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Re: A Matter of Life or Death
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It seems a little funny that the "World Leaders" condemn what happened in England as "barbaric act" and failing to racognize the events (that could be equally considered Barbaric acts) that made them World Leaders in the first Place. Sure they were meeting today about providing aid to Sub Saharan Africa some 600 years after they began ravishing the continent of all of it's riches including brain power, but they have never said to Africa that they wouldn't be in the positions they are in today without genocide on various groups of people in a few key continents. Europe wouldn't be stable or powerful without ever committing the "barbaric acts" against the real Americans, Africans, etc... Were the bombs that were dropped on Nagasaki or Hiroshima anymore barbaric than 911? Maybe not because we knew we were at war with Japan, but many innocent civilians died at our hands. Some say that could be deemed barbaric. The West has apologized and invested so heavily into Japan that they are a world power. Let us not forget the Opium wars in China/ Hongkong. Let us not forget the Blood Diamonds, Apartheid, Slavery, the real story behind Vietnam, Haiti, and Cuba, pretty much letís not forget everything that has benefited primarily people of European decent since their exploration began. Our world continues to become a more difficult place to live because of all of the major barbaric acts were committed over time by Europe, its dependentís or those weak-minded and hopeless who pushed for their policies for miniscule reward. Now that there are a few people who are trying to fight this machine through any means, they are dubbed barbarians by "Global Leaders". Well I say shame on Global Leaders for not telling the truth. The truth is not taught about how the Moors conquered most of Europe for at least 700 years. The truth is not taught about how wrong it really was to move from Europe into other peopleís backyards and then judge them and persecute them for not being more European. The list goes on and on. Let us hope that the worlds disenfranchised do not start to side with the Other Barbarians because this society in which is commonly referred to as a "democracy" is built on hypocracy and run by hypocrites who take pride in being Americans, Canadian, British, or otherwise European based in idea, philosophy and EXECUTION militarily, judicially, legislatively,and executively. Hopefully the G8 can find a way to invest in the worlds poor (especially those who they helped to impoverish) that helps them sustain a viable society in which they are solely responsible for their own downfall. They haven't had that yet. This time, let us not give them fish but teach them how to fish so that they don't have to steal, murder, cheat, plunder, or do anything else that would make it seem that it is just in their nature to be corrupt. By doing so would make them European based in ideology, philosophy etc... and wouldn't benefit the world. It is very sad that some had to lose their lives today, but I want everyone to know that it was cause and effect. The people who were on their way to work probably didn't know that this morning or last night was the last time that they were going to see relatives. After all, they were just trying to do their jobs as citizens and responsible human beings. At the same time, most of my ancestors didn't know that when they woke up that they would be in shackles on their way to a foreign land to work for free so that their children could still continue to this day to be oppressed. Not by the government itself per se, but by the people who support that government and it's ill treatment of all peoples around the world through placism and the exploitation of humanity in the name of "democracy and freedom". I leave you with this last thought that has vexed me as I continue to type. It seems a bit Ironic and slightly hypocritical that I bash democracy, the United States, and Europe for messing up the world and being hypocritical, but yet I take pride in having the freedom to do so without repercussion. Well, by choice or not I am an "American". So as I live in society going to and fro work, school, house of worship, supermarket, home, etc.., I perhaps have no room to complain. Wrong! It is my responsibility to complain and let the world know as a citizen of perhaps the best nation on Earth that we can and should do better as human beings primarily from of all things Christian society. You see, it's hard for me to praise God on Sunday and read about the life of Christ, and then go to work on Monday knowing that my tax dollars are going to contribute to in-humane practices. It's hard knowing that my tax dollars do not support the idea of Christianity even though my President says they do. Christ wouldn't want any of us to fight and suffer. Yet we believers of Christ think that it is ok for us to continue to live our lives normally when people in other contries are or have been exploited by the practices of our governments. I don't have all of the answers, but I know that we can do more for the benifit of mankind across the globe. We can be more efficient as human beings.

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A Matter of Life or Death
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