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Re: Hurricane Katrina Exposes Racism And Inequalit

The people who were left behined except for the old, sick, and children were just too neglegent to heed the warnings. Economics had little to do with anything. If a person is healthy enough to walk, then a person is healthy enough to get away. I don't understand and maybe someone can help me, but why would poor people stay in a poor situation in a free country with vast amounts of opportunitties? People come from all over the world to better their situations here in the U.S., and people born here don't want to rise frome the ashes? Well I for one could dare less. If you don't hear, then you will feel! If you make your bed rough, then you must lie in it! My favorite for this situation is an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

As far as the sick, elderly, or young children whose only mistake in life was to be born to some ignorant parents, you have my heart. Afterall, even in the worst case situation, surly you thought in the land of the free and home of the brave that Uncle Sam would take care of your wounds with haste. Sam loves and protects his own. I mean he has to especially after we let him blow our hard earned tax revenue in Iraq and Afghanistan on some people who hate us any way in which we will never meet. Sam would come to our aid wouldn't he? The answer is heck no! Why, because it would be to much like doing something to improve the lives of "the already no problems place, money growing on trees," United States. I didn't send money to Sunami Victims, and I won't send my money to a bunch of careless and irresponsible people who decided to make that state their home. Next thing you know, people will be asking for money to purchase snow mobiles and fur coats to live n antartica.

To the government, take care of your own before spending billions somewhere else, and to lazy shiftless tax leeches, go somewhere else and die because your costing me too much money here!

Lower gas prices is another thing the government should do. Many people don't realize, but the U.S. could easily have gas prices lowered simply by using their own supply long enough to bankrupt OPEC. The U.S. has the largest reserves of oil and yet the average consumer can barely afford to drive to work. What do they want to see us huddled together on busses with peole coughing all over us and getting blown up together on the streets of our major cities just to justify the war on terrorism? Looks like it too me. Boarders are broken, peoaple can't afford to not take public transportation, and there is a large population of unidentifiable people who hate this nation who just might be within striking distance all the while a president with a huge connection between big oil and terrorist? HMMMM! The hole thing makes me sick. I don't want to see any CNN,MSNBC,ABC,BET, etc....except ESPN. Sports outside of MLB and cycling seem to be the only things on that are halfway honest.

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