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Death Penalty - YES !!! *LINK*

Greetings to my fellow readers, as we know many voices are being heard concerning the issue:on
Death Penalty, let us remember that the entire western world were established majorly

upon a Christian Worlview Perspective. By this I mean the US Constitution, and all other
Constitutions that followed after this pattern, in declaring themselves as Democratic under a

Demoracy Form of rule, under a Democracy the Government is- by the People.Western Civilization majorly were founded upon Biblical Principles, and Biblical Teachings stands for the Death

Penalty.The Spirit of Liberty,Justice,Freedom,The Jury System,Inalienable Rights,Freedom of Speech,Freedom to Exist,Freedom and Rights to Private Property,Freedom of the Press etc.Most of

these Privileges came about by the Reformation that took place in Europe during the dark ages.Many of us don't know what privileges we have gotten from the Reformation. " Whoso

sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man". (Holy Bible.KJV Genesis 9:6.) Society at large are in constant opposition towards the teachings of

God,new agers are seeking to mould society without a moral absolute,no standard whatsoever,and many in society are giving in into this deception.This is the Spirit of Globalism

and the new World Order.This world is being FIX for the rich and the wealthy.When someone is Murdered,the very soul cries out for Justice.Why the ranking few are not concerned about the Death

Penalty.Is because Death has not come home by them.Because the majority have protection and guards around the clock 24/7.The cry of the oppressed,the cry of the Poor goes unheeded.The

entire Justice system seems to be protecting Criminals and Murderers.All those who are quick to cry Human Rights,invite them to walk the streets at certain hours in T&T.Let their

wives,daughters,love ones be raped,killed and be kidnapped then we will see who would be crying for Human Rights.If Trinidad profess to be Independent,why can't it carry out its own

Laws,don't it profess to be Governed by a Constitution.Why do we have to listen to the Privy Council that is not even in Trinidad,this is not Old Colonial Rule.When we profess to be

independent,imagine the Government that profess to be are-Helpless.What FOOLS do mortals be!!! This message is to the head of State,Prime Minister,Opposition Leader,all who profess to be

in Public Offices, you have to protect the public interest, not your own conceited values.Magistrates and Judges are to be men and women of high Spiritual Values and

Discernment.Jurors are to be Upright and Noble.The Spirit of Justice must prevail.Once they are convicted -HANG THEM HIGH-you can't be above the Law,and in return you want the same Law

to Protect you.Shame on you lawyers,and all who oppose the Death Penalty.Try placing yourselves in the place of the one's who were murdered,and the one's that were raped.Don't let the $$$$ sign

fool you,and throw out JUSTICE out into the heap.AS soon as the Death Penalty are enforced back into society you'll see the Rough Necks and Hardcore So-Called Guilty Criminals,MESSING

themselves.Take back society,take it back now.I wish I had the more space to really go into a more detail concept about why the Death Penalty should be brought back. Hoping to continue on this topic soon. Peace. Sampson.

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Death Penalty - YES !!! *LINK*
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Re: Death Penalty - YES !!! *LINK*
Re: Death Penalty - YES !!! *LINK*
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