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When Governments Fail To Provide Moral Leadership.

We reside in a Country where the attention span of the average adult does not exceed 168 hours (1 week).
Certainly, there was the public outcry by some at the heinous murder of Sean Luke. They have now dried their tears and moved on to other more important matters, or so it would seem. In fact, the Sean Luke incident was preceeded by the rape trial in which a man raped a 14 year old female and in the process used a cutlass to open her vagina because he was experiencing difficulty in gaining penetration. These are not laughable matters and I can assure you that this incident too had its moment in the sun.

I would suggest that they are both being stored in the political archives of our political consciousness. And this begs the question, is anyone or anything held accountable for the degeneration of our moral and social fabric that lends its self to such filth?

There are times when we suggest "role models" perhaps as an anecdotal remedy because in truth and in fact we expect others to fill that particular role. Having said that, I believe that in our society the national example of morality must come from the top and it is sad to say that this element has been rare since we gained our Independenc in 1962.

Our standard of National morality is actually sanitized filth. It wears many garments. It comes in legislation, hiring practices, education, housing, race relations, religion, etc, etc, yes! it is woven into our national fabric and what are our leaders doing about it? I believe that some day it will happen, perhaps not tomorrow or tomorrow's tomorrow, but some day this nation of dysfunctional predators will realize that we are really each other's brothers.And until then it is bacchanal as usual.

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When Governments Fail To Provide Moral Leadership.
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