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Re: Country of Racist.
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Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Europe or the United States per se, but rather against their shared history especially their (perhaps) unofficial government and social policies of perpetual destruction of people who for the most part are of lineage not deemed to be that of those stemming from outside of Europe in body and MIND.

However, my current thought is that anyone who is and knows that he or she is from a place socially or geographically outside of the shared cultures of the west cannot achieve real and meaningful success within the boarders of the U.S. or it's allies not alone the rest of the world for the destruction socially, mentally, and geographically caused by the U.S. or her allies. It is true, that the individual can be very successfull economically, but then that leaves that individual wealthy among wealthy "strangers". I ask all of my enlightened ethnic breathren where is the value in that? For example, if I'm a wealthy Trini in the U.S. financially, what can I do with my money if there are no other wealthy Trinis that I can Identify with? Should I share myself with the typical backstabbing Yankee Millionaire, or the Blue Blood? I for one would rather share it with my Trini brethren in a (while perhaps false vision) Trini run society free of crime, corruption, and too an extent westernization. Of course, there is no such place. As a person of primarily African decent in the modern sense of the word African, I wouldn't mind extending that vision to any African country. Then again, that is also just a dream and the reason for that all points back to one continent that still continues to destroy in the physical and mental through it's past, present, and perscribed future.

It vexes me why valuable natural resources from Africa gain their peak value in Europe, Canada, or the U.S., rather than in their own backyard, or the Carribean. The same question rears with the resources of the Carribean being sent through Europe as well.

I'm not the brightest person nor will I pretend to be the saviest busnessman, but If Europe along with the U.S. is reaping all of the rewards from those products or resources being produced from outside her boarders, then what are they producing if the people of the world are living in such terrible conditions? They (people of European decent or from the U.S. with the knowledge that was built on from our ancients) may have been the "masterminds" of many of todays gadgets and toys that make our lives easier today, but for millions of years we survived (well may I add) without needing them.

So you must see, that People from the countries and continents that keep these countries( Canada, U.S., and those of Europe) on top need to realize that they are the superpowers and without this imbalanced trade with OPEC, Africa,,And Asia, Europe would still be in a potatoe famine hauling rocks at one another.

Hold on, let me say it again in a more simplified version. If the minorities of the world woud work with one another, then Europe nor her decendents reap the rewards of the worlds resources.

Surely I cannot be the only one who knows and believes this, so why don't we take meaningfus steps to take control of our lives on a global scale? We can all eat, have shelter, clean water, air and soil. The Europeans greatest achievement was being hungry enough to control the world. They were able too do it because they evolved on the harshest continent asfar as environmental recources in the world. They prepared and made tools that not only defend the most menial resources, but also allowed them to attack and conquor. We dropped our gaurd because we were fat, confortble, and complcent with the ignorance that there might be something out there that could end our lives as we knew them.

Annyone who follows Boxing knows that the guy who is hungriest is going to win the bout, well lets apply that to our global situation. I say lets train and strengthen our mental weapons that will allow us to not only get back in the game, but win! The only way to do that is to erradicate our minds of these European sponsored social constructs that allow us to pay homage to the European West while we ignore, dismiss, and hurt one another.

In closing, I ask one time to all of the readers of this text, what is the use in living if only to pay homage to those who have showed so far that they care little about us? I know, that there can be a better more balanced existance for all of us, but is anyone going to take any none self promoting steps to achieve this very realistic and possible dream?

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