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Four of the individuals charged

Sunday Newsday profiles four of the individuals charged yesterday for various corruption offences. They are all regarded as highly successful.

By Charleen Thomas Newsday

An attorney-at-law, Russell Huggins was a senior partner in the law firm, Pollonais, Blanc, De La Bastide and Jacelon prior to entering politics in 1991, under the Patrick Manning administration. He served as National Security Minister.

Under his stewardship as National Security Minister, an historic march by police officers was staged in which they expressed bitter dissatisfaction with him.

Huggins was demoted in July 1994 when the National Security portfolio was taken over by Manning. However, in November of that year he regained the portfolio. He also served as Social Development Minister.

Huggins after demitting office when the Manning administration was voted out in 1995, established his own law firm.

He has always been a close friend of Brian Kuei Tung, Ish Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson and he remained a member of the PNM after the 1995 election. Huggins is 50-years-old, has been married for 20 years and is the father of one.

Kuei Tung loves cigars, pan

Prior to entering politics and becoming Finance Minister, Brian Kuei Tung was Managing Director at Algico. He came from an underprivileged family and has been described as a "rootsy" man who loves pan and mas. He is well known for his trademark cigar and "cool attitude".

Kuei Tung like Huggins, also got involved in politics under the 1991 Patrick Manning administration. He resigned as Finance Minister in June 1995, denying there was any fallout between himself and Manning. He said then that he was getting more involved in private business. He was a major shareholder in the Royal Castle chain of fast food outlets. He later sold his shares to Ish Galbaransingh.

Kuei Tung always insisted that he had never taken a vow of poverty. At the time he was referring to adverse comments about him making full use of tax concessions to government ministers. Kuei Tung re-emerged on the political front in late 1995, this time as a member of the UNC Cabinet, serving again as Finance Minister.

Kuei Tung left politics in early 2000. He served last year for a short time as Chairman of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) prior to the return of the PNM to government. Kuei Tung is the father of two.

Kuei Tung's girl

Renee Pierre is a close friend of Brian Kuei Tung. She manages her own advertising company - Diversified Communications. She is now the owner of Body Academy Gym in St Clair.

Ish - Mr Private

Ish Galbaransingh, a multi-millionaire, has been described as a person who keeps his life carefully "private".

What is known of him is that he is a successful businessman either owning or having shares in several businesses including Platinum Motors, Grafton Beach hotel and Le Grand Courland, Tobago, Singh's Auto Rentals, Club Liquid, Royal Castle and Northern Construction Limited (NCL). He is also a UNC financier. Galbaransingh is an avid mas player with Poison.

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