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Re: T&T 2nd in kidnap world
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I'm getting more and more disgusted of those lazy degenerates we have in our country who find a new so called business in kidnapping innocent, hardworking East Indian citizens that actually help make the country run along with our African counterparts. We East Indians have started off just as poor as they were right from the start of our ancestors who migrated from India, however, we don't sit on our behinds complaining about how hard the system is against us and waiting for things to come to us on a silver platter. Instead, we actually work our asses off and send our children to school, ensuring that they get a good education, and that how we are able to prosper like we do today. Those lazy, good-for-nothing dreggs of society do absolutely nothing for the benefit of our country, which goes to explain why so many of us Indo-Trinis are forced to live elsewhere like in New York, Toronto and Florida to get away from them. Things should never have to be this way and we all should have the right to live with a sense of security in our homeland. Lock those social rejects up and throw away the key! Poverty is NOT an excuse for stealing, murder and kidnapping, and the world would be a much better place without them.

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