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Of evil forces

When ex-government minister and ex-UNC member Kamalludin Mohammed declared in front of a crowd of waving supporters in Caroni, that'it's time for an Indian PM', the reactions of our intellectuals and Opposition members was just a mere denounciation of what was expressed. The citizens of Trinidad and Tobago were proof that their country was a true democracy when they insisted on giving Basdeo Panday a chance to run things for general consensus was that of enough NAR rule. As Honorable as may be Mr Panday, I however cannot resist to deliver a negative judgement. Trinbagonians have been lied to, stolen from, snubbed and sometimes even killed. Trapped in the claws of 'the hungry eagle', they have shown their ever increasing democratic spirit by not resorting to illegal means(coup d'état?),but rather opted for the vote. Result:deadlock. I'll like to thank those who voted for the UNC for suddenly people realized that a large part of the population approved a quasi-dictatorial regime not too near to that of neighboring Venezuela ,but certainly parralel. His Excellency The President Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson has simply made the right choice. He who was criticized, threatened and almost killed is here to save us and simply say'it's all right my children'. The East Indian community must realize that they were badly and dishonestly represented. Social justice must be made reality should our country try to take a step forward.

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Of evil forces
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