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Re: Local Creativity
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You said," We are unlike the United States, we did not slaughter our Native inhabitants nor did we enslave anybody. Instead, we can be viewed as the resultant product of those obscenities. This makes us comparatively unique." Well as usual, you are partially right. The British salughtered the native inhabitants until 1776 then the U.S. formally known as the Thirteen Colonies took over. What happened to the Arawak and Caribs there at whose expense?

You said," We are a unique people, caught between the aspirations of those who aspire to be Kingly because we have not had the experiences and those who dare to out king the king. This tragedy stares us in the mirror as we fail to distinguish the shadows of our own making." and once again partially. You are just as kingly as we, but you don't recognize your potential or niche in global society.

You said, "And as we wait, the predators are reshaping the quality of our National character. Our leaders have nurtured an industry that challenges the fabric of our civil existence as they utilize it for gain. We bury the dead and we move on as if their's was a role fulfilled. In time their turn will come. They insult our intelligence with half-truths and un-truths and are perceived as leaders. If their actions did not result in tragedy we would have to create one for them simply because their performances can only be described as tragic.Is this because we like it so?" and I have to say that it seems true and that yes you do like it so. Why I don't know.

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