimeem- rasses!!!

    I don’t want or need your religious platitudes!


  21. SESAME GORDON, Do NOT speak of things you know not of, lack of class? Class cannot be bought and reside only in those who are HONEST and walk in TRUTH! True class is being big enough to acknowledge and accept WHAT IS, not camouflaging and being continuously spun in a fantasy because you are not evolved enough to accept it … A still tongue and a wise head … try practising this!

  22. Neal and Tman need to realize that I helped build Trinidad and Tobago first.My family’s been doing that since 1815. Educator, human resources manager and prolific writer on women’s issues. Later, I volunteered to run education programs for underpriviledged kids at my own cost, in TNT and did two such programs, fighting the system all the way.
    Its just that some more developed countries have the capacity to recognize a gem when they see it, and treasure it in ways that others don’t. Funny, no one ever asked me, in the US which Edwards I am related to, or who my husband’s people are. These questions are of major importance in the “meritocracy” we call TnT. So, yes, I am free. I took my education and walked. I did not spit on my homeland, and I do not badtalk it to others. And as for who was my father? I finally crafted a cute answer “He was a lowly country farmer, you would not have known him”. One can help run a country from a distance, where power failures, water shortages and the absence of a police car or an ambulance, in an emergency, will not affect the quality of one’s life, and where unlimited internet access is less than $40.00 a month. My nephew, in TnT, paid for access at $500.00 a month, for a line that did not work, and he could not cease paying, as he would have lost the line completely. Guess where he is now? Taking the Medical Boards in London, migrated there.Sando as a primitive hospital, finally got to him. He grew up abroad, and came to TnT fired up to do some good. HHMMM. Caring, from a distance.

  23. For the record Madame L,I am aware that you adore your wonderful country, and remained a true patriot , even as you traverse the globe, doing the numerous wonderful deeds you never fail to enlighten us about. My sincere apologies , if any of my comments – though often laced with my brand of light hearted ,sometimes acidic humor – suggested otherwise.Stay strong.

  24. The new picture of Mr. Valley, posted as they made room for the Mary King news, shows him with a bluetooth attached to his ear. This piece of equipment can trigger cancers. I got one with my first Razr phone five years ago, used it for a week and put it aside,my ear was constantly ringing and I think I may have sounded like a mad person, taking to the air as it were. Eventually, I gave it away. My new celphone remains on speaker phone all the time, and I talk holding it in my hand, or with it sitting on the table in front of me. It does not touch my ear. The jury is not in on cellphones yet. Granted they are almost indisensable, but they are not generally regarded as safe.

    Young people should be encouraged to take those things out of their ears.No point eating healthy and poisoning yourself with carinogenic equipment. Incidentally, those disputing the effects of electronic bombardment should researh the caus eof death of American and Russian astronauts. The rate of cancer is astonishing.

  25. Madame L, when some day , when you are lucky to see your blue eyed , pie in the sky ,white god , who art in heaven , you can thank him that you were not born an ‘Afrikan male ,’ not only in your luving Huston Texas , but any other of the other 49 states across America.
    Getting cancer , is the least concern for any Afrikan driving phone user , who are daily harassed ,murdered, jailed , and demonized ,at every opportunity by dominant majority , European race mongrels , in your adopted country, away from the dreaded T&T.
    Now that you are finally about to suspend this Valley Sainthood petition to the Vatican pro Nazi , German Pope, let us begin a dialogue about the despicable , poverty stricken state of Africans , and Indians , in our country at the hands of self serving leaders from both the PNM , and alleged rivals from the ULF/ UNC/ Club 88/COP/ pp political concoctions, yes?
    Here is when we will stop , so as to engage in irrelevant distractions ,such as cancerous blue tooth technology- when you can pinpoint a homeless Trini that happens to be , Syrian, Lebanese, French Creole,and Chinese,or better yet , when Madame King , Panday, or Manning begin to do any jail time for economic impropriety while holding power in our beautiful country, hmmmmm?

  26. Neal, I am sick an tired of your narrow focus on me. It reminds me of a man who was once quite antagonistic to me with no reason. One day, I asked him why. His reply was that he would like to f–k me into submission, so I will focus on woman things and not ideas. He was an African American MAle, bruised and bloodied by service in Vietnm. You are so like him.
    My God does not have blue eyes. I am made in her image, and my eyes are brown, so is my skin. She is tall, beautiful, vibrant a thinker.I am her seed and her child. So get off me, figuratively. Find something else for your petty mind to focus on. I do good for my countries every day that I walk this earth.

  27. Senators pay tribute to Valley
    An unusually lengthy tribute was paid to deceased MP Ken Valley, in the Senate on Tuesday, by the People’s Partnership Government because he was a son of the sugar belt, Subhas Panday, Minister in the Ministry of National Security, said.

  28. Farewell Valley
    KEN VALLEY lived in a one-room shack as a child and never went to secondary school, but by hard work became a popular politician and an author of Trinidad and Tobago’s trade policy, mourners learnt yesterday at his funeral at a packed St Finbar’s RC Church, Diego Martin.

    MPs in unity at Valley’s funeral
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and members of her Government and Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley and his MPs sat together for Ken Valley’s funeral service at the St Finbar’s RC Church, Diego Martin, yesterday.

    …Cabinet takes break for Valley’s funeral

    …’A life well lived’
    Ken Valley laid to rest

    Family mourns ‘inspirational’ man
    FORMER trade minister Ken Valley came from humble roots and had a life “well lived in service of country”, said his brother Dr Clinton Valley.

  29. House mourns Valley
    THE LOWER House yesterday marked a minute of silence to mourn the passing of former Diego Martin Central MP, Ken Valley.

    …Ex-PNM leader: T&T has lost a great warrior
    While his relationship with late PNM MP Ken Valley “was not always smooth,” former PNM leader Patrick Manning has said he could have relied on Valley.

    …Ex-PM has no regrets about rejecting Valley
    In paying tribute to former minister Ken Valley in the House of Representatives yesterday, this was how former prime minister Patrick Manning sought to justify his decision to reject Valley as a candidate in the 2007 elections. Valley died last week and was cremated on Thursday.

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