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Re: What a load of crap *LINK*
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Did you notice how many AFRICAN Doctors were at that San Fernando Hospital also?
These are different time and there is no where to run to (Check Blair's proposed legislation on "Extremism"). In this time one cannot even talk about having established a 'better life' in foreign, not even citizenship in their lands will protect you, as the face of 'terror' changes.
After looking at the NAEAP's website, Question, what has Dr. Cudjoe and the NAEAP proposed to the T&T's Government towards the empowering of African people in T&T?

[Many of the measures - drawn up by Downing Street and the Home Office in great secrecy - will require primary legislation, and Mr Blair said he might recall parliament in September to start the process. The new grounds for deportation will not require legislation and will include fostering hatred, advocating violence to further a person's beliefs, or justifying or glorifying terrorism.

Deportations of extremist clerics will start after finalising memoranda of understandings with as many as 10 countries including Jordan, Algeria and Lebanon to try to ensure anyone deported there would not be subject to torture.

Mr Blair hopes the memoranda will overcome British court objections that deportations to such countries breach the European Convention on Human Rights, since they would make them liable to torture or degrading treatment.

He conceded that he was about to engage in a battle with the courts. "Should legal obstacles arise we will legislate further, including if necessary amending the Human Rights Act," he said.

Mr Blair said foreign nationals would be deported if they were found to be actively engaged in extremist websites, bookshops, centres, networks and organisations of concern. A database will list individuals who pose a threat to British society. Anyone on it will be barred from the UK, with appeals happening abroad.]

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What a load of crap
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Re: What a load of crap *LINK*
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