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Re: New Orleans Unmasks 'Apartheid, American Style

All of that research to prove nothing! The fact of the matter still remains. There was enough time to get away if anyone wanted to besides the sick, elderly and the children. If you don't hear you will feel! White America or Whites worldwide didn't create Katrina, nor did they make the people of New Orleans to stay. Talk about keeping it real! Now the supposed victims are getting money for homes many didn't own. When will intelligent people stop depending on race to validate every failure to do the right things? When we do poorly in school, it's " ebonics, or massa's failure to understand being six or seven genrations removed from slavery in today's society". No job? Must be because in this global market society we lack the resources, brainpower or exposure to negotiate viable business deals with others who are looking for services that we are capable of providing, or goods that we can produce. It's all bull and whats worse is that in most cases we believe that we can't make it without our massa's guidence and we don't try because not only are we expected to fail, but we expect to fail almost as if we hope to fail only to say," I told you so!". "massa will never let us get ahead" is what we preach. Well I'm saying clear your own path and stop behaving like some hopeless and helpless niggas when you/ we can do anything we put our minds to without his help. People do far mor with far less. Look at Cuba. They have Cuban doctors, and engineers, etc.. and you still see them holding their heads up high even though massa turned his back on them after he couldn't exploit them thanks to Fidel Castro. People ine New orleans have far mor economic potential to change their lives and didn't.

The poor in The United States for the most part choose without protest to be poor, ignorant and pacified. Even though in capitalism there is and always will be a group thats on the bottem and a group thats always on the top, it doesn't mean that a person has to remain there for life. Stop Crying about Racism and get strong.

Power To The People!

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