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Politics Takes Precedence Over Constitutionality
Posted: Monday, February 15, 2010

By Stephen Kangal
February 14, 2010

It is pathetic to see an ageing captain who publicly boasted about his immortal invincibility to navigate the turbulent waters of the legitimacy of politics for forty years now seeking refuge by invoking the illegitimacy of constitutionality to shore up and salvage his all but sunken and ship-wrecked political career. He confessed that politicians have a limited shelf-life before becoming damaged/expired goods.

This erstwhile high priest of the Central heartland is insensitive to his perverted political morals and deception-based legacy that he is inflicting on the young and upcoming new breed of political "successionists".

Clutching to the post of Leader of the Opposition in the face of the political meltdown that was inflicted on him and his cabal by Kamlamania, on the basis of its "alleged constitutionality" is to ignore conveniently the political legitimacy of the claim of the victorious to assume the spoils of the vanquished. This is first and foremost a flagrant violation of the will of all the people- not exclusively the UNC membership. It constitutes also a continuing total embarrassment, shame and scandal to the Indians of this country who virtually worshipped this neemakharam. He previously got away unscathed with this incivility in 2005.

Can the dissident MP's who are propping up this relic of our political past not appreciate the bigger picture? Don't they see that they are endangering their own selfish future political careers? Must they go down with Jim Jones as a legacy of their karma?

I disagree with former Senator Lyndira Oudit in readily agreeing to her senatorial dismissal by Panday. She defeated Senator Wade Mark for the post of Deputy Political Leader. She has galvanised more political legitimacy than any of the current UNC senators. Lyndira, a rising bright star in the political firmament should have been untouched above comic Adesh Nanan, "writing for his supper" Rahaman and grasshopper Sharon McNichols. Which elections did they win Mr. Panday?

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