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My sentiments exactly. It's not Trinidad that nees shutting down, it's that high class criminal group that exist with impunity courtesy the government and law enforcement agencies. Here are a few peculiarities I found with Koury's murder...

Peculiarity 1) If I were a kidnapper bent on receiving some kind of monetary compensation in exchange for the safe return of my intended victim, why would I stab him several times during the attempted kidnapping? Surely it doesn't take a genius to figure out that a dead victim will be of no use to him?

Peculiarity 2) This is an extension of peculiarity number 1. If the men were armed with guns, why did they have to stab Dr. Koury several times to gain his co-operation? Not only that, but it was not one or two men, it was five men. Even if one of the men stood guard couldn't four men subdue one man without stabbing him several times?

Peculiarity 3) The taxi driver whom the five men hijacked in order to use his car is still alive! What that translates to is we are not looking at 5 cold blooded murderers who were just simply out to kill any and everyone that day. They had an intended target and that target was specifically Koury. Thus, this is no way a random crime.

Peculiarity 4) Even if one wanted to insist that this was a random kidnapping and the kidnappers only stabbed Dr. Koury because he resisted then why did they see the need to be-head him? Even the police were doubtful that Dr. Koury would have survived the multiple stab wounds, so why did they see the need to be-head a dieing man?

Any right thinking person will know that this was no ordinary kidnapping/murder. It was an execution. The million dollar question is why would anyone want to execute an honest law abiding citizen?

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