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Re: Let Them Eat Bake
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While I appreciate the feedback and respect your view, history has thought us that faith without action is a recipe for prolonged suffering and continued deprivation. The annals of history are replete with examples of Christians preaching the word of "God" while committing the vilest atrocities as they give thanks. Christopher Columbus and all those who came after him were staunch Christians who thought nothing of annihilating indigenous people by the millions wherever they encountered them. Deprived of their land, their natural resources and violated in unspeakable ways, they were left believing that all will be well in the sweet bye and bye.

It was not the slave owners belief in the afterlife that broke the back of African slavery nor was it the fear of eternal damnation that reversed the cruel apartheid policies of the South Africans. It was not, Gandhi’s unbending faith that gained independence for India nor was it a sudden love for humanity that pricked the social consciences of oppressors and forced them to remove their feet from the necks of subjugated people all over the world. It was people’s determination to rid themselves of racists and parasites that secured their liberation. It will therefore require a willingness on the part of the oppressed to sacrifice and to demand a share in the wealth that is generated in the country, if the condition of poverty is be alleviated. To sit back and wait for God is a slow and tedious exercise in futility.

You stated it clearly, “there seems to be a lack of genuine concern and compassion for their fellow citizens. There also abides a selfish greed that has no limits.” That is and has always been the nature of the beast? To expect sudden and overwhelming compassion is delusional. While we wait for God to pass judgment on the infidels, our children dwell in poverty like if it is a natural condition and our burden to carry. On the other hand, they and theirs prosper and grow from strength to strength the more they inflict pain and suffering of the masses. I believe that Christianity was one of the main reasons why slavery lasted as long as it did. It pacified and made us believe that one great day we will be compensated for our suffering. All we have to do is to wait and God will put a hand. How much longer must we wait after we have already waited for more than 2000 years?

The problem lies not in the work of God but in the deeds of man. It is unfair economic policies and artificial constructs that prolong human suffering. By failing to organize and demand a share in the country’s resources, we are contributing to our own wretchedness and that of our progeny. The bible tells us to give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar and unto God the things that are God’s. If Caesar was of this world and he had entitlements, it follows that we too should be entitled. One thing I can assure you is that we will never get ours on earth unless we demand it. If in fact, there is a God, and he made the earth with everything on it, then some of that belongs to us. Why then is it concentrated in the hands of a few? Until the Day of Judgment comes, we must insist that we receive our share on earth. On that faithful day, it will be better to say, “No thanks, I already had my share on earth,” than to come to the realization that there was never anything there for us in the first place. As members of the human family, we too have a right to live in some degree of comfort and to share in the country’s resources while we are still recognizable as some of God’s creations.

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