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Time has come for T&T to shut down! with the latest killing of Koury, people have been placed on a higher level of fear.The Government is so helpless in dealing with this issue.

Rise up T&T and shut down the entire nation, this is the only solution to the escalating wave of unrest people have to put up with on a daily basis.When would people from T&T wake up.

THE POWER is in your hands, under a Democratic rule, and Democracy the PEOPLE are the Government. Rise up now and demand JUSTICE!! get rid of those talkers.

Enough is ENOUGH!!! you don't have to get nobody's permission to shut down the nation.All who are in the Business sector, this is for you, all who have to hustle for a living on a daily basis this is for you.

All small people this is for you. Lovers of PRIDE and BOASTING this is for you.You put them in office you can take them out.The Government and the Opposition know's exactly what's going on.

The PNM has taken the country backwards! The UNC had the power in their hands and made a FOOL of themselves, all in the name of power. These FOOLS cannot save the day. PNM nor UNC.

Trinidadians don't have the GUTS to stand up for what is right and what is theirs.The situation in this place is so sickening, it smells!!! With the new Budget Speech, hear comes another BOAST about so much Billions of $$$$.

MORONS, FOOLS, SLOWBELLIES, BLIND, DECEIVED, LOVERS OF PLEASURES, YOU all are living in living HELL now. Shut Down everything, and call for redress NOW. Shut down everything and Demand a change.

This is not about uprising and Civil unrest, this is about LIFE, JUSTICE, FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. All of them in power have Guards 24/7 Around the Clock. They don't have to hustle home in Taxi's and Maxi's, no one is ROBBING them!!!

POLICE don't hassle them, Wake up People, Wake up now. Who is seeking to kidnap them? This is about movement in the land, God placed Men upon the Earth to be Free Men. Don't let others take away your freedom.

All those un-wanted Pregnancies that is stalking the land, all who came about in FETE and PARTY, unplanned for, most of the petty crimes are committed by them. Rigid Laws NOW to deal with this menace.

Instead of attacking me here, attack the one's who ain't doing their duty, especially for the public good.What made America a great Nation and helped preserved this Nation is- THE CITIZENS HAVE THE RIGHTS TO BEAR ARMS. People in T&T now should have the rights to bear ARMS.

No Government can protect anyone in their private property, only you the people can protect yourselves.The right to bear Arms to protect ones self, one's private property, one's family. No Government can guarantee this to no one, no where.

When TRINI"S get the GUTS to stand up for what is right, then they would know what is Right from Wrong. Continue to sleep for NOW!!! Sometime soon you might get the message.!!!!

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