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The Privileged Class.

The level of escalating crime in Trinidad and Tobago and the diminishing quality of life for those socially and intellectually imprisoned amidst rapidly increasing National resources gives cause for alarm.

I sense that the basic principles embraced by our leaders prior to and continuing since Independence may be the pivitol component that has created the rot in the fabric of our national character.

While religion has always been a compelling element that advocated obedience and subservience to a higher order, our unique racial, social and economic composition would suggest that the Westminister Parliamentary system should not have been pursued at that time. Take heed, democracy cannot be transferred, it has to evolve. When transference and imposition occurs, situations similar to present-day Iraq usually occur.

I will cite three countries where the the Westminister Parliamentary system is in various stages of development. New Zealand, Singapore and Banglasesh the infant of the three. I chose this path to suggest a commonality among them and that is their racial make-up.

Trinidad and Tobago is not so endowed. We have to deal with the mentality of slavery and indentureship following in the footsteps of our previous absolute masters. We have to deal with a period of social and political evolution, coupled with the combustible element fostered by politics in race relations and finally the ongoing crisis as a result of an emergence of no widespread intellectulism across the entire society.

In fact, I believe that we lack a sense of National purpose and identity. The co-opiate of maximum leadership in governance adds to the already existence of unquestionable obedience. We are burdened by so many compelling Gods that a nation such as our's is yet to prioritise its allegience.
Perhaps we never will.

Are we a Nation of substance or are we on the Periphery? Will we continue to be the genius of mimicry whose fault continues to be one of making the wrong choices or is it that the prevailing national politics mandates this course of action for political dominance? I won't try to proffer an observation.

Having volunteered this personal perception, note that I have not volunteered names or political parties. If I should be kidnapped, I have advised my family members to not pay one thin penny for my release as I will be among the highest and most effective leadership in the existing and previous Governments. And if I should die in the process, we all die at some point in time and that it was my time to go. And if our home becomes a target for fire bombing, please note that a family with young children reside on the lower level, as if this really matters.

Civility continues to be the missing link in our materialistic existence and the only hope for us is that people of goodwill will emerge from among the sea of our general population. if we do not do it, prayer will not do it for us as we are all in this together.I hope that the above will be viewed as my practical contribution to a safer and saner New (2007) Year.

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The Privileged Class.
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