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Buy one-way ticket back to India- I'll help

Well said Analisa. I agree it is time to end this petty nonsense! My children are of the "mixed-race" on behalf of whom you speak. I can and do understand the situation, but I am not too familiar with this particular incident of which you are referring to in your article, as I live in Canada (which goes to support one of your views no,I did enjoy the way you articulated your very spirited views with sarcastic humour!
The point of the matter is, that we are all human, belonging to only one race....the human race. Alas, we do live in a "fallen world" (religious term) and perfection is not promised to us...but we can certainly try to live in love towards one another...can't we?
even if there are different arms (Caucasian, Mogolian, Negroid) it is still of one race.....the human race. (the order was merely one of an alphabetical nature and not one to denote superiority of one over the other) It was important that I clarified that given the said
Remember people, members of the human race, it is one planet...Earth, one globe...the world or viceversa, one air, one ozone layer, one sea(different names still...of one body of water), so we need to learn to get along in peace, in love, especially as it is only one life we have to live and only one time to be born as well as to die.
Let us use our energies while there is still yet time to embrace our differences rather than use them to alienate, hurt and destroy each other.
Look at the many varied specices of flowers.....all uniquely beautiful in their own way....yet are after all still flowers.
So celebrate the differences and work at unity. This seems to me,in my opinion,a much more worthy effort and it would also take a whole lot less energy as well. It is a fact that you use up more energy to hate than it takes to love.
Let us walk in love,T&T!
This is my challenge to you all!
One Love!

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Buy one-way ticket back to India- I'll help
Re: Buy one-way ticket back to India- I'll help
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