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The increasing spiral of deadly crime in our Nation is not a social spike. It has been fostered by greed, indifference and ignorance. Our society is imperfect and there has been no claim to refute this observation, however, as politicians try to outdo each other, they have found that "race" can become a potent force in realizing certain objectives.

They have a tendency to look to the US as a example of racial harmony or dis-harmony depending on the objective being sought. And in my judgement this is where the controversy increases to the detriment of all. We are unlike the United States, we did not slaughter our Native inhabitants nor did we enslave anybody. Instead, we can be viewed as the resultant product of those obscenities. This makes us comparatively unique.

We are a unique people, caught between the aspirations of those who aspire to be Kingly because we have not had the experiences and those who dare to out king the king. This tragedy stares us in the mirror as we fail to distinguish the shadows of our own making.

Our pre-occupation with the past provides us with a modicum of excuses because the dead cannot disclaim blame and the masses cannot discerne the trees from the forest. Intellectually and academically, there are those among us who sparkle, but they too are often caught in the clap-trap of mystical intervention, so we wait.

And as we wait, the predators are reshaping the quality of our National character. Our leaders have nurtured an industry that challenges the fabric of our civil existence as they utilize it for gain. We bury the dead and we move on as if their's was a role fulfilled. In time their turn will come. They insult our intelligence with half-truths and un-truths and are perceived as leaders. If their actions did not result in tragedy we would have to create one for them simply because their performances can only be described as tragic.Is this because we like it so?

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Local Creativity
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