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Remember the FIRST Sept 11th
Posted: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

THE EDITOR: September 11 marks a profoundly tragic event in world history. On this fateful day and in the coming years, thousands of lives were lost or permanently destroyed. So many people were disappeared, to date unaccounted for. The events of that day so many years ago continue to affect the lives of countless people and societies to this very day.

Now I am referring to the removal of a democratically elected government in Chile in a very bloody coup that was financed and supported by the United States in 1973. If the only September 11 you were thinking about was the no less horrific event in New York in 2001, you’re probably only been fed news, history and their analyses from only one perspective.

Now that’s bad enough if one is an ordinary person like myself. But far too many products of our university, some of whom are radio talk show hosts and newspaper columnists, possess the same mindset. You would think that they’d know better; that they would publicly note the parallels and connect the dots from certain historic events to the upheavals we see now. You would have hoped that they at least could remember that this is a country with a very long history of being fed propaganda – first to aid king and country in expanding the Empire, then to support Washington during the Cold War to….well…expand its empire. As such, we should be extremely critical in our examinations of the narratives we are told to accept, particularly now as yet again we learn of “existential” threats from elements that were products and once allies of the same people who now churn out those narratives.

On dates like September 11 let us mourn the senseless loss of lives and condemn those who kill using their version of god or ideology as a cover. But Republic Day is approaching and not a lot of people fully understand what that means. Let us put a stop to others using us as “useful fools," to borrow a Russian term, to further interests that are not necessarily our interests.

Corey Gilkes
La Romaine

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