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It should be politically motivated!

Citizen Voice

EDITOR: The response of certain individuals and organizations to the recent high profiled arrests, is that it is/was politically motivated. I think that is the most pathetic response possible to the scenario, as all investigations and inquiries into corruption and wrong doing should be politically motivated. It is the taxpayers who pay these politicians salaries and our money should work to protect our interest when the politicians do what protects our interest and what they are being paid for. In addition Politics is the art of governance and any sore on the body politic, if politics and politicians are to retain any credibility, then they should be the first to initiate and provide motivation to deal with corruption and wrong doing by the elites among other issues.

The society has learned that we cannot expect the motivation for the fight against corruption to be led by the Church, Business, NGO's etc.

As a citizen I would be disappointd if the fight against corruption was not politically motivated. The alternative is to dastardly to contemplate. "Take it to the Police if you have the evidence " can never be translated into" it is politically motivated ". It should be a jailable offence when politicians refuse to investigate credible corruption allegations.

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It should be politically motivated!
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