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Re: Country of Racist.
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The three sources of true power are Political, Economical and geographical. With we obtain vast amounts of the three, then we can acheive or make important strides to acheive our goal. Look at Walmart for example. They are wholesalers that have gained unlimited amounts of land which lets them operate at high volumes while keeping cost low ( in comparrison with generated revenue) through loop holes in government/ political policies throughout the globe. The three sources have been identified for their success. The Asian market is ready to do business with whomever can trade. Stop resources from leaving Africa and the Carribean, import skilled labor with our intrest into those regions to train and maintain while leaving our political base in the U.S. (because the U.S. controls the global market) and spread the propfit in a timley and reasonable manner.

Do you know that black farmers in the U.S. are losing land as we speak because for some reason ( i have my susupicions) they cannot obtain SBL's to maintain the maximumproduction on their land even though millions of crops are destroyed each year to keep prices at a what is deemed to be by the government cost effective? How would cutting food prices in half in the carribean affect the population?

Did you know that Africa has the most valuable resources, but most countries there are confined to agricultural societies?

How about the fact that if you took every person of primarily African decent and placed them into any other country in the world, thhat the new highly populated country would be the third wealthiest and theoretically be able to sustain that wealth?

There are three key countries in my plan that have the infrastructure to support my ideas to be the "Hubs" of this movement or new world order. To reveal them at this time might cause government supported tragedies for their inhabitants so I'll stop there. The resources are plentiful, it's just making the first step and not being afraid to fail. Annyone who has failed atleast tried. I hold them in higher regard than those who didn't try because they saw something wrong or important and tried to take action.

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Re: Country of Racist.
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