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Re: Israeli in court for stealing Govt stamp

Linda Edwards is absolutely right in her accessment of this foreigner. He CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY DUMB, because he ain't. He is fully well aware of WHY HE CAME HERE. He's no fool and we should not treat him as such. These foreigners from tel aviv are HIGHLY trained individuals. This one just got sloppy. Maybe it was the Soca and the coonoo moonoo way Trinadadians have when they see foreigners, going all weak at the knees. Let me qualify that, when they see WHITE foreigners.
Sometime ago I said WE as a nation have got to put aside were we come from and begin to think were WE ARE. The differences in T'dad & the rest of the Indies is a really beautiful thing, but there is a time and place.
When the bombs were planted in P.O.S those that did it did'nt care about the Rozak, Chinese peasants, or slaves etc. The intention was to USE the already Divisiveness present.
In Kenya a couple of years ago, the world discovered that there was an EXCLUSIVE "holiday camp" for white israelis ONLY. These people hate Blacks, don't want them israel, but there they were. Bombs went off in the capital of that country, who gets the blame??? Pick any Arab.
In 1999, a group of Black Israelis had to enter a competion in Europe, just so the world would know that they were denied citizenship and the right to call themselves Israelis. Yet this foreigner EXPECTS to be treated like some lost relative.
If we are to be RESPECTED, then treat this matter MOST SERIOUSLY,because he and his would laught at how stupid the "blakes" are. Cast a causual glance of the way they continue to treat Blacks, Indians,and non-whites.

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