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Koury went to Colombia
In Response To: Koury's Body Found ()

Cops probe Egypt-trained Muslims, drugs and want to know why
Koury went to Colombia
... $50 worth of plastic bags, but panic prevents body from being cut into pieces; Rahael's nephew head dumped behind Gulf City October 02, 2005

WHY did murdered businessman Dr. Eddie Koury travel to Colombia?

This is what local cops investigating his murder would like to find out.

And the cops are also reportedly probing a link with fundamental Muslims trained in Egypt.

Investigations have reportedly revealed that Koury, the nephew of Health Minister John Rahael, only returned from the cocaine capital of the world two weeks before he was “kidnapped” from his business- place, ISKO Ltd. at Macoya, Tunapuna and cruelly murdered.

However, investigators have not confirmed whether Koury went to Colombia for drug dealing.

“It may have been on legitimate business,” said a police source.

“After all, he was a wealthy businessman involved in the import-export trade.

“So we are still investigating.”

Koury was stabbed and when his body was found a few days later at Caparo, it was minus its head.

Sources told TnT Mirror that Koury's head may have been dumped somewhere in the Gulf City area, in a swamp.

“In fact, we have been told it was dumped in that area,” said a police source.

“So it is just a question of finding it, if that is still possible.”

The source added: “The aim was to cut up the body into parts and dumps them in various places.

“Fifty dollars worth of plastic bags had already been purchased to put the pieces of his body into for dumping.

“However, some panic may have taken place and only the head was cut off and dumped in the Gulf City area, while the rest of his body was dumped in central.”

The senior police source added: “But there are still many missing pieces to the murder.

“Yes, two men have been charged, but we still have a lot of investigating to do.

“Something just doesn't add up.

“In fact, our information is that the decapitation of Koury's body was never part of the plans for him.

“And we don't fully understand the Egypt fundamentalist Muslim link.

“Who did he really meet in Colombia?”

The source added: “Yes, we are also hearing about Koury having links about drugs Down the Islands, but that is still under probe.

“That Monos Islands drugs belonged to the Colombians and we also know that when it was seized the businessmen no longer wanted to pay for it, so we are also looking at that.”

The police source confirmed that a female had tipped them off to give them the first break in the case.

And that another youth was promised a trip to Egypt, to be trained in Islam.

Meanwhile, other underworld sources are also talking about a counterfeit dollars link.

“But the Syrian community is so closed-knit that it is difficult to get anything out of them,” the source added.

“We are also aware that Koury had plenty money so we don't understand the counterfeit link.

“No one is talking.

“Koury's death has left more questions than answers.”

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