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In Response To: MANNING MUST GO!!!!! ()

I am certainly no fan of this Prime Minister and can fine many more useful words to describe his character. Insecurity reigns supreme, although I know not why since he has ruled for a long time and should have no fear of being replaced anytime soon unless his pacemaker malfunctions when he is posturing in Parliament before the gullible media entourage, or one of his many foreign Cuban doctors makes some mistake on his frequent checkups.
The fundamental question for you Ms. Keisha is what do you see as the alternative and what caused someone- who in your opinion is- as incompetent as Manning to be in power for so long? If you think hard enough, you will figure it out. Trinidad and Tobago have been done a grave disservice for being subjected to one of the most useless, vindictive and corrupt opposition the Caribbean and world have ever seen.

They have done more to destroy the credibility of the house and mislead gullible minds of others like yourself and parents that itís a downright shame. Since Shah was thrown out from the party by the self made dictator years ago, not a single piece of sensible legislation was introduced with some merit or devoid of some racial connotation. 101 Political science classes taught be years ago that a politician has several obligations. They are, to the party, nation, and self. You decide what dictated behavior over the years. Horses before houses-as if they cared , refugee status, national award, Piarco gate, Chief Justice gate and recently computer gate are some of its leader foibles over the years perhaps before you were born.

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