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Re: Aloes rejects 'race' song
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What was the Susan Francois fiasco? I have not heard or seen the full song, but from the lyrics posted, nothing speaks to Susan Franciois or the Section 34 issue, both of which had nothing to do with falsifying academic papers, as Bodyguard is dealing with in the song. So apart from the Reshmi Ramnarine issue, i cannot see how the song conjures up thoughts of those other things. Even, to conjure up thoughts of issues is not enough: where is the creativity, where is the analysis or point making to help persons work through some issue?

Others may find that the song is impressive, and strong, but i am speaking from my position. It does not resonate with me.

Bodyguard says that 'one setta Indian people get caught' for falsifying academic qualifications. Later on he asks: "So you tell me, how so much Indian people get caught? Wid false papers". The number of Indians that got caught with false papers in public office during the present regime is about four. The practice, i suspect, is far more rampant, and not only amongst Indians. Bodyguard's artistic license concerning the number of Indians caught is understandable, but there is another issue. If he is trying to play the numbers game regarding these issues, his critics can point out the high number of Africans involved in wrong doing. Without addressing history and a broader dialogue on race, such racial tallying is counter productive to addressing issues of race and racism.

The song does not advance the dialogue on race and racism in any meaningful way, nor does it provide any strong challenge to Sat Marahaj. It is not particularly creative in putting forward the issue either. It is for these reasons that the song is WEAK to me. I would like to see Calypsonians be more informed and historically aware, and address issues of race and social ills outside of the typical narrow political and race divide. Then perhaps they can challenge Sat or political mis-leaders in a powerful manner.

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Re: Aloes rejects 'race' song
Re: Aloes rejects 'race' song
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