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Re: Death Penalty - YES !!! *LINK*
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In response to Michelle,on the Death Penalty!!!!
I understand your point of view on this matter. But we should not remove our foundation in these times for vain Philosophies of men.Everyone is entitled to their views, but when it comes to established orders,the foundation should not be removed.

Government were established to preserved order, and to put a check upon evil.The justice system came about by dealing with Barbarity and injustices of men towards their fellowmen.The Judeo-Christian Principles that were responsible for molding society majorly in the Western Hemispheres, have left that impact upon society.

The spirit of Tolerance that is under-mining society today, this spirit of Tolerance is seeking to tolerate all ideologies and concepts of the day. Murder should not be Tolerated in the name of free speech and human rights advocates.

Why does someone kill, knowing that the Law of the land does not Tolerate this, when the Law becomes slack the very fabric of society begins to tumble. Yet when someone kills and are held they want to hide behind the same law, yes! the same law that they went above to commit the henious crime of murder.

What about the person that got killed? what about their CRY!! don't they have rights also? where are the human rights activist speaking for them? This is what we need, RIGID LAWS, and when I say RIGID, I MEAN RIGID. What is the use of a Government when they are helpless?

You spoke about poverty, sicknesses, the other social issues plague-ing humanity.These are the issues that need to be addressed. Government are viewed as CRAZY, they are only concerned about nation building, I mean physical nation building, Schools,Airports,Harbours,etc.Are people that stupid? What have the schools been producing in society? Why a bigger Airport when the National Airline is running Bankrupt?.Bigger Harbours for better Ships and Tourist attractions.

People are afraid to visit CRIME RIDDEN PLACES!!! Trinidad is topping the chart these days.I agree with you on these issues, but why sit back and let this Evil go unchecked.Government is not concerned about the POOR,THE HOMELESS, UNEMPLOYMENT,When Criminals go on bail who makes the profits? When Criminals needs a Lawyer who makes the profits? When people are investing in the Prison system who makes the profits? When state of the art court houses are being built from who's pocket does the money comes from?

People have given Government all these powers,whenever you tune on to the news its Government,whenever there is a situation its Government. We must remember that Government are the People.Pretty soon if people don't wake up, they would wake up to see that Government would be telling them what to wear,what to eat,how to live etc.

All these MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that are being spent on projects,should be channeled towards eradicating poverty from the face of the earth. All the MIllions that are being harvested from the natural resources of the land should be spent upon the social ills of society. People are only walking after the vanity of their minds, running after the material things of this life, in return the authority that be are feeding them with this vain material things, they are running after it as a dream.

To keep the masses in subjection, you have to give a little bread and much CIRCUS.when the people are asleep, you can bring anything upon them.This is exactly where we have reached in human history.Tell them that they have evolved from animals and you would have them behaving as ANIMALS. Present yourself as saviour and the people would love it so. Government are the saviour of the Day, and everyone are buying into this deception.

Wake up PEOPLE!! wake up from denial!! wake up from dreams and see the real world!!! wake up and see the TIME!!! GET VEX, GET ANGRY, don't be fooled into living in an unreal world. YOU, ONLY YOU, HAVE THE PRICE TO PAY.

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Death Penalty - YES !!! *LINK*
Re: Death Penalty - YES !!!
Re: Death Penalty - YES !!! *LINK*
Re: Death Penalty - YES !!! *LINK*
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