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Tabernathe Iboga *LINK*

The Tabernathe iboga, a plant from the dense, equatorial forests of Central Africa, has been known to 'Pygmy' (TWA) nomads of the region since the dawn of time. They passed knowledge of it on to the Mitsogho, who created the Bwiti religion. The Mitsogho then passed this knowledge on to the Fang peoples from the semi-arid north. The Fang peoples, widely Christianised, spread the Bwiti religion extensively throughout the area, bringing together diverse ethnological groups in the process.

When one understands the neurological effects of Ibogaine, and also that, traditionally, psychological disorders have been regarded in Africa as the result of demonic possession or bewitchment, it becomes increasingly clear how adoption of the Bwiti religion by indigenous peoples of the area had the effect of reducing the belief in witchcraft.

And now we in the West have the opportunity to adapt this thousand year old knowledge to treat ailments affecting our own culture.

Repairing the chain

More than just a new detox system, more than something to bring about spiritual and psychological transformation, Eboga represents a way of healing the illnessess of the present by re-connecting the sufferer to the knowledge ever-present in our past. This is given to us by a people we have persecuted and demonised over the centuries - a gesture showing their immense devotion to the future of humanity.

And in the hope that we will finally realise just how much we still have to learn.

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