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Re: Raksha bandhan on aug 19th-Unique Indian festi

Warm Greetings to all.Here is part of an article I got from National Geographic.In my research and studies of Religions ,Hindu is most perplexing.

"To be born a Hindu in India is to enter the caste system, one of the world's longest surviving forms of social stratification. Embedded in Indian culture for the past 1,500 years, the caste system follows a basic precept: All men are created unequal. The ranks in Hindu society come from a legend in which the main groupings, or varnas, emerge from a primordial being. From the mouth come the Brahmans—the priests and teachers. From the arms come the Kshatriyas—the rulers and soldiers. From the thighs come the Vaisyas—merchants and traders. From the feet come the Sudras—laborers. Each varna in turn contains hundreds of hereditary castes and subcastes with their own pecking orders ." Taken from NG.

Acordining to my research on migrant populations to the Caribbean the People from India came from two main religions,Hindi and Muslim.People living in India at that time who were in the upperclass due to the caste system which was based on skin color were insulated by an underclass .The closer one look in connection to the Aryan Ancestry the higher you were on the social ladder,keeping the people of the darker hue at the bottom.People who were well off and had the buffer of an underclass to insulate them had no reason to go to the Caribbean (a place of uncertainty)Therefore,most if not all the migrant indentured workers who came out of India at that time would have had to be of the lowest class (untouchables)
I live in the US and are friends of Indians from India as well as the Caribbean,mainly Trinidad and Guyana.I have noticed that Indians who were born in India do not look at Indians from the Caribbean in a positive light.I also know a few Indians who decided to go visit India (back to the Mother land).When they return and you ask about the trip they are very reluctant to discuss it.A friend told me point blank,that when he visited India and it was known he came from the Caribbean,from then on he was dealt with as a member of the lowest class and suffered greatly for ordainary services.
It was mainly because of the caste system which help to spread Islam in India.People who were brutally treated in the name of Religion were very eager to convert to a Religion where the Book of rules states that all men are created equal(the issue of woman in Islam is another topic of discussion) Hindus by the drones decided to accept this new religion thus the creation and seperation of Pakistan which is mostly an Islamic state.

I understand the need to connect to your ancestral past it is only noble to do so.It is also noble to reach far enough to see the Origins of what we know today as India a country of wonderful mass humanity.From Cush/Ethiopia Africans left via the Indus/Cush valley and setteled,in due time they became known as Dravidians .They still retained their Africaness in terms of skin color and psyco/theology.The very first Buddah came from the Dravidian people and you can still see his statues all around the world with African features and kinky hair.Buddah was a revolutionary who was against the religion of class.It wasnt until the Aryans took power ,the Hindu religion was fliped upside down and now you have the system set up where the lightest complexions and closes to the Aryan stock got the best treatment.
By the way,the river Ganges the secred river of India was naned after an Ethiopian King of that name who conquored Asia as far as this river reaches.In conclusion,my point is the nobleness to want to know one's roots ,we basically came from the same source and it is time that a people come together for the benefit of ourselves our children and the Greater power of the Universe(Truth).The Ganges and the Nile truely came from the same source.It is about time to have a Unity festival week in Trinidad where we all exchange genuine love and respect for eachother.Hotep.

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Raksha bandhan on aug 19th-Unique Indian festival
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Re: Raksha bandhan on aug 19th-Unique Indian festi
Re: Raksha bandhan on aug 19th-Unique Indian festi
I have a problem with semantics
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