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Re: Congrats to Brother Valentino

...yes i agree he is a patriot of the entire diaspora...check out these quotes fdrom my aging memory....

"...meditating in meh house
just the other day
well look ah chargeup meh self and ah slip away
ah travel whole day, ah travel whole night where ah went and what ah see to tell yuh is meh delight,,,
now way over yonder ah did behold
like ah was iving in ah brand new world...
for like a wheel the world turn around and who was on top they came right back down..."

ethiopia shall rise again-e.phillip/bro valentino

"they doh know dey worth,like they lament their sense of value...doh know their rights even that they cannot argue..
three quarter of a million people...cant get up and do something about the struggle...but could plan for the next holiday and fete their life they forgetting that they owned the soil for which their foreparents toiled...for the people who found the consititution laws for the oppressors and all them foreign investors...

Trinidad is a paradise-E.Phillip/Bro valentino

stay up zimbabwe....whao ah oui

and ah revelation to conclude..

"life is a stage and we are the actors ...everybody have a part to an never ending the garden of eden...."

life is a stage
e.phillip/bro valentino

long live bro valentino...may the ancestors give him more inspiration..

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