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I want to let people decided if Mr. Maning is the kind of person we want running the P.N.M, remember when manning said the reason he give Moris Marchel three days to solve the water problem in Trinidad and Tobago even though Maing knew moris Marshel was sick at the time, Mr Morrie Marshel subsequently died, Mr Manning said on National Media he did that because Marshel dared to talk back to him in caninet, remember how he got rid of nello Mitchel when nello dare to contest the position of general sect. of the party even in spite of Manning trying his best to stop him, remember how Minister Knowlson Gift resigned because Manning got jelous of him being praised by foreign governmrnts, remember how manning fired Mr. Ralph Maharaj by fax because he was against mr. maraj sister (house Speaker Occa Seepaul ) remember how manning called a limited state of emergency and placed occa seepaul under house arrest, remember how manning refused to call a state of emergency to stop crime in the country , now everyone knows that Maning is afraid of Dr. Keith Rowley so he looked for an excuse to remove him and anyone who is perceived to be a rowley supporter, today people in the P.N.M are now realising what Ken Valley said is true, they are seeing manning for what he is, but still many are afraid to talk out because maning is a vindictive man and wil cause them to be fired or victimised, today i call on all members of the P.N.M to wake up and remove that budding dictator called manning, its time he be sent home for disorderly conduct( lying to the public and for not wanting to remove his friend caulder hart from pillaging the countrys money, if you dont agree with me say so but if you do agree with me then send this to all your friends in trinidad and tobago and mrembers of the P.N.M, because if we allow maning to continue he would become just like castro or chavez.

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