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Re: UNC trying to frame UNC?
In Response To: UNC trying to frame UNC? ()

This story is not only fishy but it is also funny. In the first place, this so-called "PNM" person will have to be one of the people that planted the items no? oh no, he or she was just overlooking the whole thing right? or let me guess again, why did the "PNM" person with as much details go to a "UNC MP" instead of finding another means of bringing this so-called news forward.
As for the name of all the UNC MP's that he mentioned, since he knew so much, why did he not tell the press exactly what the plot is for the rest of them. Well, the person seemed to have all the details, correct? so then why stop short. Knew what was about to happen at B**** place. UNC MP's need to come forward with their greviences to the general public. Don't sit and wait until the law comes knocking. Remember, what goes in the mouth must come out the butt so you all have a choice i.e. follow the leader or your conscience. PNM will not put a missile in UNC business, the tension is so much between the two that the missile will go off in mid-air.
Stop the lies and the sickening "SOAP OPERA" please, you all are making my country look bad and you are looking bad along with it.
T&T must look at everything that UNC predict as their "CONFESSION". Instead of trying to frame someone else for what is, try coming forward with a confession of what really is before it is really too late. After all you all had a piece of the PIE, no?

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Re: UNC trying to frame UNC?
Re: UNC trying to frame UNC?
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