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Re: T&T 2nd in kidnap world
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Re: Canadian help for criminal behaviour in T&T---We Canadian taxpayers are well nigh fed up of feeding 4th world countries such as T&T[yup-4th world is what I literally mean], so please lay off this particular donor tit.
Advanced Barbados could help you, and if they decline try either or both of India or Africa. In the alternative approach the U>N. to compel Switzerland, the USA, Panama, the Guernsy Islands, and all such similar places, to fork over Trinidadian stolen wealth to an agency which has been prequalified to dispurse said funds directly to jobbers on the island who do work that has been adjudicated as necessary and essential to the movement from 4th to 3rd world status for the island within a period of say 25 years.The writer has excellent and concrete ideas as for how this exercise can be implemented---my one of many qualifications being that I am not as readily kidnapped from this distance.
But a nation that could lessons in arrogance and superciliousness, and that proposes to be a dveloped nation by 2020[that's 16plus years from now, should not be beginning in the international arena.You're welcome.
Dr.H Jaglalsingh.

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