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Re: What a load of crap
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I remember visiting Trinidad and traveling to see a friend at the Sando General Hospital a few years ago.I was shocked to see patients sleeping on the floor.I began to wonder,Trinidad an oil rich nation and also blessed with huge researvs of natural gas.And not forgetting the rank of being the worlds leading producer of amonia.I try to figure out ,where all that revenue is going because the average citizens of Trinidad is not benefiting from such wealth.As a born Trinidadian living abroad,I often try to ponder on my birthrite and that if our Governmentleaders was on our side the country would not be in the state it is in and people like me would not have the need to walk away from said birthrite ( migrate to foreign lands)
It wasnt long in my understanding of politics and economics I came to realize that If the natural recources benefited the citizenry in a massive way then we probably would be at war with the USA or the UK . So my only logical conclusion to this issue is that the Trinidad and Tobago Government wheather it be UNC or PNM is on the TAKE and must conform to the wishes of the Foreign masters.This should not be anything new in the history of T&T because as much respect as I have for our 1st Prime Minister Dr Eric E Williams lots more should have been done to secure our nation.As a former Rhodes Scholar Black people and Indians also were very proud of his acomplishments and his decision to lead the nation.What wasnt understood was the fact that by attending Oxford University via the Rhodes scholarship programme Academics are not the main focus there as compared to learning how to rule and lead (for an outside force).After all,wasnt Dr Eric Williams the negotiater of the oil rites?If I am wrong please correct me on this.
I was fortunate to be able to migrate and forge a new life but today it is way different.Most people who in the early years would have migrated during lean and unproductive times would not have been able to do the same today because of tougher immigration laws.So the stagnant and unproductive have to survive by any means necessary.I am not condoning the break down of a civil society but we have to face the truth.The 6th Hermetic/Thothian principle deals with CAUSE AND EFFECT ,Study it wisely.

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What a load of crap
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