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UNC trying to frame UNC?
In Response To: UNC power hungry ()

The 'informant' with very accurate details seems like the very person who placed the objects where they were found.

I doubt that there are corrupt PNM members and corrupt police officers who would be willing to part with 1.5 million dollars so easily but given the extent of the corruption during the UNC tenure and the type of financial investors who threw millions into their party, I suspect that they have quite a few millionaires now who can easily part with that figure.

This looks more like UNC trying to frame UNC. It makes no sense for PNM to be engaged in such activities especially at a time when the polls have them way ahead.

The idea that PNM might have done this to block Baksh from attending parliament when it is called does not make sense. Even if he is arrested, he would be out on bail and this does not block him from attending parliament. His argument about being framed is sure to qualify him for bail.

I am not putting it past any political party to be engaged in mischief making, but when Mr Panday said that they knew of these plots days ago and had a reliable informant, then he should have taken it to the police. (Panday's famous statement)

This is nothing more that UNC trying to give their fanatical supporters the impression that the party is under attack. This is also another sinister attempt to frustrate the police investigations into reports that several senior UNC members were/are involved in drug trafficking apart from the ongoing corruption investigations.

Come on, what would be the use of planting drugs and missiles in his water tank except to show that someone was trying to frame him, which only benefits UNC.

I believe most people can see through this charade.

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